Are Politics and Partisanship for the People or Politicians? Letter to the Editor by Cory Cameron


Our Canada today is simply not the Canada that our forefathers envisioned when the country officially came to exist on July 1, 1867.


Our country more than ever before, is currently fraught by partisanship politics to a point whereby foundational issues are rarely, if ever; brought to the forefront and dealt with in an efficient and cordial manner.  Upon cursory examination of what I speak, just look at what is happening with the Conservative Government’s fence sitting on the issue of whether or not to purchase the F-35 fighter jets.  How long must our elected officials at the Federal level hem and haw over this issue?   Has our current Federal Government learned nothing over what occurred some fifty odd years ago with the hemming and hawing over another fighter jet scandal?  The current regime is beginning to look more and more like Diefenbaker’s ghost.  The similarities are striking to say the least.  I am reminded of George Santayana’s, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”, quote when thinking of this latest debacle.


However, the above statement is just as accurate in studying the issue of Official Bilingualism and what has transpired since it’s creation in Canada.  Much like the ideas of Employment Equity and Affirmative ActionOfficial Bilingualism in Canada has come to encompass the very monster of that to which it sought to slain.  And that was of course the idea of providing a level workplace that would undo the damage of hiring unfairness in the workplace.  For the last year, the Cornwall-born and based organization, ‘Language Fairness for All’ (LFA) along with a few other non-profit, non-government funded and non-tribal oriented organizations has been doing what it can to educate the Canadian populace on what is currently taking place in hiring practices within Canada.  Members and supporters of Language Fairness for All have written Letters to the Editors of local and regional media firms, the likes of which have generated huge responses from the public at large.


There are misconceptions that are currently being tossed around by members of both sides of this hiring equation.  I wanted today to correct that notion by pointing out that this is not an English versus French idea but about the foundation of Fair-minded Government Hiring policies.  Statistics point out that the majority of the Canadian population is made up of predominantly English speaking people; yet access to good paying careers at all levels of government are restricted to those who are considered ‘bilingual’.  This in and of itself too is a rather tongue-in-cheek idea as most of us are aware that most often it is those Canadians who have an advanced knowledge of the French language who get these well paying jobs; despite the fact that there may be more qualified people who have applied to these jobs to begin with.


After writing to many politicians on this matter, I have received responses that do warrant mention here.  The majority of the politicians have pointed out that the hiring of candidates to government jobs in Canada are reflective of the laws in Canada; specifically those set out in the Public Service Employment Act.  After writing to the Honourable James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages about my observations concerning the Official Languages Act (OLA), my concerns were in turn then forwarded to the Honourable Tony Clement, P.C., M.P.


In an e-mail letter addressed to me on December 13, 2012 by the President of the Treasury Board of Canada, the Honourable Tony Clement P.C., M.P., commented on the Public Service Employment Act and how it applies to federal institutions:


The Public Service Employment Act requires that appointments be based on merit.  According to this criterion, candidates must meet the essential qualifications required for the work, and official languages are an integral part of these qualifications.


So we are back to square one here in Fair-government Hiring practices.  If the majority of the linguistic make up of the Canadian population are unilingual English, then how is it justifiable to hire candidates who are bilingual for much of our Canadian civil service?  Mr. Clement indicated above that, “official languages are an integral part of these qualifications” but the realistic situation we find ourselves in today is one whereby it is increasingly becoming the deal breaker or the one defining factor in determining the successful job candidate.


So at what point does it become our responsibility (the people of Canada) to change things for the better?  If our politicians attempt to justify the current hiring situation with references to our laws then I must ask when is it time for us to have these laws re-examined to reflect the wishes of us, the majority of Canadians?


How can there be By-Laws in our great country in the year 2012 that force entire townships to restrict business owners from advertising in the language of their choice?  And in turn, how can this issue then be turned down by the Highest Court of the land that neglects to even hear the case once it reaches this level?


Moreover, how is it come to pass that in a province of this great land a political party gets elected whose sole existence is to cause the break-up of Confederation?  And then, if this is not enough, to then turn around and to further alienate a large percentage of it’s already shackled populace by tightening the reigns once again through the increased restriction of it’s current unfair laws and the creation of new Draconian laws?


