Adieu All – Parting creates such sorrow – I will miss all of our amazing Viewers by Jamie Gilcig

CFN –  As many of you know; alright as some of you may know, journalism has been a accidental path for me.

It’s not that I don’t like it.

In fact it’s recharged me as a writer and given me new skills and approaches that I’d never have discovered otherwise.

It’s been a rush and pumping out over 6,000 pieces on CFN as we approach our fourth anniversary has in a way been a total Beatles in Hamburg experience for me.

I get asked how I ended up in Cornwall?  How I ended up creating CFN?  How I ended up here and now….the secret to how Cadbury gets the Caramel into their Caramilk bars…

I was chatting with my very first editor, Matthew Hays, and  I challenged him to write about some of my hijinks. I suggested that he should write about them.   He, being an editor, threw it back in my face that I should write about them.   I, also being an editor, threw it back at him that I shouldn’t be writing about myself.   He being Matthew Hays told me to get over it and get to work.

I being me did not; but I will answer a few questions as I say adieu.

I came to Cornwall because of a girl.  A women; someone I’d marry.  I know. Cornwall.   And in the end I chose Cornwall over the girl.   Yesterday I met another journalist who sort of is now in the same situation.  What is it with Cornwall and girls?

I guess I’ve pushed back some of my creative writing these years in Cornwall.   The break up and one particular muse really have unleashed some of it and frankly real writers write.  You can’t stop them good or bad.

Saying that and with the encouragement of a dear friend whose faith in my talent has never seemed to waver I’ve agreed to write this TV thingy.   TV is something I’ve never done and my poor agents at the Characters in Toronto who pushed me so hard to do it back then would probably be wagging their fingers at me now saying “I told you so.”

There’s a lot of crap on TV, but the medium has also allowed some amazing work to be done too.

So I’m off to write this pilot for a sitcom.   It’s going to be a huge challenge.    I’m not going back to the “biz”.   I learned years ago that my work was good enough; but that the biz part of the biz is toxic and can be fatal.

Either that or I’m a big puss baby and just can’t hack it.

One day I’ll share the details of Bingo the Monkey Girl, sleazy Stuart Sender, and how my work ended up in the last Indiana Jones movie, and no it wasn’t my fault that movie blew chunks.

It’s been a total blast though.  I mean how many people get to watch the gorgeous Diane Lane open an Oscar envelope with something they created as one of the noms?

I’ll enjoy my 5 days off.    From Tuesday November 13th to Sunday November 18th, 2012  I’ll be missing from CFN.   I won’t be on facebook either although our stories will appear on our page.    We have some amazing guest writers that will be contributing some of their amazing work, and that’s what I’ve always wanted.    To see talented people congregate and share their work with the world as freely as possible.   As much solitude is needed to create great work; being part of a team or tribe and creating is where it’s at.

Thank you all for viewing CFN and making us far more successful than I’d ever hoped.

Good things can grow in Cornwall Ontario.


A special thanks to all of our sponsors and viewers who have stuck with CFN and helped to nurture all of the CFN family!


  1. Jamie….from the bottom of my heart I wish you well. I am happy for you and think it will be a wonderful adventure. In order to grow, one must move on.

    Even though we didn’t always agree, I always had the outmost respect for you. You will be missed and so will your controversial character which had a way of bringing out debates. **smile**


    BTW…..there is nothing wrong with Cornwall women **smile**

  2. Wow Jamie that’s fantastic news,Best of luck writing your sitcom,need city mayor & clan be worried…..just asking

  3. Jamie, I wish you the best of luck in all of your adventures and endeavors. That’s what our lives are. We accumulate knowledge, skills, friendships and nemeses by living a series of short-term experiences. Friends are always welcome to enter and leave our lives as they please for themselves. You will always have an open invitation to visit my world as you go by my window, doorway and person. Have fun, be safe and don’t get hurt. Neal

  4. OMG Jamie. Good Luck with your new project. Glad your sticking around to continue cornwallfreenews. We need you here. I take an interest in all types of media. Diversity is necessary in order to thrive in Cornwall and SD&G and that’s what you give us Jamie.

  5. Wish the best to you Jamie do your thing man but do come back
    us ASAP we certainly need you here to continue your good work
    on our behalf .

  6. All the best to you, Jamie

  7. I wish you all the best in your new endeavors. I can only imagine sitcom writing is a challenge. But in your tenure and experience here in Cornwall, I am sure you havem lots to write about.

    Cornwall girls Jamie, much could be said about us both good and maybe not so much. We are no different then any other mill town. Most of us are just looking for something better.

