Bernie Boo Boo ” We really need bold things {on our waterfront} like the splash pads & washrooms!”

Bernadette “Bernie Boo Boo” Clement

CFN – After a hard hitting near half hour discussing the merits of different pigeons that are causing issues in Cornwall; apparently going back to when Councilor Syd Gardiner apparently lost a lung to pigeon issues.

Eventually the conversation led to the presentation of the Waterfront Committee’s fact filled report on the Waterfront Committee’s report about the public consultation.   The one that had little leaguers protesting the city’s plan to fill a city park with Condos.

Fast forward to the 8 minute or so mark to see a parent really nail the point.

Councilor Thibault caught lying .

My email to City Hall about the cost of the exercise to taxpayers was not responded to today.   That would include prepping for the public consultation; the cost of the day itself, and the extensive cost of the online portion and report.

In the end the results were skewed by as much as 7% which could be why City Hall decided to bury it after Greg Kielec’s report of a few week’s ago.   A meeting attended by Mayor Kilger himself.   A report in spite of the obvious failure of the process the Waterfront committee not only voted to send to council; but agreed to present tonight only to be pulled back.   What happened in these few weeks  for Cornwall to yank its report?

Cornwall has this little thing where if a committee member misses three meetings without cause they are removed from the committee.    Mr. Dubuc & Councilor Thibault have now both missed more than three consecutive meetings.   Again City Hall has not answered as to their current designation or if they are still part of the Waterfront committee.

And then there is the issue that people were able to vote multiple times online including after the cut off date which of course is another reason for the report to be killed as it was.

However we have a Waterfront Committee that endorsed a failed report with Mayor Kilger sitting at the table.  Surely if there was ever a reason to fold a committee this should be it?  Surely this committee has shown itself to be an utter failure and sham?

The big question though is WHO WANTED CONDOS IN LAMOUREUX PARK?   Who put brains like Roy Perkins to the task?

And is this now being shifted to the new Streetscape plan via the cryptic Heart of the City/Centreville project that now has multiple committees supporting it even though you have many of the same people on those committees…  And the councilor to motion the $12M Streetscape project?  Heart of the City poobah, Denis Carr.   If that isn’t gross conflict of interest what is?   And while it may be up to an individual to state Conflict of interest surely those around the table are not dumb, retarded, and corrupt, no?

It all kinda smells worse than Goose Pooping Day in the Park.   I mean; if the public wants development they should be consulted properly and get to vote on it.   These snake in the dark loosey goosey stuff with people like Denis “Liar” Thibault surely has to stop?

Well my fellow Cornwallites?  What do you think of this mess?   Should this Waterfront Committee be disbanded until after the next election?  Should Lamoureux Park go condo?

Councilor Samson at council tonight that people kept telling him :

They want the waterfront to be like Brockville’s!

Well again, maybe people in Cornwall do want a hot sexy waterfront like “Brock Vegas” has that has revitalized its downtown core.  Maybe it’s time for the people of Cornwall to properly be consulted and for it to be an election issue in two years or so?

You can post your comments below.

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  1. I lefted Cornwall in the 80’s for a job in Ottawa, retired and returned to Cornwall to start a new life, married, bought a new house.
    I was told,the street that the newly built house that was built on, would be rebuilt because the street was built has broken concrete slabs. It has been almost 8 yrs. and still no action has been taken and yet I seen other streets in better shape not far from where I live, asphalt removed and resurfed.
    What does it take to remove ignorance?
    Snow street removal, if we are lucky, maybe if we are very lucky in the season, 2 times during the winter if the plow operator sees there is a street there,needed to be plowed,it may possibly be plowed.
    Somehow,the city officials seemed to forget or don’t know that there are many people or simply don’t care who lives on this street.
    This street is the only street, that I know of in Cornwall, that has 18+ ft high NO PARKING SIGNS.
    Now here’s a test for you politically correct people, this street lies between Pitt st and Augustus.
    Did you find it? Now maybe you can start doing something constructive.
    This is the street that is normally blocked with a windrow of snow leftover that our car’s must act like a plow after every snowfall.
    Property taxes are going up again! How many people are retiring now, or are they expecting a huge snow fall?
    Have a nice day.

  2. The waterfront should not get developed for condo’s.
    The waterfront should be available for all citizens no matter their economic strata.

    With the right Politicians and a good waterfront planning it could become the jewel of the city and attract citizens to the downtown core.