It’s long past due for us as a nation to have us, as her citizens, to collectively look in the mirror and decide if this is the Canada in which our forefathers envisioned.

Cory Cameron

Timmins, Ontario

Sunday December 16, 2012

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  1. It is encouraging to see more people becoming concerned with our present federal governmen and the need for change, significant change. Remember it is a hard road to plough, some of us have been there. Also remember “you can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink”.

    Canada needs a good democratic government. We have lots of talent and resources etc. Its all there.
    Quebec to be French only and the ROC English only or we get
    rid of Quebec. Good luck.


    Allegedly P.M.Harper is capitualting and will vote for Bill C-419

    Globe and Mail, The (11/12/2012)
    National News

    Internal pressure forces Tories to support bilingual bill

    Daniel Leblanc

    Ottawa ONT – The Harper government has bowed to internal pressures and agreed to support an NDP bill that will force all new officers of Parliament to be fluently bilingual.

    Write now:

  3. Jamie….I didn’t mean to offend anyone…..just expressing how I and many others feel.

    Jamie… must be kidding me when you say I should post with my real name… real name has been posted a zillion times “Julie Lecompte” Have you not paid attention to highlanders blogs?

    Furthermore (I know some smartass will run with this comment) but I am not a statistical person, never was and never will be……my thing is the humanistic side of things. That being said, I am not into the BS of it all…like in who could find the most videos or could could best demonize the other. That should explain the debate part you bring up….**smile**

    I never said you were unfair…..but we know for sure what side you are on and I must say, there has been so very rude comments that were directed to the french speaking people. Just a reminder, I have never ever called anyone a name…not even you lol.

  4. Author

    Stella I have no idea if you’re Julie Lecompte. You have not stated you are. My point was very clear. You choose to post anonymously while many of you those you tangle with do not.

    I haven’t taken a side. In fact I delete far more comments from “the other side” than your side.

    I have stated my personal opinion and position that I think that government and NGO organizations in Canada offer bilingual service, but that the employment situation is a total farce and grossly hypocritical linguistically.

    There should be language standards that apply coast to coast and have some semblance of fairness to them. I don’t apologize for that opinion.

  5. Please!?!? Seriously, you think the english posters are more negative than the other side? What paper are you reading? Yes stella, look at the archives. Have you not noticed the english posters that have disappeared due to your insulting name calling and degrading comments? I have read your insults and put downs. Just recently actually. and your villifications in french are still there to be seen too. I really did find the answer to my question. surprise surprise! And since when has the CTV become an underground anti quebec blog? What colour is the sky in your world?

  6. Admin, I agree with you about Stella, She is often merely argumentative and rarely is open to others opinions.
    I see you have now and in the past issues with anonymity. I am not sure if you are familiar with Oscar Wilde and some of his quotes but I think may apply here,

    “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth”

    Which is to say please do not put all the anonymous apples in the same basket as stella has been placed, some people merely cannot give there name for fear of repercussion.

    In an earlier post you said “Canada needs to assert its full sovereignty over the Arctic.”
    It’s ours!”

    By what authority do you make that statement and by what authority does anyone out right own land?
    By making that statement you fall into the old lords and serfs era. You know once we stand for the land as a people our government will use all its power to hold title to something they do not really own. This is simply defined as the biggest owners of land, by expropriating and stealing only, claiming rights to what belongs to everyone for their own wealth and riches

    I give you the Monarchy

  7. Author

    Hailey I have issue with Anonymity, but on CFN you can’t post certain things unless you’re out of the shadows. It’s only fair…

  8. Great points Admin.
    stellabystarlight, I do appreciate seeing your posts and have tried to understand the current push for more French. If you are here for the humanistic side, please consider this.

    A few people have been asking/demanding for laws that are like dominoes to a cause and separate services, so with the governments help, we are seeing segregation. Yes this has been touched on before, however, does Canada really want French people to have their own hospitals, schools and such? Probably not and we should have country wide consultations in a fair manner that represents our thinking and actual needs for 2012/13. I am not saying assimilation, people are free to instruct their own children on values, language and their view on improving the world for all.

    I want to return to the time when French and English were working to provide a better Canada, not monuments to one group only and separate services for one group only. After all, most of us just want to live, work and raise families.

