LTE – WWJD? Eric Little Concerned about Alexandria-Cornwall Catholic Diocese Trademark


Trademarks, logos and company messages often go through various levels of checking and rehearsing. From a full focus group to surveys and approval by senior management, the look and feel of a company often becomes the brand awareness in our minds. Of course we see advertising all the time and rarely give it a second thought, and simple messages like WWJD have become widely known and accepted. You may have seen a wristband with those letters that represent What Would Jesus Do?


When looking at the website, (today’s marketing and brand awareness medium) for the Alexandria-Cornwall Catholic Diocese, because of a Cornwall Free News article, I was left bewildered. How does such a dramatic change to a well known international symbol of peace and love get by the focus group? Of course I mean the Cross, which you may remember from the 3 days and 3 nights of Easter when we are reminded that Jesus hung from it for us, which now has a fleur de lis added. I sincerely hope the fleur de lis is inside the cross and not “nailed” to the outside since that imagery would be offensive to me at least.

With 10 French and 19 English Church’s in the Diocese, were any of them included in this design consultation / alteration? We certainly cannot blame the new and incoming Bishop Marcel Damphousse, although I ask him to look at the image and ask, What Would Jesus Do?

Eric Little

Canadian Christian

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  1. To answer your question WWJD, Jesus would absolutely do nothing. Thinking the Bishop would say the same. The flag certainly does take away from the meaning of the cross…..only for those who look for trouble.

    Jesus loves everyone the same. HE brought people together. HE welcomed all…..didn’t care what language they spoke nor the color of their skin. He didn’t try to seperate the masses…..he was a peace loving man. Thinking some people should try to follow his example.

  2. Correction…the flag certainly does not take away from the meaning of the cross

  3. Good Lord! Mr. Little has way too much time on his hands.

  4. Hey Eric,

    Thanks for your written piece. You may be interested to know that our French Catholic Schools advertise up here in James Bay area:

    Francophonie et Catholique – Un Double L’Heritage!

    “Francophone and Catholic – A double Heritage!”

    These signs are located along the Hwy. 11 Corridor all along the Northern Highways. Of course, no English translation provided on these signs. I tried searching on the net for these signs and found nothing in regards to this. I’m going to try and take pics of it for CFN viewers.

    Kind regards,


  5. So you don’t like it simply because it’s changed? So what?

  6. What would the Lord Jesus do? We are not left to speculate, for we have His written inspired Word. Compare Roman Catholicism of our day to Biblical Christianity, and it is quite plain to see, that the Lord Jesus would have nothing to do with Roman Catholicism. Roman Catholicism with it’s works salvation by sacraments, it’s open and blatant idolatry – the worship of Mary, the mass, and all the other traditions of men, is an institution that is full of errors, lies, and abominations.

    What would the Lord Jesus say all about this :

    Mat 15:6-9 “And honour not his father or his mother, he shall be free. Thus have ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition. Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying, This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men”.

    In love the Lord Jesus Christ rebuked and warned these religious idolators of His day to flee from the wrath to come; likewise for those who embrace the harlot Rome, come out, before God pours His wrath upon you, when He arises to judge this great religious harlot of all idolartries in the Great Tribulation to come.

  7. What would one think if say the union jack was posted on the cross, I think not ,nor does the fleur des lis.

    This is a political statement from the church -WWJD he would like those vendors selling religious trinckets and defaming the temple he would be very upset at the politics at play with his symbol .

    To think otherwise would be to insult him ,but lastly francophones have a new religion called language hence the continued loss of french churches.Careful not to follow false gods!

    Yes Bishop Marcel Damphousse,what would Jesus do?

  8. My God, Cory! You actually saw a couple of French signs in northern Ontario!!!??? You must learn to avert your gaze when affronted with abominations like that. I know what you mean though. I’ve traveled the the northern route many times, and you can’t eat in any restaurant without hearing people babbling in French or seeing French on the menus and such. It’s just not right! And it’s even worse in Manitoba. St. Boniface, St. Vital, and a bunch of small towns all over the province are infested too. It’s a scary world out there. Stay safe.