    I am not sure, and yes maybe the the red is showing through, though not blonde (furrows a brow), does this mean the end of Cornwall freenews?

  8. Author

    Hailey did you read the whole story? 🙂

  9. Yes indeed, all the best, Jamie.

    (“such sweet sorrow”…but remember Juliet follows that with “goodnight till tomorrow”…CFN is a feather in your cap and much needed in the cyber world, so, as the saying goes, “four more years” please!)

  10. Congratulations, that’s amazing news! Good for you, onward and upward:)

  11. Can’t wait to hear about Bingo the Monkey Girl!!

  12. Yep I did twice now, all I can gather is you are leaving for five days and plan to wirte a bit for television.

    What will happen to CFN? Will someone take over?

  13. Author

    Yes Hailey. CFN is in very good hands. 🙂

  14. Funny how during this journey in life people sometimes connect in the strangest of ways. I was drawn to this CFN website as a result of what was going on with the French issue and the Mayor (and deputy Mayors) brave actions regarding that issue. As a result of THAT, I now have this arms length connection with several people that, except for the varying thoughts and opinions we share here, I can’t say I really know them.

    None the less there is this bizarre sense that you and I and all of us here (even those reading but not posting) come together in an odd sort of a way where by we each take up a spot that fills and completes a large puzzle, a jig saw puzzle if you will. And yes, as much as she frustrates the hell out of me (and I KNOW others as well) even Stella has a place as a piece in this puzzle as well.
    As for you Jamie. You have been fair and often VERY poignant with your words. And, what’s more is you were able to capture in 15 words less what it often takes me 85 words or more to do 🙂
    — Something I am working on (smile) —
    Thanks for your input and also for taking such good care of all of us 😉
    And now, we are left with a missing piece of our puzzle.

    Take care. I wish you well with ALL future endeavors.


    PS: If we all make it past the doomsday date, I hope to see ya at the million person rally to scrap “official bilingualism in Canada.” Coming to “the Hill” this spring 🙂

  15. PS… If you’re interested send a message through my YouTube page and that way i will have your addy to let you know of new video’s or new info regarding “the issue.”

  16. Jamie I am literally shocked that you are leaving Cornwall. One time I even asked you if you were going to leave Cornwall and you said no. I do know that you got married at 40 and the marriage didn’t work because your wife didn’t like Cornwall. Cornwall isn’t for everyone and even people who are born and raised in Cornwall don’t always like it and leave. You married a lady from Vancouver or somewhere in B.C. and such a beautiful area of the country but so mighty expensive. I know of some people who live out there who lived in Ottawa years ago that my daughter went to school with including some business people. Jamie if your wife is a good woman don’t abandon your marriage. I have been married for 38 years going on 39 years and that is a lifetime and we are both very different people but I wouldn’t trade in my husband for anything.

    Jamie I wish you the very best of everything in life and I will miss you terribly and that is my very honest opinion. You are a great writer and administrator. I don’t know how the paper will be without you. You take care of yourself and all the very best that I could ever send to you.

  17. yorlik……I don’t want to frustrate the hell out of you but this is about “Jamie” our adminstrator, our moderator and peace keeper

    It is not about rallies nor language….ca-vas?

    I would be remiss if I did not mention that you, yorlik, of all people, warmed the cockles of my heart when you included me in this big jigsaw puzzle….I guess there is still hope and something to believe in **smile**

  18. Author

    Jules, reread the story please. 🙂

  19. Jamie I reread the story and when I read I get too excited at times and skip over and then say what I feel.

    I am very happy for you to go into what you want and you always wanted to open up a TV channel. You have the talent Jamie and I never saw or read a reporter like yourself who is so very fair and a good person to boot. I will be reading what other writers on CFN will be posting and I gave you my word that I would never read that “rag SF” and I never did not even a glance. If CFN never existed I would not be reading anything about Cornwall.

    There are plenty of good people in Cornwall and I would never say otherwise but there are those who make things look bad and keep it way behind. Cornwall needs good management and new blood and if this doesn’t happen then Cornwall will remain behind.

    Jamie women are the same or just about everywhere you go. You meet the good and the bad, the intelligent and the not so intelligent and I can go on and on. The same thng about men. One thing about a big city is that there are so many people that you meet and my children are happy here and more so my son. The people of Cornwall are not used to many strangers from other towns and stick more to themselves since they grew up together. You lived in big cities so you know how life is like. Some places are good and others are terrible.

    One thing is Jamie I always root for you and want the best of success for you and you are always a very fair person indeed. All the best to you and your endevours.