  9. stellabystarlight
    December 18, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    “Pierre…..I agree with you, the deck is stacked big time”

    -Of course it is Stella the majority of people do not believe in forced bilingualism.

    “Your refusal to post does not diminish you nor does it mean you lost your passion… simply got tired of the BS and that is understandable. We may lose on these blogs, but not to worry……..they may win the battle but won’t win the war.”

    -Oh stella the same people are posting its that they frequently change their moniker such as (Jeanne Holden)who changed 5 times or was it 6 times.

    -The same 3 people have been defending the discriminatory government hiring policy.

    -Its not that you lose at the blogs ,its just you cannot support your argument without character assassinations-and the fine people on here that do not write see this.

    -What war ?Do you not see that this is about Government policy ,not protectionism of your ethnocentrism -This is not French against English or English against French as you wish to portray it .

    -It is you that creates hate propaganda with this .It is and will always be discriminatory government hiring and divisive language policy.

    Oh ya Merry Christmas ***S***

  10. the struggle, here is about power.

    Who ever controls the law making ,policiy making, and regualatory perimaters, controls to a great degree our lives.

    Currently this power has shifed way too far to the francophones, and there is simply no justiiiiification for this,

    Now we are pushing back, finally, and the proponents of forced bilinguaslism, doesn’t like it.

    Its about time we have shedded our fear of political correctness and appeasement

  11. stellabystarlight
    December 18, 2012 at 10:29 pm

    “Furthermore (I know some smartass will run with this comment) but I am not a statistical person, never was and never will be……my thing is the humanistic side of things.”

    No kidding Stella facts are not your thing!
    If Hate propaganda/racist comments and misinformation is the Humanistic then there you are !!!!!!!!****s****

    Oh Stella Pierre is not local why don’t you chastise him like James and others who are not local -You have said it yourself Quebec has nothing to do with it -Tell that to Pierre …that’s right your road(viewpoints) go only one way -right?****s****

    December 19, 2012 at 6:33 am

    There should be language standards that apply coast to coast and have some semblance of fairness to them. I don’t apologize for that opinion.

    No should you apologize for speaking of fairness of language standards .

    December 19, 2012 at 7:44 am

    Thanks for the reasoning Eric .

    Humanistic means treating all cultures peoples equally and respecting all peoples no matter the race, color, RELIGION (right Stella)***s***

  12. Eric and Hailey….thank-you for your understanding.

    Question: Does highlander, yorlik, two Kens, concerned citizen2, lolochuck, mariah, Lou Israel, helga, rosie…and the list goes on, are those names real or considered anonymous? Just wondering.

    Eric….I truly understand the frustration of being turned down for a job. It’s the added drama that tends to take this debate to another level which is not conducive to a peaceful and united country. Can some laws be changed? Absolutely, but not to the detriment of another culture. Why can’t change be made without trying to seperate the country? Why aren’t the real problems addressed with the powers that be without the hatred and without instigating an entire nation. Thinking you would gain much more respect and understanding if words and actions were curtailed some.

    The best and most powerful freedom is the freedom of thought!

  13. @admin
    December 19, 2012 at 6:33 am
    Quote: There should be language standards that apply coast to coast and have some semblance of fairness to them. I don’t apologize for that opinion. end quote.

    With respect to you, I agree with highlander.
    There shouldn’t be language standards, it is
    tantamount to legislating and/or dictating the W5 just like mandatory bilingualism does now.
    Maybe we misunderstood your statement, if so, please explain what you meant by standards.

  14. @ Admin
    I don’t know what NGO organisations are but I think you’re wrong about government hiring practices being a total farce and grossly hypocritical linguistically.
    Why apply language standards, cost to cost when bilingualism, for the anglophone is, basicaly, only important in Eastern Ontario and western Québec?

  15. @ ken 18 9:38 am
    I told you so… But about Harper protecting is base?

  16. Stella can you define what you mean by “the detriment of another culture” and could you define what culture is facing the determent?

    What this whole language issue resembles is UN resolution 181.

  17. stellabystarlight
    December 19, 2012 at 10:22 am

    ” Can some laws be changed? Absolutely, but not to the detriment of another culture. Why can’t change be made without trying to seperate the country?”

