Mark MacDonald Thinks Need To Step Up For Senior Care in Cornwall Ontario – LTE – December 8, 2012

With all due respect to the local politicians, stop crying about what’s not being done about the Second Street Site Hospital and start doing something before it’s too late.
Enough with the motions and start some positive action to take control of the building or a private developer will buy it for a dollar (like the Kinsmen Centre) and use it for more condos.
Our seniors deserve better!
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  1. We all aready know who will buy it for $1 or should i say 1$

  2. No funding for those seniors who need those 32 beds who paid for this hospital through their taxes & hard work. On the backs of seniors give funding money hand over fist to minorty francophones

  3. Sick puppy!!! Here we go again……another article trying to be turned into a language debate………obssessed or what?

  4. Maybe a US company can buy the former functioning hospital & allow us a choice in our healthcare.
    Damn shame, a modern OR is just sitting there collecting dust, while Canadians wait years for procedures. Yet, inmates have better access to healthcare then the average Canadian.
    Privatization will not only reduce wait times, but it will put an end to French Zealots quest for another Montford…
    Bring it on!!!!

  5. Also, of note.
    The plan right from the beginning was to sell the Second St. site, funny how our politicians & hospital board members knew nothing of this. Another example of Jeanette & Helen’s master plan.
    They’ll probably sell is for well below market value to a Francho group, just like what’s happened in Ottawa at an old school. Turned it into a French only medical clinic.
    Don’t say you haven’t been warned Cornwall, open your eyes & see the corruption around us!!!

  6. More than likely a Quebec group, like one with mafia money will pick it up so that Quebec can reach its long are even more in towards the ROC with its French only operations with the full weight of their languages minister an premier

    Makes one inquisitive about how so many Quebec contractors get to do their dealings here in Ontario. Must be our contractors are too honest and do not stoop to grafting requirements.

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