Liberal Leadership Candidate Gerard Kennedy Talks with CFN – November 22, 2012 HD VIDEO

CFN –  Gerard Kennedy sat down and chatted with CFN about his leadership run for the Liberal Party of Ontario.

The former Education minister for Ontario was speaking at the TR Leger school in Brockville Ontario where we talked about Hyper Partisanship in Canadian politics and how he if successful would deal with the proroguement of the government and some key issues.   Mr. Kennedy stated that if he gains the leadership that he’d bring the government back to Queen’s Park immediately, even before attaining a seat for himself.

He also talked about the importance of artists and small business in the Ontario economy.

 Do you think Mr. Kennedy would make a good Premier for Ontario?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Great interview Jamie. I’ve always liked Gerard Kennedy. He comes across as intelligent, honest and caring. I thought he was a little naive when he entered federal politics but he now has his battle scars and is the wiser for it.

  2. Prorogation is the end of a parliamentary session in the Parliament of Canada and the parliaments of its provinces and territories, there fore will Kennedy give us our money in taxes back? In particular the funds going towards their wages benefits and pensions?

    I doubt if any not in parliament can prorogue their career and still receive monetary compensation

  3. I agree that Kennedy is a decent man, but he is wasting his time and money on this leadership bid. My money and hopes are on Sandra Pupatello. She’ll make mincemeat out of Hudak in the next election.

  4. Anybody with a brain or even half a brain can make mincemeat out of Hudak. Hudak is Dalton McGuinty’s cousin so Hudak has to go. We sure do need change and someone who can put Ontario back in order has my vote. McGuinty and his brother David represent my riding of Alta Vista here in Ottawa and there are always sings all over for them well I think this time people are going to think things over very well before voting for these people especially Dalton he is gone. What a failure he is as a leader and has no personality as a politician except that he lies and cheats the people.

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