    What detriment???????-Equality simple as that! Is there something wrong with Equality?

    -If you are that concerned of separating the country -talk to the separatist -this is getting old -converse and complain to the SEPARATIST-SEPARATION = separatists.

    But Stella that’s not what this is about to you -its about maintenance of superiority through language. Otherwise why don’t you fight the separatists?

    December 19, 2012 at 11:27 am

    “Why apply language standards, cost to cost when bilingualism, for the anglophone is, basicaly, only important in Eastern Ontario and western Québec?”

    Bilingualism is forced to the populous coast to coast-where numbers do not warrant.

  18. Hailey… pleasure. You are fairly new here and perhaps are not aware that galganov was giving out pamphlets on how and why the french culture should be eliminated….like in, wiped off the face of the earth. For obvious reason, recently, the wording has been changed as they didn’t want their agenda to be so obvious to the general public.

    They can rebutt all they want…as they say the proof is in the pudding. They have been asked many times to download the pamphlet to this site or anywhere else so the public could decide for themselves. Guess what? They found every excuse in the book not to.

    Hoping this answered your two questions.

  19. @Pierre,
    Very silly of youto mention you live in Aylmer, however,
    it does remind me of an incident that might help you to understand the people you seem to be protecting.

    Lets call it “Buying support, and votes, to promote the French takeover of government and ultimately ROC”.

    Several of my employees came from Aylmer, English and French and we got along very well together until my organisation was taken over by Francophone zealots in the mid seventies.
    One of my managers, lets call him “E”, was given a raise, and he thanked me, but I had no knowledge of it.
    One of the zealots, lets call him “F” was congratulating “E” on the raise that “F” had arranged for him.
    “E” had a French surname but obviously “F” didn’t know “E” wasn’t French.
    Now imagine the surprise, the foolish feeling, disappointment and waste of bilingual funds when “F” discovered “E” didn’t speak a word of French. Live in Aylmer, don’t speak French, got a raise
    for a wrong assumption by an incompetent “F”
    Now are you beginning to see what we are complaining about?
    It won’t surprise me if you have some convoluted response, but go ahead.
    Never mind writing about harper, that’s way over your head.

  20. Highlander……how many times did you and your gang say…..”Let Quebec Leave” “We don’t Want Them Here” please….you should think before you post.

  21. stellabystarlight, we should issue real change, let’s start with funding.
    Continue safety nets, welfare for example to help people who really need it. Handouts for others though, need some real change.

    Suzanne Villeneuve over at the Centre Culturel de Cornwall says 10% of their funding is from the City, what about the rest. Trillium Foundation ( all Ontario Taxpayers paid for this which means Cornwall citizens get dinged twice) provided her with over 50,000 dollars to pay her salary. It is to promote the francophone culture only. If it was only one or 2 groups, it would be worthwhile though, but it is hundreds of groups extracting hundreds of millions of dollars for only a few to benefit.

    L’Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario was given over 700,000 dollars last year from Heritage Canada alone, and over half went to paying salaries. These are not real jobs, they benefit very few at great cost o all.

  22. stellabystarlight, please ask Howard Galganov for the alleged pamphlets, this is getting way to silly. If the phamplets were that bad, would he not have been brought up on some kind of hate charge long ago?
    To recap, ask the pudding master for the ingredients.

  23. Halley Brown, the difference with Canada and the United Nations, is we do not have “language” in our Charter and Canadian Human Rights Act. This allows French to proceed very quickly, as we now see. Some think it was done on purpose.

    Resolution 181: The Partition Resolution of 29 November 1947

    On the 23rd day of September 1947, the General Assembly assigned the question of partitioning of Palestine to its Ad Hoc Committee. Another sub-committee was to study the proposal of establishing a unitary State in Palestine in which the Democratic Constitution would guarantee the human rights and fundamental freedom of all its citizens without distinction as to race, language or religion. The two reports were submitted and after prolonged discussions, there was great pressure from the United States and Soviet Delegations to adopt the Resolution to Partition Palestine.

  24. stellabystarlight
    December 19, 2012 at 12:44 pm

    “Highlander……how many times did you and your gang say…..”Let Quebec Leave” “We don’t Want Them Here” please….you should think before you post.”

