Long Time Cornwall Ontario City Manager Norm Levac Appointed CAO to Replace Paul Fitzpatrick – November 30, 2012

CFN– The question Cornwallites will be asking is if the appointment of long time City Manager Norm Levac is a new page or simply more of the same?     The extremely well thought of and bilingual Mr. Levac has an extremely strong reputation.

From the city’s press release:

The Corporation of the City of Cornwall announced today that Mr. Normand Levac, the City’s current
General Manager of Infrastructure & Municipal Works, has been named as its new Chief Administrative
Officer effective January 1, 2013.

Mr. Levac has been employed by the City for 25 years and has held various positions including Design 
Engineer, Assistant Manager Engineering and Manager of Engineering. Mr. Levac also spent 
approximately 3.5 years with the National Research Council where he was responsible for the National 
Guide to Sustainable Municipal Infrastructure


The fact that he was unanimously voted in by council could be taken to mean any of a few different meanings.  He’ll also be one of the few City Managers to live in Cornwall and pay city taxes!

Last week Free Holder vet Claude McIntosh leaked that he and CFO Maureen Adams were the front runners.   Will those type of leaks occur under Norm’s watch?   Buzz in Cornwall is that certain elements at City Hall even had his announcement delayed so that it could appear in a timely fashion in the grizzled old vets column…

Pressure will be on Mr. Levac as City Hall is under the cloud of the Judith Allen investigation of former CAO Paul Fitzpatrick and his antics including the nature of his relationship with former Glen Stor Dun Lodge manager Donna Derouchie.

There is also the issue of the clerk, Denise Labelle Gelinas, and several outstanding issues involving whistle blowing and even the vicious and baseless attack by Bob Peters in a City Report initiated by Mr. Fitzpatrick that’s led to a boycott and much division in the community.

Good luck Norm!   Being an engineer means that you’re good not only with numbers, but finding situations to spacial and optical problems.   This new job will be the challenge to your career and legacy!

Cornwallites what do you think of Mr. Levac becoming our CAO?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. all sounds good but why not post his resume.

  2. Very pleased to hear that Norm Levac is to be our new CAO . Norm
    knows the City inside out which will enable him to do an excellent job immediately no training period required . Good Luck Norm .

  3. Very good choice!!! All the best Norm!!!! Thinking he is the man that will make a difference, fair, smart and very approachable!!! Bienvenue et Bonne Chance Monsieur Levac!!!

  4. Of course it will be more of the same as he will be sitting next to naked Bob and his band of butt kissers being told to sit quietly and listen instead of giving direction. If he was around for so long why did he sit idly by while all the corruption was going on?

  5. you meant “solutions”?
    Being an engineer means that you’re good not only with numbers, but finding “situations” to spacial and optical problems.

  6. Another plumber doing a managers job.

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