LTE – WWJD? Eric Little Concerned about Alexandria-Cornwall Catholic Diocese Trademark


Trademarks, logos and company messages often go through various levels of checking and rehearsing. From a full focus group to surveys and approval by senior management, the look and feel of a company often becomes the brand awareness in our minds. Of course we see advertising all the time and rarely give it a second thought, and simple messages like WWJD have become widely known and accepted. You may have seen a wristband with those letters that represent What Would Jesus Do?


When looking at the website, (today’s marketing and brand awareness medium) for the Alexandria-Cornwall Catholic Diocese, because of a Cornwall Free News article, I was left bewildered. How does such a dramatic change to a well known international symbol of peace and love get by the focus group? Of course I mean the Cross, which you may remember from the 3 days and 3 nights of Easter when we are reminded that Jesus hung from it for us, which now has a fleur de lis added. I sincerely hope the fleur de lis is inside the cross and not “nailed” to the outside since that imagery would be offensive to me at least.

With 10 French and 19 English Church’s in the Diocese, were any of them included in this design consultation / alteration? We certainly cannot blame the new and incoming Bishop Marcel Damphousse, although I ask him to look at the image and ask, What Would Jesus Do?

Eric Little

Canadian Christian

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  1. Highlander just went way over the top.
    There’s some seriously nasty and stupid stuff being posted on this thread.
    The combination of religious hatred and linguistic hatred gets pretty ugly.

  2. First of All Stella you and your ilk represent this:

    Second of all Ed you really are not informed the swastika’s form has been around prior to Christ and its first reference was that of peace and harmony among a number of cultures.

    In Buddhism the swastika symbol had been very revered ,but sadly a symbol can be used out of its original reference and now defines what many may refer to as hate symbol because of political agenda’s and terrible atrocity of genocide of a culture/religion.

    Therefore symbols have great meaning ,so why not a swastika I do not believe in genocide of a culture but I do believe in peace and harmony?

    So what does a symbol really represent when it’s applied to a religion?

  3. Attacking a religious symbol is low but comparing a symbol of the Trinity and Mary to a Nazi symbol shows how filled with hate you people are. The shame is you are leading others down your hate filled path. I hope some see your ways.

  4. so Ed if we criticize the views of others, whether it is somebodies religious views, or other wise, it becomes hatred?

  5. Seems to me that all of the English ‘appeasements’ for OUR desire to show acceptance to our minority of French community members in the ROC, many Anglo’s went out of their way to change street signs to ‘Rue Whatever St. Some Anglo business’s went out of their way by appeasement. It was part of doing good business. No difference when a French businessman did his best to show appeasement to his Anglo neighbors and customers. It just made good business sense where numbers warranted.

    Now I know some will challenge this and I might agree these are ideally the way it USE TO BE. Now that the flag waving has built up, the English have been turfed out of Kabec, our own parliament and all tax supported public entities,,,,,,,no bloody wonder they have their backs up.

    Then our French compatriots challenge us as full of hatred, bigotry and you name it, we’ve become the bad guys. No damn wonder their has become a resentful backlash. Personally I have many friends who are fluent in both languages, many who use to be government employees, now retired. They see the unfavorable methodology in the ROC whilst Kabec are the real racists and bigots, with the overflow lambasting Eastern Ontario in particular as well as the ROC.

    So then, for all you French mealy mouth pieces out their putting down your English majority, put yourself in their shoes. APPEASEMENT NEVER WORKED. Now you want to Frenchifry the entire damn country.

    I don’t blame people, Anglo, whites in particular who have been beat up for the past 20 years because they were not the new immigrant color, or the populace moments reason not to hire due to being raised ‘outside’ of kabec. Fodder for the slaughter. Equalization never had another so tarred and feathered.

    No, I can’t blame them for fighting back……and now you are going to bitch at me for telling the truth. Go for it.

    By the way, see how I took religion out of the equation, not that that didn’t play a subliminal role in many hiring practices either.

    Tell me now, WWJD……..yes, go to HIS church and ask God to make us all one language and the same religion throughout the world so the entire world can finally live in peace if it ever had.
    But no, mankind having free will would just bugger or is that Sodom it up again.

    Tom Kenneth Galbraith said in his book Cultural Shock, written in the 80’s expressed how the shock of change started revolutions and even wars. Hopefully we will not stoop to those retched levels. We have been friends, albeit arms length, within some tolerances for hundreds of years. Competition in work and events was welcomed.

  6. Some clarification on French first items such as on signs.

    As most first language French know, subject, predicate and verbs are often their exact opposite in relation to the English language equivalents.

    Par example, Si j’ai ecrit Pontiac St.. Pontiac Rue., it would make no sense whatsoever in French. It is the very reason why French is written first on bilingual signs.