    How many times have you told others to leave the area if they didn’t want to learn french?

    Quebec’s choice to leave but they are still part of my Canada.

    December 19, 2012 at 12:37 pm

    “You are fairly new here and perhaps are not aware that galganov was giving out pamphlets on how and why the french culture should be eliminated….like in, wiped off the face of the earth.”

    There you go again spreading “HATE PROPAGANDA”
    wipe off the face of the earth? -Do you actually read your own propaganda?

    Do you realize that this only gets more people agreeing with us because of this obvious propaganda.

    You really hate English don’t you?

    Hate /Hate /Hate propaganda -you need to get some perhaps put you in a better mood.


  25. OPP names first bilingual branch

    Wednesday, December

    19, 2012

    With a population that is 83 percent francophone, this announcement may not be too much of a surprise for the people in Hawkesbury.

    The O-P-P detachment there is now the first in the province to be officially recognized as bilingual.

    That designation comes from the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services effective this month and covers all positions.

    There are 58 in uniform and eight civilian.

    -Surprise and the push continues -Soon what all OPP to be bilingual mark my words.

    Is there a fully bilingual Quebec police force?

  26. Eric….I was just answering a question that was addressed to me. Happy you think that bringing up the pamphlet is silly……that is of great concern to many and they certainly have problem with it’s content.

    The bottom line is this: do what you feel must be done, but don’t try to get the entire nation involved because most in On. are not interested nor want the BS.

    What is truly gullible of this group is that they truly believe, that whan all is said and done, they will have the power to dictate on where and how our tax dollars should be spent…..not going to happen!!!

  27. Pierre….imagine this!! I had a french friend upon her return from vacation was advised she no longer had a job. While away, she was replaced by an english person….isn’t that terrible!!! The english think they have problems……ha!

  28. stellabystarlight
    December 19, 2012 at 2:03 pm

    “The bottom line is this: do what you feel must be done, but don’t try to get the entire nation involved because most in On. are not interested nor want the BS”

    My English Hater have you addressed the separation issue with the separatists yet?

    Or would you prefer to protect YOUR privilege class?
    Cause that is what all the people see here -just ask them!

    My English Hater this is about Equality -no matter what your hate spins you put on it, it still remains the same -Equality no more no less.

    If you are that concerned with the new pamphlets -please post .

  29. @Eric

    There is not, and never was, a country named Palestine to partition. Palestinians is a name give to the people of the region over a thousand of years ago.
    In any event, we shouldn’t take our issues into the realm of U.N.
    resolutions, it serves no purpose and they (the U.N.) are pretty ineffective and useless. No doubt very inflated salaries for a lot of hot air.

    You are dreaming Cheri, so consumed by hate.

    FYI Thousands of Canadians, Anglophones and French, right across Canada are fully aware of what is taking place here, supportive and eager to particiapte in a movement to get rid of mandatory bilingualism.

    NIMYBY you say. Well, hang in there it’s coming.

  30. Highlander, as you note, the Ontario government is helping to push French across the province, for OPP or Courts.

    The entire nation needs to have a say stellabystarlight, they all pay for it. Few outside of Cornwall cared that electricity rates would skyrocket because of the industrial wind turbines / solar / green energy act. That is until the bills started arriving and it affected them personally.

    Unfortunately, fighting after the fact, is harder to do, but bringing the information to people to decide, has kept news media working for ever and people need to know. I would really enjoy some letters to the editor outlining Francophone needs etc. because few see them hard done by.

  31. The momentum is in our favor:

    This forced bilingualism has occurred over 40 odd years,and government has been hiring disproportional to its population during this time period .

    All of this happening with impunity,so much is so wrong with how this has evolved that society will only demand change from this .

    All this evidence all saved by government records ,Stats Can and the list goes on,the impunity is what will drive the change.

    When one thinks they can get away with something they of course will push the limits and its those limits and abuse that people will take notice .

    Times they r a changing.

  32. Eric,
    Let me see now all of Ontario has to provide bilingual court services no matter if it warrants it or NOT?

  33. Thank you Stephen Harper for understanding only a small percentage of people are bilingual and to have all senior positions in government bilingual is a disservice to all Canadians.

