Cornwall Ontario Hospice Needs your Vote by Don Smith

Carefor Cornwall Hospice at 1507 2nd St. W.

CFN – starting today and running until November 5, Carefor Cornwall Hospice has an opportunity to benefit from a grant from the Aviva Community Fund, but only if you and I vote to show Aviva just how much we value having this facility in our community.  It costs you nothing, just a few moments to vote online here.

Quite understandably, the vast majority of Canadians surveyed indicate that they much prefer to spend their final days in a pleasant and loving home-like environment rather than in a comparatively cold institution.  Cornwall Hospice fills that need beautifully!

The end-of-life palliative care facility is free to patients, but only partially funded by the Ministry of Health.  If successful in their quest to obtain supplemental funding from Aviva Community Fund, Cornwall Hospice will use the funds to purchase food, medical supplies, personal care items and linens.

The facility is competing with several other projects and causes for funding.  Those with the most votes have the best odds of obtaining the desired funding from Aviva.  You can vote once daily per e-mail address you have.  Please vote today and every day until November 5.  And ask your friends and family members to do the same.  You might even post on Facebook and Twitter.

Aviva put together a short video which explains the program:

The team of dedicated health care professionals and volunteers which staff Cornwall Hospice are highly praised by the familes they serve.

Hospice asked me to put together the following short video clip containing testimonies from a patient and a family member.  It also provides an inside look at the facility.  For those who’ve never been there, you’re likely in for a very pleasant surprise:


  1. I watched the videos and I already like the sounds and looks of this place…it just sounds soo secure and safe and looks so comfortable for anyones stay…I hope we are able to keep this place going…The Hospice means alot to alot of people, and I think it always will…all the hardwork that the volunteers and workers do are surely appreciated…<3

  2. Thanks to the excellent leadership and positive approach in making the Carefor Hospic such a success to our Community.The end stage of life is not always pleasant for the individual nor for the families.This facility opens its doors to help ease the pain and provide comfort to those who are left behind.Your passion shows.

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