    There could be an argument to be made to make the signs appear as such:

    Pontiac St.
    Rue Pontiac

    But I would argue that that would be a waste of space, lettering and costs.

    It’s far more easier to make the following and it makes sense in both languages:

    Rue Pontiac St.

    By doing so, you get the correct written version in both languages and you save writing Pontiac twice.


    This is the reason why it is written like that. No conspiracy.

  7. And my above comment is fine with bilingual signage such as on Government highway billboards. There still exists the issue of Freedom of Expression as to whether the business owner wishes to/not to, include a language. Mandated it should not be such as in Russel Township.

    Someone wrote a comment to me earlier about there being French first on Ottawa signs and such silliness. I wrote the previous response to those who only communicate in English to explain the process of bilingual signage to them.



  8. And my apologies to Rosie who explained the process in not so many words in an earlier post


  9. What a fantastic entry by Dukers1 yesterday night.

  10. The racist french & they are few are so full of hatred for the English language & the fact that we are pushing back finally & winning a few points.They cannot even debate this article as to its content.They must call names,try & degrade us by only making more people see what they are doing & they actually on many posts act like children bickering especially stella,no real message other than hate & a “how dare you attitude” so pathetic really!!!

  11. Pastor Tom Newton
    December 1, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    “so Ed if we criticize the views of others, whether it is somebodies religious views, or other wise, it becomes hatred?”

    Apparently so paster.

    Even if your protestant like concerned citizen, Julie Lecompte (stella) said it was none of her business!
    Not ethnocentric enough for you Stella.

    Is this blog not for all to comment or just Certain religious groups?

  12. Author

    Highlander this is why I keep warning everyone to make this principles over personality…. you can disagree and debate any idea without attacking each other personally…


    Intractable turbulence, chaos and Isaac Newton’s laws of nature have been defined up to and including quantum mechanics and Nano technologies, yet with all the great consequences in defining these laws our mutual diastasis ( separation of normally joined parts — often human) of usury, disadvantageous to the body of parts,

    Ok, a little tight, a little beyond many of us yet when considered closely, isn’t that what we are driven to do to and with each other? We are pulling the radicals deeper into the chaos into infinite erratic behavior, one against the other.

    We have had little to no steering or leader head through all of this. Our Prime Minister seems to be sitting on the sidelines while we bastardize each others overviews, expressions of our frustrations with each others.

    Tell me I am wrong, yet I know you will see this as I now do too. All sides if the language issues fear loosing THEIR rightful place and their place in history. Surely our leader ship can see how and why we are tearing each other apart for the preservation of our past, present and futures.

    Our directions must by now target our leadership for acceptable values, tolerable by all.

    Religion is as deeply inherent within our spiritual path if not more so than our language. Differentials of thought are our God given right and whether we take our religion as specifically biblical with all its interpretations, we own that spectrum of thought and to see that challenged is like pulling teeth without antiseptic.

    No, leave all aspects of religion out of our current discourse about language in another block of logical thinking. Beyond our own ‘limited’ values, unable to see outside of our own box of possible mindsets for change, acceptance of others is practically impossible.

    Language is closely related and too becomes our ‘religion’ to die for. Is that what we want, to die for? We are headed to that if we do not tone down, refuse to be tolerant and continue to push the pendulum.

    Reread if you have a mental block about all of this. See where we are going and redirect to our rudderless leadership until we can be steered appropriately. WE CAN BOTH SURVIVE THIS, YES WE CAN.

  14. Jamie…..THANK-YOU!!!!

    John……you could be sure many not just some see their ways, it is so very visible. That is why many people quit posting and quit coming…..too vile.

    mariah…keep living in your fantasy world.

    This blog was about “What would Jesus Do” I said Jesus would absolutely do nothing. Guess who brought up about le fleur de lys and expanded the comments to bring about a language and religious debate? For the answer revert to page 1. Enough said.

  15. Dukers1 says ” Our Prime Minister seems to be sitting on the sidelines while we bastardize each others overviews, expressions of our frustrations with each others.”
    Exactly! The ruling elites like nothing more than having the masses squabbling amongst themselves about mindless BS like language or religious issues. The idea is to keep the masses occupied and distracted while the filthy-rich 2% fill their pockets even more. Seems to be working.

  16. Author

    Very good point Ed. There have been some strong points of discussion made by our contributors here on CFN on both sides, or all sides of this discussion. I hate when it descends into personal spit tossing like Question Period.

    If everyone can find some common ground and start channeling some of that energy at the powers that be some positive change could possibly occur.

    What I’ve heard through the thousands of points predominately is that a) French & English are our National Langauges and b) Unilingual English speaking people should not be excluded from employment and advancement in the manner that they have been in governmental positions and those that stem from them.

