SDSG MPP Jim McDonell Offers Unreserved Apology to Bnai Brith Over Nazi Comments at Queen’s Park

CFN – SD&SG MPP Jim McDonell seems to have got it right this time.

No press conference or announcement, but a second and more acceptable apology was given to Frank Dimant of the  Bnai Brith by the MPP after a storm was whipped up over his statement at Queen’s Park and then banal explanation sorta apology after.

Mr. Dimant spoke with our MPP via telephone.

The group received the more formal apology via email last week.

“We are satisfied that Mr. McDonell now fully understands the gravity of his error.  His comparison was insulting to all Ontarians and especially to the Jewish community, which of course includes Holocaust survivors and their family members.”

An excerpt from Mr. McDonell’s unreserved apology.

“Although I have already retracted my original statement in the legislature,” wrote McDonell, “after hearing from B’nai Brith Canada, I understand it is necessary for me to state unequivocally that my comments comparing the Ontario government to Hitler’s Nazi regime were inappropriate. I look forward to working with all communities in the future to raise awareness of these issues.”

Mr. McDonell did not respond to our request for an interview or quote for this story.   With local Conservative buzz being that Mr. McDonell has eyes on MP Guy Lauzon’s gig it should be interesting to see what if any impact this issue has.   We also hear that Eric Duncan is studying French to aid his own attempt to gain the Blue nod after Mr. Lauzon’s expected retirement after this term.

Milena Cardinal


  1. What a weak leader. Any educated person, who understands history, easily understood what Jim meant with his comparison. Hey Jim! Don’t feel as though you were being anti-semetic, that’s just a silly terms the jewish community invented to make people feel bad who question anything against them.

  2. “….unequivocally that my comments….were inappropriate”

    All those cool $60 words, when some $6. words would have so much more value

    How about, “I am truly sorry and hope people can forgive me. Thank you for helping me understand why my comments were so hurtful and thoughtless. Again, my sincere and deepest apologies.”

  3. I was not offended. He used Godinw’s Law, meaning he lost the argument. I am glad he did not resign, and i he learns French to become a candaiate I am LESS likely to vote for him. His actions outweight his words.

  4. @ Lou, one doesn’t “use” Godwin’s Law, one demonstrates it. I don’t believe anyone was asking him to resign….we were just saying “Hey, whoa, get a grip buddy.” And what do you mean his actions outweigh his words? He did nothing other than consult a PR person for the so-called (and o-so-polictically-correct) apology. I think this “non” action tells us a lot about the man. He’s chicken wings.

  5. I REALLY wish we could edit our posts for typos after we make them. Edit follows:
    I was not offended. He used Godwin’s Law, meaning he lost the argument. I am glad he did not resign, but if he learns French to become a candaiate I am LESS likely to vote for him. His actions outweigh his words.
    I do not idenitify myself as a Jew most time PRECISELY because of the action of these extremists who see anti-Seminitsm everywhere even if it does not exist there.

  6. Lou you said that if Mr. MacDonnell spoke French that you wouldn’t vote for him. Well that is racism indeed and it is like someone calling you a dirty name. Cornwall has a mighty big problem indeed and so glad that I no longer live there. I couldn’t deal with all the BS going around at all. I told my husband that I would literally die to live in Cornwall that I couldn’t take that anymore.

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