  9. OMG Highlander! The Union Jack is hardly a religious symbol! Despite your French obsession the fleur de lis can also be a symbol of the Holy Trinity. Un-friggin-believable.

  10. Gee, flowers are wonderful, Godly creations.

    Perhaps though while this mockery of Human Rights is blessed by Quebec, the Catholic Church and such ilk, Ontario needs to raise high and show as OUR Ontario National emblem above all others. I speak only of course of our Trillium. Gods creation, real and true.
    I’ve never seen a real ‘Fleur des Lis, have any of you?

    Time for Ontario to proclaim its Nationhood and make its own rules too. As our own NATION we get to go to International meets with our PM. We get to run our own immigration show.
    Maybe we can demand Quebec pay us an equality stipend since we have a much higher deficit.

    Just saying.

  11. OMG I can’t believe this……sick or what!!

    Duckers… never heard of a lily? Instead of looking at you tubes against the french, you should be trying to educate yourself on other matters……like flowers and such **s**

    Ducks….Your comments prove exactly what we have been saying all along….you want to rule.

    Cory, I would get in touch immediately with the LFA and have them picket highway 11, It’s just not right. I would also write to the UN again and show them the pictures that you are going to be taking……I can’t wait to see them. Could you please make a video? Know what? The only words that comes to mind is…..obsession and sick.

    Right highlander…..Jesus would be ripping mad oh OK!! Jesus was a peaceful loving man who brought people of all nations and cultures together……he didn’t try to rule nor seperate them.

  12. Rev……..this article it not so much about Catholicism…it’s more about the flag and the freedom fighter’s objection to it. Ca-vas?

    If you would be practising what Jesus said and answer the question “what would Jesus do”….you certainly wouldn’t be bashing another person’s beliefs or church. The most important thing is to believe in GOD our creator….Period. No one on earth has all the answers….not even you. It’s between HIM and the individual…….that’s all that matters.

  13. 3 days and 3 nights of Easter? “Canadian” Christian? “French” logo?

    You sir are a bit of an offence to anyone with a brain, faith, or culture.

  14. Even after a few years of reading the comments I continue to be amazed that some people choose to attack or insult the writer, rather than discuss the actual idea.
    Anything inside or on the Cross is just wrong!

    Where does the fleur de lis come in as a religious symbol John Macdonald? Not here –
    or here –
    Please enlighten us on how the trinity means something different than the Father, the Son, and Holy Ghost.

  15. Eric, for what you report on this is nothing new under the sun.

    Lets not forget that the French in France went through a period whereby they became independent from the Roman papacy. It was called the Avignon Papacy.

  16. stellabystarlight writes “The most important thing is to believe in GOD our creator….Period. No one on earth has all the answers….not even you. It’s between HIM and the individual…….that’s all that matters”.

    On this you are going to face eternity in your sins? With this advice you are misleading not only yourself, but many that would read this and agree with your personal opinion of things. One opinion is good as the other, but a proper knowledge and interpretation of the Word of God, is what God uses to save sinners.

    But on the other hand, you could read the inspired record for yourself and come to some knowledge of what lies ahead. Though the Book is closed to those who are not “born of God”, one can still come up with the truth of the need of a Saviour, and that God has provided a perfect Saviour in His Son – the Lord Jesus Christ. To face God as an individual outside the saving work of His Son, is to seal one’s doom for ever!

    Rom 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord”.

  17. Neither attack nor insult… the point is simply that both the author and the “offending” diocese have no credibility.

    Symbols are poor substitutes for using the brains we were blessed to receive.

    And using symbols as rallying points to stir the lowest of human endeavours — bigotry and prejudice — is not the stuff of any religion worth defending.

  18. marketing using the cross? what next the nike swoosh

  19. John Macdonald
    November 29, 2012 at 9:39 pm
    OMG Highlander! The Union Jack is hardly a religious symbol! Despite your French obsession the fleur de lis can also be a symbol of the Holy Trinity. Un-friggin-believable.

    John = Stella = Julie Lecompte.