    People may express things differently. They may have different takes, but those two themes I see most and I personally think they are compatible. You can respect French speaking Canadians without restricting employment to unilingual English speakers in the ROC and Unilingual Francophones in Quebec.

    It will come down to Canadians finding something that works in all of our provinces and territories or doing things different province by province. The sooner we have this discussion Nationally the sooner we can all move forward.

    Amazing what our commentators here on CFN can accomplish and spur on. Thanks to every single person that has contributed to these discussions!

  17. Throughout history the various religions have sanctified Jesus Christ or at least the idea of what he has become today=the embodied son of God.

    I don’t want to get into it with any believers this evening. But I feel I should point out something.

    I am reminded of the title of the Dead Kennedy’s song, ‘Jesus was a Terrorist’, in thinking of the historical context in which Jesus lived. Someone indicated that, ‘Jesus would do nothing’ in reference to this article. I cannot think of anything less accurate.

    If any of the stories in the various scriptures are to be taken at face value, it would appear that Jesus always did something in response to any given political subject. More than just being a political pundit, he was an active revolutionary in his time period, challenging almost single-handedly one of the most powerful empires in human history. For someone to think that he would do absolutely nothing on subjects like this leaves me scratching my head as to his/her thought pattern.

    Alas, I digress, it would seem to be a rare occasion if Jesus would do nothing at all. However to assume what Christ would/would not do is to assume quite a bit considering that his thoughts/actions were always so unassuming, selfless and out of the ordinary; hence his large following. There is something to be said of someone who gathers thousands around him and convinces them to leave their worldly possesssions and families behind to follow his words and actions.

    The title of the song does reflect his actions. Jesus was a terrorist to Roman authority. On the issue of him being a fence sitter, I have much doubt.

    All the best,


  18. Thanks Admin. It is mind boggling and a little sad reading the original letter and all the comments. Mr. Little in Ottawa got so bent out of shape when he saw a religious symbol on the Cornwall Diocese website, that he had to write about it. The third comment in, some character in north Ontario squawks about some French signs he’s seen by the highway. From there it all goes to hell.
    In the meantime, more and more people all across Canada are being forced to survive on starvation wages. How big does that elephant have to become before it’s noticed?

  19. Cory says:

    Throughout history the various religions have sanctified Jesus Christ or at least the idea of what he has become today=the embodied son of God.

    Aside from orthodox religions Cory, as well as Christians, Catholic and Protestants quite a number of this world don’t and won’t care.
    Refusal to ‘know’ HIM as we do is more intended than we realize. As well out and out agnostics and atheists don’t believe at all and think when we die we just go into a big hope, no hell, no reincarnation, no destiny.

    Science more and more leans towards an infinite energy, just gone into an alternate form, whether ash, rock, air or water we become some other part of our earth environment………there is no escaping it. Maybe, just maybe OUR Jesus as we know HIM, was onto something. We MUST evolve into another energy source. Religion and science is more entwined than one would think.

    WWJD has itself evolved into a cultural Jesus movement giving hope, peace and rest to young and old throughout the world.
    Enough from me then or someone will make me out to be a preacher, but aren’t we all called to be in one way or another.

  20. Ed absolutely!!! Religion and politics are two subjects that create controversy with no clear winner……nobody on earth has the true answers because of people’s different interpretations of the Bible. Religion or spirituality are personnal choices. Who are we to judge anyone’s choices? Live and let live!!!

    As for another’s comments on this subject……waste of my time. If one can turn this article into a language debate….need I say more?

  21. Ha! I thought Cory Cameron was just an English rights freedom-fighter, but it looks like he’s a Christian freedom-fighter too! If you want to win your war, Cory, don’t spread yourself too thin. Once you’ve conquered that sign problem up on highway 11, then move on to your next issue. Wars are won by fighting one battle at a time.

  22. Good points I think Dukers1!

    If, whenever I pass on, I ever become encased by this infinite energy you speak of I will be sure to ‘shock’ a few people in the proverbial arse from time to time.



  23. Ahhhhhhh, I wonder if the above comment was what some were referring to as character assassination? Hehehehe I won’t be drawn into personal attack mode tonight. Actually, not ever again on this forum.

    All the best to everyone.


  24. In hopes that a recent commenter will more carefully consider his words (and that those knowing no better will not be mislea), the comment of 6:04 pm begs review.

    The commenter stated…

    1. “the idea of what [Christ] has become today=the embodied son of God.”
    — It’s worth pointing out that this is a belief held long before today, and has been preached close to 2,000 years ago.

