Canada’s Kilimanjaro Capital Ltd. Announces Offshore Oil deal with Republic of Cabinda

President Afonso Massanga of Cabinda

CFN – Kilimanjaro Capital Ltd., a private Canadian company focusing on emerging nations in Africa, is pleased to announce that on 17 November 2012 it signed a formal Offshore Oil Assignment Agreement with the Republic of Cabinda. Cabinda’s prolific offshore blocks have produced up to 700,000 barrels of crude oil per day and accounts for much of OPEC member Angola’s output.

The Assignment Agreement grants future rights to the Republic of Cabinda’s disputed offshore claims including an ultra deepwater block not previously explored. Angola’s licensees’ Agip, Total, and Chevron currently operate the concession.

Cabinda is a former Portuguese Protectorate. In 1975, Cabinda attained independence but the oil rich territory was invaded by Angola and a 38 year struggle has ensued. Cabinda’s current government of President Afonso Massanga and Premier Joel Batila has focused on civil and political remedies. In 2011, the African Union Commission took jurisdiction over disputed claims to Cabinda’s dormant onshore resources. According to the Republic of Cabinda, due to pending shifts in regional geopolitics, self determination could be achieved in a matter of months.

Kilimanjaro Capital will immediately be seeking financial, oil and mineral industry partners and has a bold plan to acquire disputed and distressed oil and mineral assets throughout Africa. Kilimanjaro Capital recently signed an agreement for exclusive oil and minerals rights with the Government of Southern Cameroons.

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  1. May God Almighty oil the elbows of the initiators and grant these Agreements a speedy realization in Jesus name!

  2. The Solidarity Group for the Cabindan People request to every peace loving person in this world to undrestand that the occupation of Cabinda by the Angolan regime make the lives of the people of Cabinda in a explotation out of the context of of colonialism and it is far them to exercise theie rights as any ordinary human being in this world.

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