Justin Trudeau to Go – Can he Trigger a Unite the Centre Move? September 26, 2012

CFN – Justin Trudeau according to media reports this morning will be announcing his leadership bid for the Liberal Party of Canada.   It’s not a surprise.  What will be surprising will be the results.

It won’t be a coronation; but pretty darn close.  Some names will toss their hats into the ring and there will be a race which I’m sure Grit organizers will hope to whip up party support, but will Mr. Trudeau be the lighting bolt that turns the party around?

Right now the Harper government is jabbing at NDP leader Thomas Mulcair and it’s been an interesting play.   The Conservative play in the last election of all but giving up on Quebec to give the NDP an up on the Liberals was a very strong tactic.

Essentially it most likely will give him one more mandate because it looks like short of a uniting of the centre Mr. Harper will be able to divide and conquer the Red & Orange.

And that’s where Justin Trudeau comes in.   He has the potential to rebound the Grits to the point where a uniting of the two parties is possible.

He will win female voters across Canada over Mr. Harper and Mr. Mulcair.   He’ll win over more young voters.  Essentially we will have two grumpy old men in the next Federal election against a younger man with a pedigree and right hook that appeals to the masses.

Everything is in Trudeau’s favor at this point.    With the Liberals drifting at the back of the pack expectations are minimal.   Now we really see if he has more Pierre than Maggie in his drawers.

What do you think Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. I’m sorry but with the PQ in power in Quebec and the threat of separation rising again I would much rather have Stephen Harper and the Contemputous Conservatives in power to deal with the issue. I honestly believe that the Liberals and NDP will give in to all of Madame Marios’s demands and then hand her half of Canada when they finally separate. Locally there isn’t a candidate that I would vote for from any party. I have even lost faith in the Green Party.

    Where is the Great Rhinoceros Party when you need them?

  2. Author

    It could be time to start one Reg 🙂

  3. Justine Trudeau has already said he would help Quebec sepearte if needed ….and his party is a federalist party?

    This guy keeps opening his mouth and inserting foot ….yes good looks but has Maggies brain ,unfortunate for him.

    I would think a figure head for a political party would need more intelligence …but hey go on popularity.

  4. Actually, Highlander, I agree that the separation of Kaybec (not with anything near the territory it has now of course) would be the best thing for Canada. Keep Montreal in both countries (it’;s been done before), and annex West Quebec (especially the highly-federalist Pontiac region often ignored) and the Townships, and you have MOST anglos and federalists in Canada (New Quebec or whatever) and MOST racist francophones in the new country., It’s a win-win. Good luck with them winning over the natives in the north.
    I would even advocate the new country taking part of northern NB with the racist francophones and anglophobes led buy the odious Yvon Godin.

    Of course, ALL military bases and federal government buildings revert to Canadian hands, along with all jobs, and the OLA WILL BE immediately revoked (at the VERY least decimated to “where numbers warrant”) and NOT A DIME of equalization goes to the new country.
    Again, a win-win.

  5. I would not vote for him,as far as I know he doesn,t even have a platform other than separation plans,I’ll leave it to Harper to repair Canada

  6. any negative references to “Maggie’s brains” are out of line. The woman suffers from mental illness not stupidity. Would you rather he have his Pierre’s brain and bring in official bilingualism?

  7. I agree with Soc re Maggie’ brain. She’s no dummy, and she has done a lot to help people suffering from depression. A class act, for sure.
    The Libs really are pooched big-time for now as a result of inflated egos and years of internal wars. Also, they provided NO opposition to Harper’s minority government for many years when their job was supposed to be Official Opposition. They deserve to be at the bottom of the heap right now.
    I’m betting that JT will be crowned leader even though there are plenty of more experienced and savvy people to choose from. They’ll go with good looks and “charisma” for now, rather than a hard-nosed leader that would whip the party back into shape. I hope I’m wrong.

  8. Recent polls should the federal NDP still rolling in Quebec, but Justin could really get the Liberals back on track as Jamie suggests. And not just in Quebec.
    His father was out of the news for years, and suddenly a Montreal law firm announced he was seriously ill. Then Pierre passed on and many Canadians were standing along the tracks waving goodbye as a train carried his coffin from Ottawa to Montreal.
    Trudeau’s passing unleashed plenty of goodwill and Justin could capture it and ride a long way as Liberal leader. Pierre is buried in a family tomb at St. Remi, an agricultural town southwest of Montreal island.