  20. Congrats Jamie and BEST WISHES to you!!!! Hope you will keep us updated when you can. You have a lot of fans/friends here rooting for you……

    CHEERS : )

  21. Alright, here goes…

    Jamie is gone for 5 days, that’s it. After that, he’s back. He’s taking on a small writing project during his brief hiatus from CFN.

    Do I have it right in a nutshell Jamie?

    No worries here folks.

  22. Oh my. I’m Warming cockles… Sounds scary… I’d best get back on my medication. And you too… 🙂

    But, your right Stella lightbright. It is about Admin and not about the huge rally that will mark the beginning of the END of the insane inequity that exists in this country.

  23. In fairness to Jules and others who quickly read this rather dramatic fair-well “adieu” message, and missed the part that Admin will only be absent for five days, maybe the headline should have read “I will be away working on a writing project for a week or so.”

  24. Author

    Yes, but it’s not small Cory. It’s a pretty large project 🙂

  25. Author

    now Ed that wouldn’t be as dramatic though and headlines are meant to capture attention to the story 😉

  26. BIGGGGGG Smile. You have proven to all of us once again Jamie. It is important to read “and absorb” the whole message 🙂

  27. Oh and PS, a puzzle with a missing piece is a bit of a bummer anyways 🙂

  28. Fantastic Jamie! I meant ‘small writing project’ as but an indication of only the amount of time you would need to do it. I should have penned, “No worry folks, Jamie only needs 5 days to write a pilot sitcom and he’ll be back”!

  29. C’mon Jamie, level with your readers, your attending a 5 day spa treatment in St. Adele, then on to Mont-Tremblant, where you will be a judge at the “International Pastry Festival” . I’m so envious !

  30. That’s pretty funny Admin, and it’s a great diversion from the never ending language battle BS. Have fun with the project.
    Will my cousin Furtz be allowed to post while you are away?

  31. Best of luck… we seldom agreed on issues but I believe that is what makes this country great. we can agree to disagree, and no consequences will follow. Least of all me cause i’m always right. haha. All joking aside I wish you great success. I bet you all this is a hoax…your running for premier to give katlheen wynn a run for her money….wooops sorry jamie, you made me promise not to tell.

  32. DAMN.. now I read the whole thing and just realized you”ll be back. I guess the dance of joy with me and balki will have to wait for another day.

  33. Have a good productive time Jamie.

    Now the Cats away the mice are at play !

    I promise to play nice with others WHILE YOU ARE AWAY,
    Can’t promise when you return though !

    Now we should take it easy on the temp moderator for a day or so then see if he or she can fill those shoes.

    You will be missed ,take care ,enjoy your creative side this new endevour will bring.

  34. Jamie you really startled me thinking that your were going to be gone for good. The CFN would not be the same without you and nobody can take your place. You do an excellent job as usual. I get so excited and not read the complete story – you gave us a jolt by the headlines. Tricky and sneaky our Jamie.

    About language which has nothing to do with this topic. My daughter called her doctor today to make an appointment and she spoke to the secretary about language and the secretary said that all hospitals today here in Ottawa and area require French and she told my daughter that she was lucky to have the language. Just yesterday she was speaking to my sister-in-law in Beirut in French because my two sister-in-law can only commute in French and Arabic. My daughter was doing very well indeed. French is an asset folks so let your children learn all they can. My daughter is going back to college in January and this is quite a switch after all these years.

    Do you know what can benefit Cornwall folks and that is if people can make their own businesses just like what Jamie did but in other areas as well. People can get into things that can make money and the very best and brightest can become our doctors. We need people to get ahead and make Cornwall a better place. Jamie seems to be happy as a clam in Cornwall and I don’t blame him one bit. If you like a place then you are happy.

  35. Author

    now boys – we know that Ed is Furtz – no stalking each other while I’m gone please…. 🙂

  36. I saw you ‘once’ at Spinners. Funny how you really looked like you…..unlike the rest of us in our drivers, OHIP and passport photo ‘props of ourselves but ghostly and gastly at best, jailbird fodder at worst…in our own minds.

    For you I say that you did look like your CFN photo, it’s a compliment. Leave your baggage behind friend. Let thw mind go free of here and open new doors to glory words…….oh, but what if they like you? OMG, you might go back……okay, forget everything I said, you now look like all your photos, your brain is full and tempest is back on the hill.

    Whatever friend, I think we each can call you friend. For me tis so cause you saved my bacon a few times. Okay, maybe more than a few. You do your job well J. and when you are back we expect the same s*%# we had to put up with from you, ya hear……..

    Tanks till then…..and well see after that, then…………

  37. No! No! No!!! Cousin Furtz is way less polite than I am.

  38. Rememember Jaime, baby steps first. All the best. We’ll hear from you in five days. LOL.

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