SD&G Highlanders Lead Remembrance Day 2012 in Cornwall Ontario

CFN– The Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders must have some pull with the general up in the sky as what started out as a murky rainy morning turned into bright sunshine as they paraded down to the Cenotaph on Second Street to commence Remembrance Day 2012 in Cornwall Ontario.

The bagpipes solemn call to those fallen from our area.

The crowds lined the park as the sun shined and thoughts drifted to those that sacrificed their lives so that we could live ours.

You can post your memories and thoughts of Remembrance Day below.

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  1. Thanks Jamie ,

    The pipes still send a shiver down my spine, battle ready .

    Thanks to all those who fought for our Country,many have given their youth as well as their life for king and Country.

    A whole generation of bright young men lost to war so that we have the freedoms that we have today.

    We as a nation had fought tyranny and oppression and our boys had forged a valiant independent military renowned for its commitment and steadfastness.

    Many stories echo through the military halls such as our valiant boys against the odds taking of Vimy Ridge.

    Thank you Mr.Bray and those many young men who fought for those generations yet to come.

  2. Jamie,

    Thanks for taking the time to cover the Glenns on remembrance day.

    It means a lot for soldiers.

  3. remember too the brave lads and lasses who died in Afghanistan from the Val Cartier base in Quebec… N` oublions jamais!!! All vetereans lost,a nd all youth and innonennce that died in those horrific conflicts deserve to be remembered…

  4. Thanks, Mr Gilcig, for covering this important event for our men and women in uniform, past and present. Lest we forget!

  5. It was impressive to see so many people present. Soldiers attend Remembrance Day as a matter of course; others because they feel it is important to do so. Such a turn-out speaks well of the community.

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