Daniel MacDonald of Cornwall Ontario is Unhappy with Big Box Stores Marketing Practices – November 2, 2012

If you haven’t already found out that you are being misled by deceptive advertising at our new box store, you soon will. You probably receive your weekly flyer full of coupons offering you 50% off this week, 40% off next week, and buy-one-get-one free another week.


They are advertising deep discount prices while actually charging you full price for the item. There are laws that prohibit never-ending sales and deceptive advertising practices.  However, our government does not bother to enforce these laws about misleading customers into thinking they are receiving deep discounts. This particular store has already been sued several times in the States.


Canadians as a rule don’t sue, this is the way we are. Every time I enter this store I am ready for a battle. Normally I buy supplies in Ottawa because no one other than the box store have the products I need, but I thought that with 50% off I would at least be paying regular price. I was wrong, in Ottawa the same item was still less at regular price. Every subsequent visit to the box store I encountered more arguments.


From now on I will not set foot into this store. HEADS UP everyone, know the actual selling price of your item before you venture into this store, and shop around as well.  And remember our Cornwall businesses that handle similar merchandise give you expert advise, better service, and guarantee their work. Many have been here for a long time and they support our community, they deserve our support

Daniel MacDonald – Cornwall, Ontario

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  1. Daniel…this article sounds you are describing what happened to me.

    Big sale at a jewelry store in Cornwall SALE PRICE $400.00 for a gold bracelet. Two weeks later, on Ste-Cahterine St., in Montreal, the same bracelet, the same karats by the same Co. $200.00 at REGULAR PRICE. I felt cheated and needless to say upset. I could not return it as it was a gift to someone living out of town.

    Needless to say…..I never went back.

    Absolutely, many times…….it is not a sale. Live and learn!!

  2. OK, I give up. Which store is it? Does it sell sports stuff, pet stuff, craft stuff or all sorts of stuff?

  3. OK, All I will say is that I am an artist.

  4. I banned my wife from shopping there for kids crafts etc. Cheaper at smaller stores. 3 X the U.S. price. By banned I mean suggested she stop unknowingly wasting money

  5. Know exactly what you’re saying Daniel MacDonald

  6. I noticed the same thing. Very annoyed by these crooked marketing practices. One must be so careful when shopping lately.

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