Doper Lance Armstrong Finally to Be Stripped of his 7 Tour de France Titles – Opinion by Jamie Gilcig

CFN – I have no sympathy for Lance Armstrong.  None.  Zero.    No, I’m not  a prude. I know in this world that people lie; people cheat.  Heck I have on occasion too; none of us is perfect; but Mr. Armstrong took lying and cheating to new heights.

Heights from which he mightily is falling.

We live in a world that loves to build people up and tear them down.   How many of us truly believe that someone can make it to the top without cutting corners?   From politicians to our athletes it’s the same story.

Even our Rock stars.  When Led Zeppelin; one of the greatest musical acts in history was busted for outright theft of some of the greatest songs the public gave them a free pass.

Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire, and now Lance Armstrong won’t get that free pass.  Why?  Because when they were caught they did the wrong thing.   They swore their innocence like OJ Simpson did at his criminal trial.

There’s nothing more despicable than a bad guy caught who won’t face the music.  Parents are used to it with their children; but when rich athletes with over sized heads and man boobs partake it’s not as cute, warm, and fuzzy.

Lance Armstrong and all of these “Cheaters” all have had great rides.   They all are or were millionaires and got to have the finest of life.

Of course we the public gave them all that plus more.    In the end maybe we’re the true cheaters because deep down if we know and accept that these people will risk their health and sell their souls for Rock n Roll how is it that we despise them when they fall from grace?

Do we hate ourselves?

You can post your comments and now I think I’ll dig my bike out; put some air in the back tire, and go for a spin…

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  1. I wonder if the story regarding him having an enlarged heart ( which many thought gave him an advantage, cardiovascular-wise) is true.

  2. You missed one very important point, Do any of these cheaters have to give the money back? Or do they just loose face while sitting atop the earnings gained while cheating?

    Until such time as we stop attedning sports events such as this there will be no change.

    Looking back I did say sporting events…has anyone seen any lately?

  3. This culture of sports hero-worship is something I just don’t get. Maybe those who feel let down or shocked by all this bs will finally wake up.
    I read somewhere that Armstrong successfully sued some people for accusing him of cheating. They will likely want their money back now.

  4. @Jason

    That story came from the Armstrong PR team. It is not true.

  5. Lance never impressed me. He lost a testicle from steroid abuse, that’s all. Then he went out with that horse-faced pop star. Blech. Cycling is not a sport, just a reason for closeted homosexual family men to show their junk to each other on warm Sunday mornings in their homo pants.
    Leave Led Zeppelin alone, they paid the royalties to the poor pld back men’s descendants in the end.

  6. What drugs is Lance Armstrong alleged to have been using through his winning years on the Tour de France? And if they helped him lick cancer, why aren’t they widely available to help other cancer victims? There may be more, much more to his story than meets the eye.

  7. What drugs?
    Erythropoietin, Testosterone, Cortical steroids, Blood tranfusions. This does not include drugs for weight loss, avoiding detection and reversing the complications of Erythropoietin.

    His sins also include possesion, trafficking, administration, aiding, abetting, covering-up and aggravating circumstances.

    Did these drugs help him cure his cancer? No, cancer drugs did that.

  8. Thanks, Bill. Do you know which cancer drugs?

  9. No idea which cancer drugs were administered. They were legal 🙂

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