  9. Justin certainly is very intelligent as were both his parents but he does lack experience. Look what is happening in the USA with an inexperienced guy. As for being the leader of his party, he could turn things around for the Liberal party but he is not q

  10. sorry about that…I feel he is not quite ripe enough yet to be Prime Minister.

  11. Maybe I’m wrong, I just think it would still be a bit early for Justin to run as leader. I voted liberal last election.. yes I’m one of the few. Hope he does well if he decides to run. I also hope that those nasty, slanderous adds backfire on the conservatives. Because unless the laws change, or the liberals and NDP merge…conservatives will always win. Not only do they have the money advantage…but the westerners vote blindly conservative…all the time.

  12. The west will never forgive ROC if another Trudeau ran the country,what finish his fathers job of separating the country.
    Are the lieberals that desperate ,it will only further devise the left and destroy the lieberals.

  13. You nailed it Patrick. The center-left has to merge like the Reform-Cons had to merge. Too many big egos and bravado for that to happen yet. If I was a Liberal, I’d seriously consider an invite from the Dippers.

  14. I agree Patrick & Stella a little too soon a little too young for Justin… he needs to be more seasoned

  15. highlander, You have to come up with something more original than “Lieberals”. It’s been worked to death and totally worn out. You should learn some new terms like “mouth-breathers” or “knuckle-draggers” or “tree-huggers”. Learning new words and expanding your vocabulary is always a good thing to do.

  16. Should Trudeau become leader of the Liberals and God forbid PM of Canada – never mind Quebec separating, as you will see the Western provinces swear allegiance to the United States of America and the Republic for which it stands.

    And then watch how expensive heating your home will become in the winter months.

    The Western provinces are now the economic powerbase of Canada; as in they now hold the cards for which direction this country takes. I write not out of personal feelings nor conviction on this matter but merely state the facts. Other than a few diamond, gold and nickel mines, Ontario and Quebec have become but shadows of their former selves having lost much of their industrial base following globalization. One needs to seriously consider that now. Keep in mind that the centre of government is still in Ontario however it seems that what occurs here is increasingly being seen as inconsequential to the new power provinces. I’ve had people tell me who live in the western provinces that they feel that Ottawa is nothing but a burden to the ROC and that they’re tired of decisions being made in Ottawa impacting them across the country.

    Hell, there is even growing talk that Ottawa isn’t listening to growing concerns from the people of Northern Ontario and that many would like to create their own province separate from Ontario. I might just have to help them!!!!

    By the way, the Ontario Northland train will be in it’s final operation today as the province is in the process of divesting the whole Ontario Northland infrastructure. Way to go McGuinty!

  17. @ Cory for your info Trudeau would make a great PM just like his father was..
    You truly are the most negative person I have seen write these types of articles and your way of thinking in Eastern Ontario and trust me there are many out ther but only one like you!
    You do not even know Justin or what he could do as a PM so why create BS

  18. Cory cory cory…….OMG give it a break!!! The impression you give is that you think this country is terrible, everybody wants out, nobody is happy and you of all people are going to change it. cough cough!!! Quit creating problems where none exist for goodness sake. Yep like you say, MANY want to seperate from Ontario oh?? ok!!

    The only conclusion anyone can make is that certain people would like nothing more then to divide this country and they certainly don’t live in the western provinces.

  19. Hey “believes in Bilingualism”:

    I’m telling it like it is! All of you Trudeau followers are simply just part of this ‘Cult of the Personality’. You all surround this iconoclast much like the previous generation did with his father.

    “You do not even know Justin or what he could do as a PM so why create BS”

    Apparently this BS as you accuse me of is also something that the media likes to cover. As evidenced, http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/quebec-group-pushes-interculturalism-in-place-of-multiculturalism/article569581/

    Your moniker by the way tells me much about your beliefs as well.

  20. Does anyone know how I can vote for Stephen Harper but not Guy Lauzon in the next election other than moving??

  21. No Stella they don’t live in the western provinces because bilingualism hasn’t kept them from
    getting jobs YET.

  22. Maureen there is talk of other groups with conservative mandates putting candidates in SD&G.

    Perhaps the conservatives will use Guy as a scape goat -well guy did this for himself anyways.

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