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A.) What Christmas traditions are important to you or your family?

B.) At Christmas some people make a point of doing good for others. Briefly tell us about something you or your family has done or will do to benefit others this Christmas.

C.) In 75 words or less, describe the real meaning of Christmas.

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Please enjoy some family time this Christmas season!
We’ll be taking a few days off to be with ours:
December 24, 25, 26 and January 1.


December 21 Winner:  Debbie Fortier
December 22 Winner:  Amanda McMartin
December 23 Winner:  Debbie Cameron
December 24 Winner:  Debbie Cameron
December 25 Winner:  Eva Desjardins
December 26 Winner:  Eva Desjardins
December 27 Winner:  Lucin Soosaithasan
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December 29 Winner:  Penny Brown
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  1. Christmas is such a special time of year for our family. Traditions that have been followed over the years by our family have grown to a new level with the addition of our wonderful twin grandsons.
    Christmas Eve is celebrated with us going to church to celebrate the joy of the birth of Jesus. We then come home to share some delicious goodies with family and friends. Special recipes that only are created at Christmas are savoured!
    Christmas morning you will find us sharing gifts, wearing reindeer ears and santa hats as we open presents and capture the memories of our little guys playing with the boxes and wrapping paper, setting the gifts aside!

  2. the real meaning of christmas is family, showing love and appreciation for what they do. remembering the ones who are not with us. for Christians its a time to reflect on jesus christ and what he stood for. for the millions around the world christmas is celebrated differently but still has the same meaning a time for family to get together and appreciate everything we have.
    some of our traditions is to have the god parents and close friends over for a supper, then christmas eve is one grandparents house, christmas day is great grandparents at lunch then grandparents at supper, and then boxing day is a potluck at aunt and uncles were we reminisce about the past year and look forward to the future. we always have a great time and thats what matters.

  3. Christmas is very exciting to us. On Christmas Eve we always read the night before Christmas in our Christmas hats. In the morning I love the excited expressions on my children’s faces when they see the tree and their presents. I love watching them open their gifts. We then go celebrate at my mother in laws by eating a hearty meal. We also always explain to our kids that Christmas is not about presents but about being with the people that we love.

  4. what Christmas means to me is seeing the happiness and surprised looks on my childrens face then the FAMILY meets up at my parents home and have a wonderful home cooked meal turkey and stuffing and a few great laughs and remembering all the lost ones by lighting up candles for them MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND YOUR FAMILIES

  5. The meaning of Christmas to me is Love. Being with family and friends who are special to us.

  6. Christmas is a special time to spend with family & loved ones.

    Since the birth of our children we have created many family traditions including visiting Upper Canada Village for the Alight at Night. We love going there & spending time together as a family.

    Christmas eve everyone receives new jammies, we bake cookies for Santa & lastly read Twas the Night Before Christmas.

    Traditions are important to keep families together. As a matter of fact every year my Mom buys me a Lifesaver Book, never has she missed a year. Thanks Mom, I love you!!!

    Merry Christmas Jamie, Don & ALL CFN readership!!!

  7. Food is a huge part of our Christmas tradition.
    Christmas eve is all about great cheeses,seafood & dried meats.
    Christmas morning is a big brunch;bacon,sausage,eggs, hash-browns, croissants & fruit.
    Christmas dinner is Turkey, ,mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy, turnip, asparagus, tomato aspic , rolls & plum pudding.
    The best part is spending time with our family…
    Merry Christmas to one & ALL!!!

  8. Christmas is a special time of year for family and close friends. We are all blessed year around and we now celebrate the birth of Christ. Christmas is not all about gifts, spending money and partying. I look around…l people are stressed and some are sad as they are not with their loved ones, have not got a loved one, food or proper clothing. Give from our hearts… not just for our family but others in need (snow suit fund, hospice, Shepherd of Good Hope) Wishing everyone the
    all the best. Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year

  9. Today is Boxing Day, normally I spend the day fighting crowds to get the “deals”. This year is different for me & I am looking forward to spending the day with family.Chris & are from split families, so the Holidays are always a little challenging to say the least.

    Trying to keep everyone happy is never a easy job…

    To me Christmas is about family & enjoying some nice quality time together.

    PS I got my lifesaver book…Thanks Mom!!!

  10. What a day! Tradition changed a bit with the family. A new traditions will be started with opening of gifts with ALL the grandchildren. Then off for a get together with about 30 relatives for Christmas dinner (brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces and nephews, uncle and step mother)
    To see the smiles on their little faces and hear the excitement in their voices was so wonderful.
    Being able to spend the time with what counts the most (FAMILY) makes the Christmas season what it is

  11. We couldn’t have asked for a more picture perfect Christmas!

    Our yard looks like a winter wonder land, only problem is our car is buried in snow!!!

    Looks like a jammie day, eating left-overs & playing with all our new toys. A perfect day to spend some quality family time. A hike in the bush will be the icing on the cake!
    I’m not sure who loves the snow more the boys, the puppy or Chris…I forsee a big Frosty the Snowman in the front yard & a snow fort in the back yard. While Mom cleans, cooks & makes hot cocoa-lol….

    Yes, this is the best time of the year!!!!

    Merry Christmas to one & ALL!!!

  12. Our family participated in Christmas Eve midnight Mass at St. Columban’s Church; our oldest son served Mass for the bishop. We’ve been visiting with family and friends – enjoying this special time of year. Our church family is important to us.

  13. This is a tradition in our family. For our tree we each have an ornament with our name on it that we each put on the tree ourselves. We even have ornaments with our pets names but of course we put theirs on. They make our tree and Christmas special and personal to us.

  14. One of the Christmas traditions that is important to me is seeing the Christmas lights, every year we make it a point to spend a couple hours driving around and looking at all the Christmas lights. I love the hard work so many people put in doing all the decorating, it is beautiful to see!

  15. the family tradition that we do is in the morning we first get breakfast started with cinnimon rolls and coffee kettle going and while that is cooking we open our presents and then take out breakfast and call mom n dad to wish them merry christmas the get ready clean up and head out to my parents home for a wonderful family get together and the thing we do to help others is we make a donation to the agape 🙂 and for me the real meaning of christmas is family and forgiveness

  16. Important Christmas traditions…sharing time with family and friends.

  17. Again this year our family took time to be present to loved ones as we celebrated the birth of the only Saviour of the World. Happy Birthday, Lord Jesus!

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