Sarah Robichaud Named Second Medical Scholarship Recipient in Cornwall Ontario

CFN – Local resident and medical student Sarah Robichaud will be the second recipient of the City of Cornwall’s Medical Scholarship.
Cornwall City Council approved the selection of Ms. Robichaud at its regular Council meeting tonight.  Ms. Robichaud will receive the academic scholarship of $25,000 per academic year, worth in total $150,000. The selection was made by a special Committee primarily formed of local medical professionals.
“I am pleased and proud to make this announcement on behalf of City Council,” said Mayor Kilger. “Bringing physicians to the City is important to the well-being of all of our citizens and by awarding the scholarship to Ms. Robichaud, we are helping to ensure the community will be well served by medical professionals.”
Ms. Robichaud is an Honours BA graduate of the University of Ottawa, and is currently attending the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine (Year 1).  She is fluently bilingual, and is the recipient of numerous academic awards, including the Lieutenant Governor’s Community Volunteer Award for Students in 2007. She is a graduate of École secondaire catholique La Citadelle, where she was recognized for her academic and non-academic leadership qualities.
Once she has completed her Family Medicine studies and earns her College of Physicians & Surgeons certification, Ms. Robichaud will be setting up a full-time Family Practice in Cornwall.
In 2009, Vanessa Carter was named the first recipient of the Medical Scholarship. Ms. Carter is continuing with her studies at the University of Ottawa.
About the Scholarship
The Medical Scholarship was created from a recommendation made by the Mayor’s Task Force for Medical Recruitment. Its purpose is to provide funding opportunities in support of students from Cornwall and S, D & G who have been accepted into or are currently studying medicine at a recognized Canadian university leading to certification in Family Medicine. In return for the scholarship, the recipient will set up a permanent practice in Cornwall for a period of no less than five years. More information on the Scholarship program can be found on the City website at
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  1. Congratulations Sarah on being chosen,however, we will never know how many English honour students will never have that chance!!!

  2. Why is it mentioned that she is fluently bilingual? What does this have to do with anything?

  3. French speaking or bilingual students, no matter how brilliant, should NOT qualify for this or any other scholarship. This is just another example of the French minority trampling on the God-given rights of the English majority. We have to fight these gross injustices every step of the way!

  4. Ed,,, yes how dare anyone with smarts,comminication skills and talent apply!!
    good luck Ms Robichaud… brains and talent… you`ll go far and Conwall and area will be better for it…this is a great way to recruit medical talent… and invest in our health care,,for more than one part of the population…

  5. why does LFA not sponsor an anglophone student?? instead of cutting down others…go ahead.. no one will stop you..

  6. Hey guys, not everything is about language. After all, being bilingual is an added bonus to work in Cornwall. Let the young lady enjoy her accolades and give her due credit for her accomplishments. I am sure she deserves them.

  7. Congratulations Ms. Robichaud!!!! Thinking this is great especially that Cornwall has a shortage of Doctors.

    Nothing wrong with mentioning she is bilingual, only someone who is not would have a problem with that statement. *smile*

  8. Just trying to get the English supremest freedom-fighters fired up.
    In all seriousness, Congrats to Sarah Robichaud. Well done!

  9. Best of luck to you ! Your family should be very proud.

  10. We have a non-Francophone Heather Villeneuve here who is 30,000 grand in debt with little hopes of entering her field despite having grades in the high 90’s ad works part-time at a gas station……………..

    And then we have a Francophone woman who is receiving a scholarship worth $150,000 with a probable full-time job once she graduates.

    This is something that is making me go hymmmmmmmmmmm this morning,


  11. Congratulations Sarah! This is quite an honour. Your parents must be gleaming with pride. And deservedly so!

  12. Cory……get a life!!! You are trying to compare apples to oranges. She will graduate as a DOCTOR…….which Cornwall has a shortage of. I think that is great for our city and she fully deserved the scholarship.

    Why do you bring language up in almost every article?

  13. lets compare facts … how many lab assistants graduate (with high marks) in both unilingual or bilingual qualifications graduate locally for the very few jobs locally.very few jobs positions available…. many actual young medical doctors do we have ??? see the discrepancy ??? medical doctors are few and badly needed to fill slots… where as lab techs have oversaturated the local market.. it does not mean they are not good at their trained field.. only so many jobs to go around…

  14. Author

    I like the program. Our community needs doctors and local ones have a better chance of staying. Way better to spend $150K investing in a local doc. Now one day I hope that our community can attract more doctors without having to cough up incentives.

    I think that’s a bigger issue. Congrats to Sarah and I hope we get a chance to interview our future Cornwall Doctor soon!

  15. Here we have an obviously bright woman who has already demonstrated her scholastic ability by obtaining a BA with honours. She’s now in her first year of medical school and will graduate as a medical doctor, after which she will practice medicine in Cornwall for at least five years.
    And now there is local English rights freedom-fighter, Cory Cameron, suggesting that Ms. Robichaud shouldn’t qualify for the scholarship because she is fluently bilingual! Brilliant.

  16. Ed
    November 28, 2012 at 11:17 am

    And now there is local English rights freedom-fighter, Cory Cameron, suggesting that Ms. Robichaud shouldn’t qualify for the scholarship because she is fluently bilingual! Brilliant.

    spreading misinformation again -he did not say that she shouldn’t qualify.