  20. Here’s the fleur de lis in a TEXAS church:

    It has also been used as a symbol of Mary based on a verse from the bible.

    You guys have sunk REALLY low when you start attacking Christian symbols simply because you’re ANTI-FRENCH.

  21. We really are fortunate to live in a country where life is so easy that people have the time to squander on dreaming up stupid things to b!tch about. I mean, seriously, a symbol on a church logo? A French sign in north Ontario? It’s beyond belief.

  22. John Macdonald November 30, 2012 at 9:34 am

    Sure Stella,sure Julie lecompte

  23. Obsession: an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind which eventually can lead to insanity…..hmmm. Thinking some of these freedom fighters from the anti-french movement have already been affected.

    Rev…..I am not afraid to face my Maker. HE and I have a wonderful connection. I certainly don’t need a preacher to teach me what is right or wrong nor how to interpret the word of GOD. Religion is a personal thing and an individual choice and you of all people should accept that fact. Like they say, to each their own. Again… one on this earth has all the answers…..not even you. Joyeux Noel….Bonne et Heureuse Annee!!

  24. Tribalism at the very least

  25. Let me clear this up. I, (and not as any part of a ‘group”) do not appreciate seeing a Cross with anything in or on it. Sure the “iris” has been in use since at least Louis VII, but mostly by kings or royalty of France. A senior member of the Diocese should tell us why this image is there. Pretty simple really.

    As a product of the Upper Canada School Board, living and working with Francophones for many years, I am most certainly not anti French. I am very pro fairness in fact for both, but this letter is about the Cross only. Others are making this into something else,.

  26. ‘Ainsi-soit-ils” as my reverered parish priest used to say in the ol days. lovely representation of the power of the Virgin Marie . An important aknowledgment in the Roman Catholic church. Like Paul said… (the Beatle, not the apostle) All you need is LOVE! Merry Christmas all..

  27. You don’t like seeing a Cross with anything in or on it and Muslims don’t like to see images of their prophet. My answer to both of you is TOUGH LUCK! All these special interest groups want to force their will on the majority. I’m sick to death of it. The lily was used as a Christian symbol long before it became associated with the French. If you don’t want to put anything on your crosses then don’t. But if a religious organization wants to us the fleur de lis on a cross I say TOUGH LUCK FOR YOU, even if it reminds you of the French.

  28. Eric…now the Bishop has to answer to you? OMG…..hahaha!!

    Let me say this Eric… wrote the article, opened the can of worms if you will, therefore, accept and expect that your views will be challenged by those who don’t agree. You are absolutely correct when you say your article is about the cross… why did you bring the flag into the equation. It took one person to comment on the flag……need I say more?

  29. John Macdonald November 30, 2012 at 2:11 pm

    All these special interest groups want to force their will on the majority. I’m sick to death of it.

    The same could be said for French bilungualism,right?minority forcing thier rights on the majority

    Your own words !!!!!

    stellabystarlight November 30, 2012 at 10:09 am

    ” Thinking some of these freedom fighters from the anti-french movement have already been affected.”

    See once again attack others yet can’t debate the subject….2 words BLOG BULLY.

  30. Let’s be focused on REAL problems though. Like organizations that have unfair bilingualism requirements. Whining about a lily on a cross or getting a municipality to let people use whatever language you want on a sign when they ALREADY ALLOW THAT is just causing trouble for the sake of causing trouble. I don’t like that, whether they’re English troublemakers or French.

  31. Cory, you don’t have to go to the Alexandria-Cornwall Catholic Diocese web site, or drive #11 in north Ontario to see how our English rights are being trampled. When ever I go to Ottawa, two or three time a year, my blood get boiling about how English treated as second class. It’s right out there in the open on every street sign in the city! French is ALWAYS first, and English is ALWAYS last. Every sign reads “rue Whatever St.”. It’s bad enough that we have to hear the French language being spoken in our nation’s capital, but it’s even worse that we true Canadians are insulted on every street sign. The English prevailed on the Plains of Abraham, so English should prevail on Ottawa street signs!
    We are depending on you, Cory, and all of our brave freedom-fighters, to reclaim Canada for all of us right thinking true Canadians. May The Lord bless you real good! Stay safe.