    REPRESENTATION BY POPULATION is the only “fair “way of hiring!

  34. Thanx Stella
    Have you seen the pamphlets? Has anyone here read it? If so someone should be able to post some of the content.
    Unfortunately right now it looks as though you are making up news without any proof.

    I doubt he would be trying and eliminate as it is a culture that truly no longer exists.
    Someone wrote here the language is only a portion of the culture and in Canada for the most part is dead. I have to agree with them just as does the country from which the culture originates. The language itself has been so manipulated and eroded that it is not even a fraction of what French is about. As for culture,

    I don’t think we have anyone left in Canada that could speak of the true French culture.

    I would bet in reading the pamphlet you would see they do not want to eliminate a culture, but eliminate the mandate this new generation of French language being enforced on a country. It is merely a war of words and money, really no different then a war itself save for death as both sides now have causalities some of which are innocent

  35. Highlander, it does look like some common sense will be used to address French needs in some areas. I am happy that they open a door for electronic means, which would allow our Admin’s recent comment on a central online video type facility, to be used.

    “As a starting point, MAG and other players in the justice system should adopt the following French language service objective: the choice to proceed in French must be offered at the earliest possible opportunity and, once the decision is made to proceed in French, it should not involve a greater cost or delay than proceeding in English. The service in French must also be provided consistently and be of equal quality to that available in English.

    To achieve this objective, services must be adapted to the needs of the French-speaking community and efforts must be made to continue to reach and involve that community in the development and implementation of French language services. This will mean different approaches in different areas of the province. For example, in areas where the French-speaking population is small, some matters in French might be dealt with electronically rather than in person.”

  36. Hailey Brown December 20, 2012 at 5:23 am

    ” Have you seen the pamphlets? Has anyone here read it? If so someone should be able to post some of the content. Unfortunately right now it looks as though you are making up news without any proof.”

    They Haven’t seen the recent pamphlets,but will comment anyways -yes making it up its called PROPAGANDA.

  37. Wake up people.!!!

    Remember-The liberals, NDP brought in a lot of this expensive nonsense, bilingualism ( code for forced French and government jobs for the french, only outside Quebec while Kebec bans our language and history, bills 22, 178, 101…), multiculturalism, the charter, phony rights this, rights that, phony green crap…all this big government, high taxes BS but the Conservatives have done nothing to repeal any of this crap federally or provincially.

    “Conservatives” have allowed all of these expensive, divisive liberal polices, and departments to remain. How come?

    Solution? Well only one folks – We need a new party, a new leader willing to deal with the facts, the truth for a change. We need a real fiscally conservative, common sense leader/party…. Things need to be cut, reduced and eliminated in all government. Government is too big, intrusive, and they are accumulating too much debt, year after year after year. That’s right let’s get cutting non essential services, expensive waste, bilingualism, multiculturalism, phony rights departments…the charter, CBC, all this green nonsense, bring in a government salary cap, a hiring freeze, reduce pensions… all sorts of big government BS. The future is at stake here and no one is willing to deal with this, how sad, how pathetic, all of you clowns in government and mainstream media.

    The real issue that no-one is talking about is the private sector versus government sector. Government hiring, spending and debt is out of control and has been for decades. This is the great divide in Canada and its getting worse yearly.

    “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it; he is obligated to do so.”-Thomas Jefferson

  38. Eric, do you expect “common sense” from zealot francophones who push for French services just because they can, not because they need them, in the first place?

    This push to Frenchify justice system means that another large field of employment would be closed to anglos. In an analysis by the Department of Justice in 2009, it was revealed that a large proportion of justice stakeholders, especially judges, lawyers and notaries, have only a basic knowledge of both official languages, but that this is not the case for clerks, bailiffs, assistants, probation officers, etc. The ability to carry on a conversation in a second official language does not mean that a person can engage in proceedings in that language. It follows that a total replacement of unilingual anglos for bilingual francos will take place.

