Spirits in Unity Column 23 – Fallen Heroes not Forgotten and introduction by Garry “Horsetalker” Meek

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Fallen Heroes Not Forgotten
On this November 11 as I sit down to write this week’s column I am going to deviate from my series on confidence although to a certain extent it is still about confidence building in horses. On this day remember all those who risked their lives or sacrificed their lives to ensure that we could enjoy the life and freedoms we have today. We truly should be thankful to all of them for what we have.

As well as the millions of humans who have sacrificed themselves in many wars and conflicts, there was one United States Marine who showed an amazing capacity for bravery and determination. Among this marine’s distinctions include two purple hearts, a good conduct medal, The Presidential Unit Citation with Star, National Defense Service Medal, Korean Service Medal, United Nations Service Medal and Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation, but her favourite thing was sharing a beer with her marine corps buddies. Her name was Sergeant Reckless and she was one amazing little horse.

In World War I, alone, there were almost one million horses killed during the war. If you have been able to see the recent movie “War Horse”, you will have experienced what these wonderful animals went through.

“Though alone, wounded and heavy laden her spirit of loyalty and determination propelled her through the shell torn night.”

Reckless was what we might call a left brain extrovert. She was a very confident horse but also very mischievous. When it came to fulfilling her duties on the front lines during the Korean War she served her buddies of the 5th Marines with distinction and bravery. Her job was to carry ammunition up to the front lines and wounded soldiers back to the safety of the rear. On one occasion she made 51 trips in one day. She was wounded several times but remarkably survived the shelling and the war. Her marine corps buddies promoted her to the highest rank that a non-human can receive, Staff Sargeant.

She was voted one of the top 100 heroes of American history.

There is hope that her story will also be made into a movie.

To read more about Reckless and see some videos I encourage you to check out her website.  Join her fan club on Facebook and spread the word about this remarkable little war hero.

Every time you treat your horse with dignity and gentleness, remember Reckless. It is important not to forget any of our fallen heroes and to continue to help make it a better world for horses and humans.

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In our ‘Spirits in Unity’ program we believe in developing a trusting relationship and a true partnership with a horse before even thinking about getting on his back. He probably prefers it that way too.

Whether you are just a horse lover, have dreams of owning a horse someday, or already have one, I hope these columns will give you some insight into the true nature of these magnificent creatures. I hope you will find them both informative and inspirational.

Until next time…
May all your dreams come true,
Garry “Horsetalker” Meek


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