  32. Ed November 30, 2012 at 5:16 pm

    ” It’s right out there in the open on every street sign in the city! French is ALWAYS first, and English is ALWAYS last. Every sign reads “rue Whatever St.”

    In the predominant culture it is to be their language first.
    But then again Ontario provides the bilingual signs ,the English haters (que) do not so where is the consideration of others here?

    You want to see Quebec hate it won’t be long in the papers another minority being abused by the state or the state employee’s -for it appears the state sanctions these behaviours or is it culturally acceptable?

  33. Eric,

    I am not Catholic, but as far as I’m concerned to deface the Christian cross with the like of Quebec’s Fleur dis Lis is blasphemous.

    If I were a Catholic I would take this to the highest authority & demand respect for the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Why do English or French Catholics allow this defamation?

    Puzzled Protestant….

  34. CC2…..who proclaims to be the g, if you are not a Catholic, don’t worry about it. It doesn’t seem to be a problem for Catholics, why should it be for you? Actually John posted a site where one can find the “fleur de lys” in a church in Texas. Is that sacriligious also?

    Please…….stick to your french agenda and leave the Catholic church to it’s parishoners.

  35. Concern Citizen 2 writes -“…to deface the Christian cross…”. Think of this for a minute Protestant – wwjd. Would He be wearing a cross, or worshiping pieces of the cross like Roman catholic idolators do? What is important is not an image of a cross, but the pure Word of God proclaimed in the Gospel. In the Gospel the Lord Jesus is proclaimed and exalted to be the only One to be worshiped, adored, and loved. Let us not be ashamed of the Gospel, and keep our eyes of faith upon our risen Lord, rather than a idolatrous piece of wood!

    John 14:6 “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me”.

  36. Concerned 2
    I’m a puzzled Protestant as well. I was taught that Jesus has risen yet the Catholics still show HIM attached to the cross. Then the Jehovah Witness’s don’t revere Him on a cross but a pole or stake.
    Even so, the Catholics often kiss their cross’s and even protestants actually wear them as though that gave a spiritual connection. Yet ALL of us have a direct line don’t we.

    When we bury our dead do we not use symbols such as dare I say ‘Lily’s’ ( that’s for stellabystarlight).

    Not to digress or ‘stir’ the pot any more than it is our initial discussion stellabystarlight has another ‘valid’ point and that was

    ‘Please…….stick to your french agenda and leave the Catholic church to it’s parishioners.’

    I respect that. She is actually right for a change. You see, I for one do NOT hate the French, though my diatribe’s show I empathize with the English. I do believe that hiring must stay by the numbers. If we have 80% French in a community, then 80% french hires should be the hiring practice and visa versa.

    Too many anglo’s/English ones to be precise are being purposely discriminated against in all area’s of government hiring jobs and tax funded health unit jobs of UNEQUAL proportions. That is our whole argument.

    Surely Jules or stellabystarlight, and others can understand that.

  37. I agree with Concerned citizen 2, I am a catholic & as far as I’m concerned to deface the Christian cross with the like of Quebec’s Fleur dis Lis is blasphemous.

  38. Stella said,

    “CC2…..who proclaims to be the g, if you are not a Catholic, don’t worry about it. It doesn’t seem to be a problem for Catholics, why should it be for you? Actually John posted a site where one can find the “fleur de lys” in a church in Texas. Is that sacriligious also?

    Please…….stick to your french agenda and leave the Catholic church to it’s parishoners.”

    I have to question your below average intelligence, do you have a learning disability or are you just stupid?

    First of all, why the he** do you think I’m Howard….I simply Copied & Pasted Howard’s bio from his website, just like Highlander did…Are you really that dense????

    Secondly, I don’t give a sh** if a Catholic Church from here or Tim Buck Two has a Fleur dis Lis in their Church, just leave it off the cross.

    So are you saying now because I am not French nor Catholic I have no right to voice my concerns. Not surprising coming from an English hater like you!!!

