Ontario Liberal Leadership Candidates Speak at Rural Round Table in Avonmore Ontario

Avonmore LiberalsCFN – Avonmore Ontario was visited by 5+ 1 of the Ontario Liberal leadership candidates for what was called a Rural Round Table.

Front runner Sandra Pupatello

Charles Sousa, Glen Murray, Ms Pupatello, Dr. Eric Hoskins, and Gerard Kennedy all made an impression on the crowd.   Kathleen Wynne was late due to weather, but also spoke at the end of the event.

What was most interesting was Gerard Kennedy’s speech which seemed to grasp the difficulties the Liberals will be facing once they stop proroguing the government and face the public and opposition parties over Liberal scandals that triggered Premier McGuinty to essentially “Fall on his Own Sword” and resign.

Ms Pupatello also hit on an interesting note about not just choosing a leader, but who that leader will be running against in the upcoming Provincial election.

Right now you have the unelectable Tim Hudak and Andrea Horvath of the NDP.  If Ms Pupatello is the next Premier of Ontario she and Ms Horvath would make for some interesting mud wrestling debates which could possibly allow the Hudak led PC’s to do better than they poll now.

Having a Gerard Kennedy, her predecessor in the Education portfolio, with his very different political message would be a very interesting choice.  With his social background working for food banks he’d certainly counter some of the NDP type middle of the road voters with no major possible gains for Mr. Hudak and his lack of respect for freedom of the Press.

In all there were some very fine and giving people at the table sharing their concerns for the future of our Province and one of these folks we know will be our next Premier.

Former SD&G Liberal candidate Mark A MacDonald came out swinging stating that current MPP, Jim McDonell has done nothing and that voters surely comparing to the good work done by retired MPP Jim Brownell would reconsider next election.

He’s done NOTHING.  Jim Brownell has done so much and Jim McDonell has done so little.

What do you think my fellow Ontarians?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. These clowns have done NOTHING but bankrupt Ontario!…………yet they try and distance themselves from the “stink” called McGuinty and Gang!

    If this wasn’t so sad, it would be laughable!

    This is the end of the Ontario Liberal “Party”…………….get used to it!!!

  2. A fish floundering out of water that is the Lieberals .

    Time for change they had their chance and bankrupted the province for their ideologies.

    Ontarians will have a hard time biting the bullet after the many problems with this Lieberal government .

    From the E-Health,solar and wind-turbines and their exorbitant costs to gas plants boondoggle -only a few billion here or there ,but a small price to pay for ideologies.

    Done they are ! But now Generations will pay for that damage.

  3. They should have mud wrestling tournaments to raise money, there should be some empty slots & horse racing sites available soon. Perhaps selling advertising on the blades of industrial wind turbines could help us out of bankruptcy.

  4. Anything to attract interest interest to the Lieberals ,mudslinging is their thing but mud wrestling may attract the much needed attention.

    The rallying cry next election will be anything but lieberals,we cant afford their spending habits .

    I thought Mc Giulty said he would be proud to be the premier of the next bilingual province?

    Really for that 4 % your willing to screw over the 96% majority for bilingualism,your party is baked and done for at least another decade,its sad that you destroyed the province in your zeal to implement your ideology.

    Good Riddance Lieberals.

  5. how come mdm. meilleur cannot answer questions regarding her anti-english stance ?

    Why do franco-ontarions get funding for pro-french goups and organizations?

    why don’t the liberals just merge with ndp?

    What we need, is a mkie harris

  6. Mark = Your remarks re Jim Brownell ( not all positive ) ??

    Was he not Ex Assistant to Smitherman ?

    Was not Smitherman the man connected to the Air Ambulance

    financial disaster in Ont that ended up costing millions of our

    taxpayers dollars ? I’am not attempting to bad mouth Jim just

    trying to set the the record straight that you seem to have

    neglected to mention . ( the good & the not so good )

  7. Mr Borer,

    When can we expect mdm. meilleur’s answers?

    As a caring, selfless and dedicated person you claim she is, then when do we get a response?


  8. yes, time for renewal. all of the candidates better than 2 opposition party leaders. so watch what you wish for and may we have a safe , interesting 2013.

  9. It will be an interesting year as the lieberals get eliminated for at least another decade .

    The lieberals have shown that their mismanagement and it will provide the fodder in the upcoming election ,whoever the leader is will get the same response as KIM Campbell did.

    Hudak needs to stop being Mr.Nice Guy -and play by the same tactics as the lieberals and GO FOR THE THROAT!

    Those many Lieberal issues (Ideologies)that DOOMED Ontario to Generations of heavy debt-load,my Great,Great Grandchildren will pay for.

  10. Author

    Highlander Hudak is a boob that doesn’t believe in Freedom of the press and hides. You guys need a new leader.

  11. You nailed it Admin. Hudak smirked his way through the last election and completely blew what should have been an easy win for the Cons. Why he was kept on as leader has everybody scratching their heads. The Libs and Dippers love him.

  12. @ Mr. Borer

    Where the answers from Mdm. Meilleur Concerning the questions J.Q. Asked?

    I believe you said she was a caring selfless and dedicated person.

    As president of the liberal riding association, I would have thought your word was worth something

    Typical Liberal, no response, no guts ,no class. A clone ot MDN Meilleur and all of your liberal cronies

    Next time , try bulling someone esle.

    I don’t scare, particularly from someone like you, military or not

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