  39. Cory Cameron said it correctly. Yes, my forefathers would be in shock if they saw our Canada today. How could one minority who does nto care for Canada take control and belittle English the number one language of the world. They contribute nothing to our country but their French culuture, dying French language and yet they get over 60% of the transfer payments and 50% of the monies for Canada Day July 1 which they ignore.
    There is a terrible injustice going on here and 87% of the population is helpless because no political power has the guts to correct this horrid situation. Imagine $8.00 a day for Day Care but only in Quebec. That tells the whole ugly story. There is no JUSTICE in Canada.
    Dot Fuhrman

  40. @ james wolfe
    Things need to be cut… you mean people don’t you… People have to be cut. people are things, right. Nice guy, you are?
    Capitalism only brings the top class in the top country up…
    Not good enough for me.

  41. @ elga
    What you are saying is that anglos are to dumb to learn a second language.
    I disagree and, so do the governments of Canada and of Québec.
    You, anglos are lucky. You just have to pass the test to be hired then you can work in english.
    The bilingual franco’s have to pass the same bilingual test but, then, has to work in english. And, better not have an accent, or else…

  42. @dot furham
    You’re wrong to say that one minority who does’nt care for Canada take control and belittle english.
    No francophone, be they Québécois or franco canadians, even the most commeted separatists do not belittle the english language.
    The english language may be the no1 international language but, the french language is not dying. Anyways wahat we are dealing with here is domestic languages.
    Québécois pay federal taxes, the same as the anglos. Yes, Québec does recieve transfer payments and equalisation payments but, so do 7 other provinces. Why do you single out only Québec?

  43. As for census information this article should open some eyes..

    It was written, “Yes, Québec does recieve transfer payments and equalisation payments but, so do 7 other provinces. Why do you single out only Québec?”

    Yes well, Quebec is singled out because they are cheating and lying according to these two stories i have posted here and if you want MORE PROOF watch this video from counter 2:50 on where Danny Williams ( a well respected politician) spells out how Quebec and Quebec Hydro rip off Canadians as well.

    Then this one

    PS: Those skewed numbers from the 2006 census can last for years. Even past the recent census of 2011. Besides, do we honestly think the would simply do the same again remembering what they were told to do for the 2006 census ?

    Proof enough for you Pierre?

  44. Oh and, speaking of proof Pierre.

    ON December 21, 2012 at 8:03 pm
    Pierre wrote to bill. “Québec was the only one who had a language police but they haven’t been heard of in a decade”

    Then ON December 22, 2012 at 1:14 pm
    Pierre wrote to Rosie, “Well Rosie, you’re wrong. They are not the language police.
    I told you, they have not been active in a decade. And, I don’t believe that you could go on Rosie.”

    Well I can “go on” Pierre. And, as a matter of fact I have more of this PROOF if you want more… So, since you often demand proof. Here it is. I would appreciate you telling me and these two people you harped at regarding this issue that you were indeed WRONG.

  45. According to my info, Harper et al have been persuaded to support the latest Bill on bilingualism in Parliament because of some threats by Maxime Bernier and Christian Paradis to resurect the Separation issue. It is a source of great astonishment to me that we have elected such weaklings that would allow someone who cannot even be trusted to properly care for our government documents to influence their decision. Add to that the fact that these French MPs belong to a society that cannot even support itself to the standard of the ROC but have to be fed by the rest of us. Shame, shame, shame on Harper, and on the Conservatives who voted for him.

  46. I cannot understand why Harper brought Maxim Bernier into his Cabinet. I cannot stand this narcissist.

    How could we expect Harper do any changes to bilingualism if he is so susceptible to blackmail from those Quebecois quislings? Kick the pair from Cabinet for sedition and let them organize separation. Separation…lol. If Rene Levesque, Lucien Bouchard, Jacques Parizeau and Pauline Marois could not convince Quebeckers to separate, impotent Bernier should just shut up.

  47. I can hear those crickets a chirping away with regard to my proof re: Langauge police there Pierre…

    I guess it’s just that you’re busy over the holidays. Bill, Rosie and I will wait for you to get back to let us know you were wrong 🙂

  48. Awakened Anglo December 26, 2012 at 10:33 pm

    Awakened they are the province that cry’s wolf ,but we all know the welfare province will not leave ,hell they can’t afford to go it alone without the rest of Canada paying the tab.

    The welfare province has cried wolf too many times and the rest of Canada see’s it as just the opportunity to extort more money for the failing province.

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