    Businesses in the downtown core are struggling and bringing the citizens down to the core will help them and the community flourish.

    It’s unfortunate the beach proposal fell through ,I personally thought it to be a great idea.

    We are blessed to have this waterfront,perhaps the locals could provide more insight how the waterfront could be developed for all its citizens.

    I enjoyed the dialogue that was provided by CFN and the discussion of the beach waterfront .Perhaps more dialogue could be developed through more citizens insight of how our community could be best served with our beautiful waterfront.

  3. You so right Christopher, my personal view point is this, no matter what you scribe about, if the grandoise of city hall have NOT thought of it, then it is useless, if the grandoise do not have a choice of spending our tax dollars in grandeur then it is NOT acceptable, if the grandeur can sit in the lower part of a bar and drink beer and come to a conclusion then it’s not in the interest of the citizen but in the interest of the grandoise in pocketing the next round( and it’s not beer).
    Have a nice day.

  4. at this rate the only green spaces in Cornwall will be the cemetaries….sad..

  5. If the city we aspire to be is Brockville, Lord have mercy on us.

    Their waterfront is little more than a parkette compared to the huge green expanse that the circle of jerks on Cornwall council and committees want to give up.

    These arses call paving parkland, “creating parking opportunities”. How long must we suffer these greedy and stunningly stupid idiots and their shameless public relations corps… with young Lajoie relaying the farts he catches from Carr, while old boy Peters (madly in love with his own prose) wanders in priapic-like stupor, unable to smell his own B.S.

    Our municipal house is infested with self-serving slobs.

  6. Chris Cameron Nov 27/12:
    “It’s unfortunate the beach proposal fell through ,I personally thought it to be a great idea.”
    and bigfellow after him: “Your right Christopher,”

    In the spring of 2012 I initiated some renewed discussion with regard to a beach proposal to our city waterfront. Three follow up Letters to the Editor over the summer regarding where and how were scribed by me on P.6 of the Standard Freeholder and yes numerous comments under a sydo-name within the CFN.

    A good friend Mr. Harry Valentine a former employee of the Seaway Authority, as an engineer input a number of reviews that had merit.

    In my view, the single best location would be the inlet below the RCAFA Wing. My primary reasoning’s were:

    1) This location WAS NOT DIRECTLY INFLUENCED by the errors of chemical drainage of poisonous effluent tailings from up stream industries from WWI and or WW11 needs, polluting along the north shore.
    2) This inlet was in fact a ‘dugout’ for aesthetics back in 1970. Kindly show me/the citizens of Cornwall otherwise. Thus the sediment would very likely be of goose and leafy runoffs. These certainly would not be of as serious nature as said chemicals.
    3) After my Sept 20, 2012 presentation to our Waterfront Committee a follow up report suggested Dr. Jeff Ridal of the River Institute be consulted re said sediment report.
    4) Dr. Ridal proposed that a thorough review of this inlet location would cost approx. $30,000 to have a professional assessment completed.
    4) I well realize that appears to be an exorbitant amount but I am not aware of who/what that would involve. My understanding is that about 6 or 7 signoffs would have to be involved if and when any approvals would be accepted once clearance was provided. These of course would include a Waterfront Committee approval for forwarding to City Council, their approval forwarded to the Raison River Authority, the provincial and federal government, the environment committee’s and of course the Mohawk council of Akwasasne(?) and possibly others.
    5) You see, there are many steps involved here. All have merit levels of importance. Now then you can see why such an initiative can take years of follow through to completion.
    6) Once that has been done, then the options of design maintenance, facilities and people to carry it through for many years to come.
    7) So my friends, if you want a waterfront area to be for all the people of Cornwall and area then without a doubt this would be it.
    8) Next then, try and pull 30 g’s for such a tenuous iffy idea out of council seems near impossible in ANY climate so, if their are any philanthropists out their willing to donate to this project, someone who TRUSTS these expenses then please come forward.
    At the very least, match city for funds.
    9) Maintenance and project costs were projected at another $750,000 though some smart ones may be able to par that with major workload donations yet that would or could only come from our very own city public works equipment and staff. You know that that would entail city tax funding and now we have to have a great majority of believers here.

    Can it be done; if approvals are initiated through the sediment study, YES. Can the citizens get behind it as a purposeful viable waterfront venue such as this can allow the expenses weighed in against what I see as millions ‘to’ the city over the years.

