HMCS Ville de Quebec Arrives for Stop in Cornwall Ontario – September 25, 2012

CFN – No, the Canadian Navy did not invade Cornwall Ontario Tuesday morning, but the frigate HMCS Ville de Quebec arrived at 11 a.m.. Andre Rivette, acting mayor, welcomed the ship.  Grand Chief Mitchell of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne was there too.

The  HMCS Charlottetown, a sister ship as a Halifax-class frigate, visited Cornwall two years ago.

Photos courtesy of Brian Leach.

Cornwall Free News



  1. Ville de Quebec is a Halifax-class Royal Canadian Navy frigate designed to fight submarines, other ships and planes. Her crew of 225 can fire torpedoes, Sea Sparrow SAMs (surface to air missiles), and large guns including heavy .50-calibre machine guns.
    Harpoon missiles are used to attack targets on land. The ship is
    134 metres long and is unique as it operates bilingually. The Captain is French-Canadian. The two big tugboats helpiing her are from Group Ocean which operates in Montreal, Quebec and the lower St. Lawrence River region. ( My brother saw one of these frigates below Quebec headed downriver in a big hurry. He says these ships can really fly when needed. Our Navy has 11 other ships like Ville de Quebec.

  2. I’m just glad that the ‘Ville de Quebec” is still flying the Maple Leaf and not the Fleur-de-lis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wonder how long it will take for her to change colours?

    I’m just saying!


  3. Did she offload anybody/anything in Cornwall?

    Madame Pauline Marois herself perhaps!?

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