City of Cornwall Ontario Appoints a new Clerk – Ms Helen Finn – December 8, 2012

The Corporation of the City of Cornwall announced today that Ms. Helen Finn has been named as the new City Clerk effective January 9th, 2013.

Ms. Finn is the current City Clerk and Director of Public Affairs for the City of Beaconsfield, Quebec. In this role Ms. Finn fills all the duties of a Municipal Clerk responsible for Municipal elections, Municipal records, bylaws and communications. Ms. Finn held positions as a Lawyer with the Government of Quebec dealing with medical insurance investigations, intellectual property, civil law and e-commerce.

Ms. Finn is fluently bilingual, a member of the Quebec Bar and a graduate of the University of Montreal. 

Acting CAO Stephen Alexander welcomed Ms. Finn to the City of Cornwall and said: “I am pleased and enthusiastic to have Ms. Finn join the City of Cornwall and welcome the skills that she will bring to both the City and the Management team.”

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  1. Just another example of the Frenchification of Cornwall,ON.

    May I remind everyone Cornwall has a population of 46,000 of which 36,000 are English & 500 are French.

    We must hire ALL “bilingual” staff from Quebec to fill this need for French.

    When the he** is the average citizen going to say “ENOUGH”????

    I say let’s protest at City Hall, any takers????

    I tell you, it won’t be long when Stella & her crew plant a HUGE Franco flag at the entrance of Cornwall on the 401…

    Stand up & Stop the French Zealots the COMPLETE TAKEOVER of Cornwall,Ontario.

  2. I say we welcome Ms. Finn and show her some respect.

    Am curious why the position couldn’t be filled locally, however.

  3. Author

    Yes Jimmy. I’d like to know why Deputy Clerk Manon Poirier wasn’t hired. This surely doesn’t send a good message to City Staff who slog through paying their dues…

  4. A very warm welcome to Cornwall Ms. Finn. And by the way, very impressive credentials!

  5. ZEALOTS! honestly cc2 save the boiling oil for the invisible enemy climbing over the ramparts!
    Welcome Ms Finn and family.. Bienvenue a Cornwall.. anf thanks for considering us as your new community

  6. Totaly disagree with the hiring of Ms.Finn.”Nothing what so ever against this lady”.With all the well educated people right here in Cornwall,surely someone local could of filled this poistion.I ask how can Cornwall promote shop and bye locally when we can,t even hire a local citzen for this well paid job.Do the people who run this city even care about our citzens.The citzens of Cornwall should be outraged at this hiring.To the mayor and his people please hire our local people before any outside people.It,s that easy.

  7. Ms Finn seems well qualified to do the city’s clerks job . If she is able to perform that job and if she was the most qualified person who
    applied for that position then I wish her well and welcome to our City .

  8. suprised a quebec lawyer would come to cornwall. with the government corruption and all their city mayors resigning in scandal there must be years of billing time ahead of legal staff. wont have to teach her the ropes she will have trained under the best. what credentials did the last clerk have?

  9. Bienvenue a Cornwall MLLe Finn et Famille!!!

    What does it matter where Ms. Finn is from? Obviously her credentials and demeanor surpassed all other applicants. You guys need to get a life.

    Only unilingual english people should get hired……otherwise, the complaints and put downs start even before the person even begins the job.

  10. It kinda looks like more city corruption & payouts.Quebec workers are allowed to take over more & more ….Hospital construction & staff jobs,Fed Government jobs,now municipal jobs,when will it stop,when will people stand up & revolt against city hall.We can,t wait for next election to give them the boot!!!

  11. Stella, so you are 100% supportive of Michael Ferguson as Canada’s Auditor General, since his qualifications are impeccable, correct? Which would put you at odds with the NDPQ and I believe the Lieberals as well.
    In a town of 36,000 I as a Cornwallian would be worried that no qualified person could be found for this job.

  12. So I see City Hall is now much like the other social service organizations around town. I guess there were no locals considered ‘French’ enough to fill the positions?

    I want to say this much. Could any issue be any clearer here or anywhere?

    And I’m not a unilingual English-speaking person saying this.

    I guess City Hall couldn’t find a local Cornwall born and raised educated citizen to fill the position that spoke French?

    I mean no offense to this Helen Finn but what is a Quebec lawyer doing working as a City Cerk in Ontario?

  13. Author

    Cory I don’t think this is a language issue. Geez now you have me defending the Kilger regime. While I do think it’s political and have yet to be presented with a single reason why our Deputy Clerk, Manon Poirier, should not advance to the Clerk position.

  14. Until one has participated or was part of the hiring process, who has the right to judge on why and how a candidate was chosen. Thinking someone who had a career within the legal system would certainly have an advantage and would be an asset to the city and it’s management.

  15. I agree with the idea that someone having a legal career would be advantageous. It speaks volumes though as to why that person cannot be found within the city itself.

  16. Perhaps nobody within the city with Ms. Finns qualifications applied. Nobody knows for sure and in that case, no one should judge.

  17. She was in civil law which doesn’t translate to Ontario common law, but a clerk with a law degree can keep an eye on Jamie and participate in behind the scenes skullduggery the mayor has planned “if” he wins the next election. Can someone other than Mark MacDonald run please cause even he knows he’ll never win. Please………anybody?

  18. Gee can Chris Cameron run for mayor? I think he lives out of town but that doesn’t seem to matter anymore since we are no longer a democracy anyway.

    As far as Ms Helen Finn maybe she is running out of Quebec like so many others we’ve saved by giving up our Ontario or in particular Cornwall jobs here and she just happens to be of higher regard with a more pertinent resume for the a city clerk job.

    Too coincidental or coincidental by happen chance. We owe her the chance to show us her capacity for all sides. Poor thing no doubt knows she’s walking into a hornets nest with spines a tingling. We’ve no choice but to give the poor dear a chance.

    Lord knows the city ‘fathers’ and mommies could be jerking us around yet we all know full well that we do run a bilingual ship here as well.

    Damn, I hate being moderate.

  19. Pray that our new CAO and our new CITY Clerk come Jan/2013
    will take a serious look at CONFLICT OF INTEREST as it applies to
    City Council and to all CITY COMMITTEE members .
    This item CONFLICT OF INTEREST because it apparently relies
    only on the individual to declare if she or he has a conflict and
    quite frankly there are persons in our city who IGNORE such
    rules and therein lies the problem which has cost us a
    considerable amount of MONEY and a useless waste of
    Administration time .

  20. Dukers1 said,

    “Gee can Chris Cameron run for mayor?”

    Fantastic idea, we need a young, fresh outlook for our fair city.
    A grass roots representative is what Cornwall needs…
    The time has come for a new era in politics!
    Forget political correctness, time to do what is right & just for our society…
    I for one would vote for Mr.Cameron!!!!

  21. I and many others wouldn’t….you can take that to the bank. Thinking the votes from LFA won’t cut it either.

  22. stellabystarlight, your comment “Until one has participated or was part of the hiring process, who has the right to judge on why and how a candidate was chosen”, I think anyone paying the bill has a right AND obligation to question procedure, policy, motive and on and on.

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