    Lastly, I know many Catholics & Christians & it is an issue for them defacing the cross.Maybe, not for racist types like you, but normal people out there in the real world find it very disrespectful!!!

    Maybe the Catholic Church should stick to religion & leave the Quebec fleur dis lis out of the equation!

  39. Dukers ,

    As for the hiring practices I 100% agree with you and so do the majority.

  40. @ Ed

    You must be drinking the same kool-aid as Stella!

    You people, as usual, are missing the entire point of the discussion.

    Plant a fleur dis lis on the Pope’s head for all I care, but keep it OFF the cross!!!!

    CAPIS, Ca vas, Au revoir !!!!!!

  41. It’s not anti-Christian to put something on a cross, it’s been done in Scotland for centuries:

    You people are just so ANTI-FRENCH that you’ll even attack a religious symbol because it reminds you of the French. There are no depths to which you will not stoop.

  42. Now now cc2……where is your CHRISTmas spirit? Don’t get upset about a “fleur de lis” my goodness, don’t take it personally **smile**

    Actually, my intelligence would probably surpass yours by the sounds of your post. My intelligence served me well in life no problem there.

    Now cc2….the fleur-de-lis is a Holy symbol and doesn’t take anything away from Christ’s death on the cross. At Easter the churches are overflowing with des fleur-de-lis. So……..what does it matter how or where they are displayed? I will answer for you….”It doesn’t matter” It only matters to those who don’t know the meaning of the flower and for those who look for anything to complain about. Alors tu comprends? Si non, je pourrais l’expliquer d’avantage. Joyeux Noel!!!!

  43. John I agree ” Let’s be focused on problems like organizations that have unfair bilingualism requirements”
    I have asked you before John where do we start with this, do you have any input here. I know it is happening, I am very much in the middle of this but what can we do?
    When the law states “french services need to be provided where it is “reasonable” how does one challenge “reasonable”? When the hospital signed on to the French Language Services Act, did they find it reasonable to include every single department in the hospital except housekeeping?
    @May Every sign reads “rue Whatever St.” Yes I’m afraid in this case it is only because gramatically you cannot say it any other way so if they are going to make everything bilingual then in some cases it cannot be helped. Just like a little french kid I knew he used to always ask for “paper toilet”.

  44. @ concerned citizen 2. If a church puts pink bunny rabbits on their cross, that would be fine with me. There are way more important things to think and worry about than that. And to the francophobic freedom-fighters here who spend every waking moment looking for things that offend them, the gates at Buckingham Palace in London are bristling with the dreaded fleurs-de-lis! How scary is that? The Queen of England must be a low-life French sympathizer.
    Carry on.

  45. If you do not know the story of the Fleur-de-Lis, you should at least find out the background. It was first used by the Venetian Republic as its symbol. Because the Fleur-de-lis symbolizes Christ because was pure and it was the White Fleur-de Lis that symbolized that.

    The French king as usual borrows the symbol of the Venetian Republic and adopted it for his Coat-of-Arms, This was in time followed by other European monarchies. King George III, of Great Britain who claimed to be king of France and Holland, adopted the three Gold Fleur-de-lis on a background of blue, that is now what is on Canada’s Coat-of-Arms.

    Take a look at the Coat-of-Arms of Sarajevo which has three on it. Of course, it was a joke when Maurice Duplessis adopted the Venetian symbol, the Fleur-de-Lis in 1948, for the flag of Kebec. Because, the Kebecois think it is their symbol, but like it or not it is the Symbol of VENICE, Italy, and certainly not Kebec.

  46. I think we should start with unfair bilingualism requirements. The Police Chief for Ottawa is a bilingual position. I think that is stupid. I also think the standards some organizations have for being bilingual are too high and should be lowered. I’m for fair hiring practices. I’m not for attacking religious symbols or causing trouble for the sake of causing trouble.

  47. Should the swastika be on the cross ?

  48. WWJD?

    He’d be off to synagogue tomorrow like the rest of his buds.

  49. Author

    K, Simon gets a cookie for taking some heat off of the odd direction this debate has gone. I’m even uncomfortable with its tenor…

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