Long Sault Farmer’s Market Does Christmas in South Stormont Ontario by Reg Coffey

Christmas Shopping In Long Sault

CFN – The Long Sault Farmer’s Market is putting on a market just for Christmas. There won’t be any fresh locally grown produce but there will be plenty of foods products like pickles and jams and jellies, poultry and fresh roasted coffee, just to name a few. For you Thai To Go food fans,  Toi will be there preparing her delicious spring rolls and  other Thai favorites. There will also be a number of craft booths present so you can shop for those unique gifts that will go well under the Christmas tree.

The number of vendors is increasing by the hour so the South Stormont Community Hall will be full of shopping opportunities.

The South Stormont Community Hall is located at 2 Mille Roches Road in Long Sault right beside the OPP Station.

I hope to see you there.



  1. Sorry what happened to my earlier post?

  2. I hope all went well and it looks encouraging for the future for the vendors.

    I was about to attend he market and I was actually looking forward to it after speaking with one of the local store owners. I heard Reg would be selling his coffee and that too I was looking forward to finally trying. As I was walking along Moulinette Road I thought about our current employment situation and the strife it puts on family. The fact I am never around save for the odd weekend and my SO must travel 45 mins to work as well.
    Then I thought why would I support the local economy when it does nothing to support us?

    So as the fire burned inside as I again prepared to leave for work, I decided to return some of the gifts I bought for Christmas and opted to purchase them in the city I work in.

  3. Hi Hailey, I’m sorry you didn’t make the Christmas market. It would have lifted your spirits to see all the local vendors and the happy customers walking around enjoying the Christmas atmosphere of the market and good value that the vendors offered. I will say that the 1st Long Sault Farmer’s Christmas Market was an unqualified success.

    I am disappointed to read about your Scrooge like attitude towards the local economy. The economy has to be supported by the residents in the area as much if not more than residents being supported by the economy. Reality isn’t like The Field of Dreams where Kevin Costner’s character was told “If you build it they will come.” Without the shoppers there would be no Farmer’s Market.

  4. Seems my posts are not getting through.


    I don’t think it’s scrooge so much as reality. I am willing to share what I have but not willing to surrender it for free to scrooges

    If you question my logic, I would you suggest you review the Business Retention and Expansion Program completed by the townships. There is nothing mentioned about growth and expansion, it is all about local entrepreneurs by local entrepreneurs vying for sustainability. Do you not think with some industry and some growth other then small businesses sustainability would be easier? What they are doing now is stagnating society, limiting growth and dragging the general populous below the cost of living.

    Even take a look at the Economic and Strategic Plan put forth by our board, again there is little mention of economic growth.

    How do the people think we will be able to afford all the new housing in just Long Sault alone? Who will be able to afford the tax increases when there is no industry, even all our retired teachers will eventually have a hard time to pay.

    I do believe in the local people I also would like to support them and aid in sustainability. I know Farmers feed cities, but industry makes it possible to afford their goods.

    Who knows maybe that is why so many others shop outside of our area, they have had enough of the limitations.

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