Cornwall Ontario Thom Racine Retires after 31 years on Police Force – LAST RIDE HD VIDEO

CFN – After 31 years Cornwall Ontario police Sergeant Thomas Racine.   Tom as he’s known to thousands in the community in his other gigs as announcer in hockey and media guy at almost all the other outlets than CFN went for one last ride in a cruiser on his last day.

You can adjust the video quality so it looks good on your big screen tv or monitor!

While Tom’s retiring from the police force he’s not going to be idle long as he’s taken a position with the local diocese as well as his writing projects and media work.  I think though he’d make a great curator of our local museum when Ian Bowering is ready to retire…

Congrats on a great career Mr. Racine!

Video Preview


  1. Enjoy your retirement & also your new endeavours. I can remember a funny story that happened New Years Eve about twenty some years ago,My husband & I had been on the second Delaney bus coming back from a party in the USA around 2 AM,heading towards Zellers parking lot. You were on duty & had seen the first bus pass, then shorty after had seen our second bus ,but thinking that the bus was one & the same & possibly stolen for a joy ride,you pulled us over where you learned that we were two busses loaded with party goers.We all had a great laugh!

  2. Has I hear the news of your retirement tom Im very happy for you and it makes me reminace to 30 years ago when I was coming home from high school and noticed this good looking lad was moving accross the street from me…over the years I got to become friends with you, remembering when you locked your keys out of the house and asked me to crawl through your window to retreive them (Id never fit through that little window today) and when you threatned me to give you a cigarette more than once or else youd tell my parents I smoke, and the time you put your lights and siren on and stopped mike and I when we were young and driving around just to give us a scare and all you wanted to do was return that cigarette back, also the time when someone dear to me got himself in trouble and you were there to help us and even not long ago there you were again making things easier for my family and I. Tom theres no words to express how much of a great friend youve been to me, I wish you the best in your future endiviours and hope to see you around. Your friend always Denise Pond

  3. Congratulations Thom!

    In all my dealings with anyone from the Seaway City, you have stood out as a person of great integrity and positivity . The city of Cornwall is lucky to have you among them. Also, congratulations on all the great work you do in the community. You make me proud to have once called Cornwall my home.

    Best wishes for your future endeavors, Michael Clifton

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