    2. “Jesus always did something in response to any given political subject… he was an active revolutionary in his time period, challenging almost single-handedly one of the most powerful empires in human history.”
    — The closest Christ came to politics was to distance himself from politics with the advice to “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and render unto God that which is God’s”. And perhaps the commenter is confusing with Jesus with Barabus or even Kirk Douglas, because Christ was a back to the Torah kind of guy of no interest to Rome, and clearly, Pilate didn’t know Jesus from Adam.

    Now I’m not much of a Christian, or Jew, or Muslim; I’m not worthy even of being called an atheist.

    But neither is it worthy of any of us to drag a cornerstone of hope for love and brotherhood into bigotted bickering.

  25. @ Stella. As you probably know by now, I don’t give a rat’s toenail about any interpretation of the bible or any other “holy” book. All that stuff means nothing to me. What does concern me is the fact that millions of Canadians are either living in poverty or are right on the edge of homelessness and hunger. In one of the richest countries on the planet, there is absolutely NO excuse for so many people living in those conditions.
    By the way, there’s a lake north of Kingston that has a French name. It’s called Lake Brule, This is an absolutely outrageous infringement of our English rights! It should be called Burn Lake. Let’s hope that our heroic freedom-fighters take notice and get that lake renamed as it should be.

  26. I have been advised that besides the fleur de lis, there is also a Celtic Cross on the Cross. The Celtic Cross represents the early Scottish Catholics, although it is really hard to make that out in the drawing. Still don’t think there should be anything on the Cross, but that is now up to the Church congregations to decide I imagine.

    Ed, please write a letter to the editor, we do need a conversation on where all the money is going and needs to go. That subject deserves it’s own space.

  27. I think this year I am going to top my Christmas tree with a rooster (cock that crowed three times when Peter denied he new
    Jesus). I will collect our jeweled crosses to hang on the branches, symbolic of the crucifixion of Jesus and the thousands so crucified by the Romans. These should look good when I include Ivy and Trillium Fleurs to complete the adornment of remembrance of the season.

    Thank you all, Christians, Jews, Catholics Atheists, agnostics and all those of nothing in their lives to confuse them and others.

    Have a very Merry Christmas.

  28. In response to the Celtic cross, my understanding is that the Celtic high cross predates Catholicism in Scotland but represented the more pure Christianity of st Columba and his ilk.
    Like many symbols that were used by these early Christians, the Catholic Church used them to ensure conversion went easily among the natives when they usurped their way into Scotland through the less than honourable treaty of Whitby.

    There are still a few free standing Celtic crosses in Scotland that are quite amazing to see.

  29. Sorry but the cock did not crow three times. Jesus predicted that PETER would deny Jesus three times before the cock crowed.

  30. Cudoo’s to John at 10:44pm. It was a test and you won.

  31. Duckers…..don’t forget to hang a picture of your savior the g, on your tree. This way for those who enter your home they will know who you really worship **smile**

  32. stellabystarlight
    December 4, 2012 at 9:37 am

    So insulting others the only debate you have stella (julie Lecompte)!

    See people out their quietly reading and not posting ,Take notice of behavior like this ,for this is their only way they protect their interests ,much similar behavior to a bully isn’t it?

  33. Stella, Christians, in particular protestants do not need pictures of or monuments to know who our Lord and Savior is. None of us know what he looks like as all ‘pictures’ whom some worship and kiss and pray too are simple paper mock ups of what each ‘tribe’ of color, nations etc. want HIM to look like. It is a form of propaganda exposed mostly by the Catholics.

    Far easier to reach Him via direct line through prayer. Remember, the clique, when you pray, ‘pray in your closet’ meaning in your private times with Him in your heart and mind, that you and our God have our own private conversation.

    No question praying with others is also helpful for you and them, especially if you are ‘hands on healing’. Yes, it does happen and yes, it does work. God wants you to Know Him, not just to pretend on a street corner like the scribes that want to be seen to believe but don’t really give as Ed would profess, a ‘rat’s ass, in their hearts.

    So, WWJD?

  34. Well Duckers…..I agree 99% with you on this. That is why in one of my post I did not only bring up religion, I included “spirituality” also, for the same reason you just brought up in your post.

    Thinking we may be on the same wave length on this one!!!

  35. Yes Stella and can you imagine the audacity of some people to actually feel they are ‘filled’ with the Holy Spirit, having gifts they never would have imagined.

    Every day is a day to share those gifts of service to friends, neighbors, the sick and down trodden and hey, wouldn’t it be nice if each of us on-line here could somehow reach out and touch someone’s keyboard strokes to guide them to continue the messages in this vain.

    Imagine writing a comment without intimidation, put downs and crapping out on others? Imagine those that could glorify our diversities and differences uplifting all of us to come together on an ‘equal footing’.

    Imagine. Opp’s, perhaps I have gone too far.

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