Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy Edges Closer to New York – Will Impact Canada as Well – October 29, 2012

CFN – The most talked about storm of this century is about to make landfall near the Big Apple today.  US highways are closing; travel schedules cancelled as people batten down the hatches and prepare for this event that will impact the US & Canadian East coast for over 24 hours before clean up can begin.

Winds in the Caribbean  were over 150KM per hour.

What’s complicating issues is some Arctic air that will collide causing a whole lot of action!

There is already flooding in New York & New Jersey with the storm not

scheduled to hit land until Monday night.

Locally in Upstate NY near Massena NY reports of automated emergency phone calls to residents for preparation

 and emergency warnings have been issued.

In Cornwall Ontario the city issued a press release stating that they are consulting with themselves, but no public notices have been given.   Power is expected to be lost to thousands of people when the storm hits and nobody is really quite sure yet

of the impact the storm will have once it hits land.

Best preparation for storms:

Prepare a storm kit:  essentially food, water, and supplies for at least 72 hours.  You can also fill your bathtub with water and other containers remembering that pets need food & water too.

Batteries; sources of lights and power.   Chargers for Smart phones because if power is out you won’t have internet connectivity.

Making sure that you have access to higher ground even if it means moving to a safer location.

Create a list of friends and family you will want to keep in contact with or need to contact in the event of something cataclysmic.

If you have a generator make sure you have it ready to go and have fuel.  Make sure your vehicle is fueled up and ready to roll if needed to evacuate as well.

And if you have children or people who are easily bored prepare games, cards, and activities that can be done without power.

Locally we will be updating 24/7.   

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