    Ottawa university is a french first university -call anyone there and which language comes up first?

    Did you know that uni lingual (English)applicants are lowest on the pecking order:

    The medical program allows only so many seats to uni-lingual and infact the unilinguial foreign students have more seats then unilingual English students whereas the bulk of seats goes to bilingual(french).

    All correspondence by e-mail ect is french first .

    Chances if she were not bilingual she would not have been accepted in the medicine program as unilingual program outside of foreign accounts for 7%.

    Dont believe take a look at the enrollment program in medicine in Ottawa university-That is if you wish to be informed.

    In fact I know of a girl -very smart-great grades -all the qualifications had applied but was refused simply there was only a few uni -lingual seats available most of the uni-lingual seats are allocated to foreign students.

  17. Thinking we should picket at the Ottawa University and when Ms. Robichaud graduates, we should picket her practice….

    You guys certainly have a chip on your shoulders. It must be a long life living day to day with so much hatred and jealousy and at the same time, wanting to control but unable to……wow, talk about stress.

    piper……so what if it is a french university? Is it not allowed in this country? Furthermore……I think it is great that immigrants get that opportunity, many countries make them fend for themselves. This country needs the diversity in order to grow.

  18. Agreed Stella. It must be miserable for these Francophobes to be constantly obsessing about bilingual universities and bilingual signs etc.
    Having ones shorts in perpetual knots over imagined monsters under the bed has to be a crappy way to go through life. Almost, and I mean almost, have to feel sorry for them. Let’s hope that their next life, if there is one, will be more pleasant and productive.

  19. Well I say wait until she graduates, she will have to practice in Cornwall and my guess since she is fluent in French, she will be at the French clinic, all at the expense of the Cornwall taxpayers. Anyway still want to congratulate her.

  20. What does it matter where Ms. Robichaud practices? Does Cornwall have a Doctor shortage?

    If you read the article, she wants to practice in Cornwall, her family lives here.

    As far as your comment “At the expense of the Cornwall tax payers” OH? ok…..whatever!!!

  21. Cory, get a grip. You’re sounding – for a person who says he’s not anti-French – very anti French. Please… Remember, for those of us who may have issues with official bilingualism, we are not anti French by any stretch. Many of us are French. Point being, we DO NOT degrade those among us who are bilingual, whatever bilingualism means: Portuguese/French, Arabic/English, English/Russian…whatever. We celebrate peoples’ abilities.

    However, we do object to a Canadians being marginalized because they do not speak French. That’s all I have to say about that.

    But if we think a first year med school student is the answer to all our our doctor shortage problems – LOL!!! For goodness sakes. She might not even graduate. And if she does, who says she’ll be able to practice here. There are many variables. Many local and provincial barriers.

  22. more like choices ..Universities are there for producing professionals in all walks of life.. choices is the way to describe it… Other Universities ,like the one near Regina that is for Aboriginal students only is also a good choice for those that qualify…

  23. @Stella, this country has no shortage of diversity. Now your own prejudices are showing. You’ve alluded to or outrightly argued in other posts that immigrants are becoming the majority.



    It’s the way the word changes.

  24. Ummmmmm, Cory.. Was there “ethnic cleansing” happening the the U of O too? Ummmmmm….Ummmmmm.
    I’m, Ummmmmmmm, thinking that, Ummmmm, you should, Ummmmm, get a life. Seriously, Francophobia, like most phobias, can be treated.

  25. You see as an open society we still have some distinctions.. Aboriginal schools answer the special call that First Nations can structure and understand if that is the choice of the student..positive ..choices… grow good societies that can mesh and learn from each other… something like bilingual learning… if that is the choice so be it….

  26. Jimmy……please, why don’t you read before commenting. I said diversity is good for our country……got that? I also said that the gov was doing the right thing in helping the immigrants integrate….did you get that? I also said that immigrants will be the majority in this country and that it is already happening in larger cities…..are you getting it? Where in the h#ll do you find prejudice in those comments.

    Because I said immigrants are becoming the majority doesn’t mean a thing nor should you twist it to mean something else. It was stated as a fact only…… do you get it? If only you could be as tolerant of the french as I am to immigrants……what a wonderful world it would be **smile**

  27. Hey Stella, actually….. you should read the article. It states “In return for the scholarship, the recipient will set up a permanent practice in Cornwall for a period of no less than five years.

  28. Why not give a graduate, in a field we want, $150,000 with the stipulation they stay in Cornwall until it’s paid back?

    Why spend up to $150,000 (presuming they don’t drop out)without even knowing how well the student is going to do or what field of medicine they end up in?

  29. To all you commenters who object to this young, and obviously very intelligent lady getting a scholarship because she is bilingual and went to one of the better schools in Cornwall, all I can say is ‘get a life!’

    Bonne chance, Sarah!

  30. Congrats! I only hope that you are wise and fair. Once you graduate, please only consider working in a clinic that services English and French here in Cornwall and NOT FRENCH ONLY. Best of luck on your journey. Cornwall needs good doctors!

  31. Exactly Richard…..the problem is they don’t have a life. Their only goal is to eliminate the french culture.

    A wonderful and inspiring article is written about an intelligent young lady, and they turn this into a debate about language. How does this group expect to be taken seriously with all their negativity? The answer is: They are not!!!

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