    That of course bears some review of history in this town doesn’t it. Also who are of resolve to stomp on it from the get go? I think that answer is pretty clear. Prove me wrong, please.

    Dave Windsor

  7. Jamie = You made mention of splash pads & Washrooms Yes they are very important & I might add they were items recommended to City Council not by 2011 WFC but by the previous Water Front Committee . We have been waiting & waiting for almost 2 years now for this current 2011 WFC to do something constructive & yet it’s right there for them to get going on ( POINTE MALIGNE ) Park . This Park upgrade plan would be a real asset when finished
    to our Cornwall Water Front . Pointe Maligne is that historic parcel of land on our water front east of Marina 200 & at the end of Bergeron Dr. This park plan was to have been similar to Block Island
    Park in Brockville . The best view of our water front can be seen from this spot . We highly recommend this project to WFC .

  8. This is strictly coincidental, that my comments are following Mr. Beattie’s, lol !
    Pointe Maligne (Look-Out Point) is no doubt the prettiest piece of land along the waterfront. It rises gently and gives a beautiful view of the mighty St-Lawrence. The architectural firm that the City hired, in 2010 produced several concepts of what this drive-in Park could look like. It basically, would permit you to drive onto the Point, where their would be a few strategically placed small parking areas, some shaded, some not, where citizens could simply just sit in their cars & enjoy the views. Also, park benches could be installed, for those that are simply strolling along the bike trail. The nice thing about this concept, is that it is a 12 month of the year Park ! As Bill mentioned, it would be somewhat like Block-House Island in Brockville, but much prettier & larger.
    Hopefully, the “WFC” will see fit to look at these proposals and add a new gem to our incredible “Jewel” !

  9. Could there be a more imaginitavely bankrupt idea presented for Pointe Maligne, than to pave our green shoreline so that lazy-asses can drive their cars, vans, and monster pickups, onto parkland to look at the river?

    Do we really want our watefront to look like our east end Tim Hortons?

    How on God’s green earth could someone think that “the prettiest piece of land along the waterfront” should be “strategically” paved so that slobs too lazy to walk the length of their shadows can pollute the air and the view with their blasted vehicles?

  10. Simon, Blockhouse Island on the Brockville waterfront was the model for Pointe Maligne Lookout. You can drive onto it and park, especially on rainy or wintery days, and enjoy the view. Or get out and stroll. Our Lookout will be easy to get to and available year round thanks to city snowplows when needed. Get behind this jewel of an idea in Cornwall’s Waterfront Plan 2007, which I helped prepare.

  11. Morning Simon, the idea is not to pave over Pointe Maligne whatsoever. It’s to put in a roadway, with a few small parking spots, so people can enjoy the views. One of the constant suggestions, that you keep hearing from the public is to have something like Block-House Island in Brockville. This would open up the Park and provide access to all !
    Not all people are capable of biking or walking distances, such as our elderly & handicapped. Isn’t the Park to be accessible to all ?

  12. Simon – It seems that you really don’t understand the Pointe Maligne Park project that were talking about . Considering the fact that all three of us were former Water Front Com. members who gave freely of our time for many years planning & making suggestions for the improvement of our Water Front always on behalf of the people I suggest to you your remarks were uncalled for . This Pointe Maligne project was approved by City Council after a public meeting was held
    When 2011 came about a new WFC took over & put that plan on the shelf were it still remains today . This is still an outstanding
    issue from the 2007 Water Front Plan & what we would like to see is very clear we respectively want 2011 WFC to get this plan off the shelf & get it moving again .This would entail a public meeting .

  13. Of course my remarks are called for. Perhaps what we need is a leave well enough alone committee.

    Pointe Maligne is plenty accessible. Sure if you wan to manicure the lawn, go ahead, but leave it be otherwise… it’s plenty accessible now.

    Case in point… take a look at the picture of the cove behind the RCAF saloon that the S_F ran.

    The one thing that detracts from the scene is the butt ugly boat docks, which are used to tie up some pretty crappy craft, while the owners belly up to the bar.

    It doesn’t how much time or good intentions are put into a bad idea… the road to Hades is paved with good intentions, but not our parkland, please.

    And, your experience (the 2 year wait for nothing for example)should show what a waste and a hoax are our committees.

  14. Trying to reason with some CFN readers regarding our waterfront is, as was said once in the House of Commons, like talking to a two by-four!

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