Cornwall Ontario Hit by Snow Storm of the Century! Nearly 3 Feet of Snow Wallop River City! December 27, 2012

Ed renkema cw 2012
Photographer Ed Renkema Frosted over while shoveling!

CFN – Cornwall Ontario and much of Eastern Ontario is digging out in what many are calling the largest amount of snow dropped since the ’70s!

Pets suffer or frolic in big snow storms too as viewer Angila Jackson shared!


Debbie Lafrance sent us this shot on Highway 138.

debbie 138

Rachel Lalonde showed how scary the Riverdale section of Cornwall was earlier.riverdale

Judy Rose was not happy about her recycling bins going flying in the storm!

Judy rose storm

And this is a gratuitous pic of the lovely and extremely talented Christina Hendricks from the hit AMC show Mad MenChristina_Hendricks_2012

Craig G Edwards wished he’d parked under his car port.

craig edwards

Alas, I don’t have a car port, but I do have awesome neighbors who took pity on me and snow blew my driveway!

my car snow

Justin sent us this pic from inside Joey’s Seafood on Brookdale.

justin joeys

Clifford Stork from Island Ink Jet on 3rd and Pitt sent us this shot from his store looking out at the Cornwall Police Station via the Royal Bank parking lot.

ink jet

How did you survive the Storm of this Century?   You can post your comment below.

Update – more pix are coming in.

Kim’s Shepherd is almost as tall as the snow bank!

  1. kim shep





  1. what a wonderful day for snuggling, family games and forced confinement *L* brings back memories of how winters use to be when I was a teenager, thumbs up to the city crews who were out all night trying to keep up. a winter wonderland for sure, and before anyone says I love it because I had no plans for the day, nope, you’re wrong, we were headed to ottawa to get our son back home for work, so we ended up with another day of having him home for xmas. Thank you mother nature!!

  2. As a commercial driver, I truly appreciate the fact that I am off work for this week. I have driven in these winter wonderland snow conditions before on many, many occasions. I never enjoy the driving experience but I do enjoy frolicking in the snow with my kids and our dog. Tobogganing in a foot of powder snow is slower, safer and in our face full of fun. We are drying up our snow suits to go out again tomorrow.

  3. Thankfully, our childcare centre is closed for the week, so no parents and children had to venture out in the storm. My granddaughter and I were outside this afternoon – me shovelling while she had a blast playing in the snow and climbing on the snow banks. It was a very special day for the both of us.

  4. Wow 3 feet of snow……..We only got 30 cm in rural Williamstown.Some drifts may have been 3-4 feet high but….it’s not done yet 😉

  5. I spent most of the day in bed as I have to work all night tonight My wife asked me to help her shovel the driveway but with a heart condition and needing to work I threw my pillows and blankies over my head and went back to sleep. Mother Nature can let it melt because with a bad heart I am not dying to clear 4 feet of snow from my drive when I dont even own a vehicle to put in the driveway.

  6. It’s solid rain. Who really cares? I shovelled it in a thong. That’s not riverdale, it’s dover heights.

  7. What’s up with this we got all that snow and my street didn’t even get plowed until midnight so there was two trucks and a car that had to be pushed out?!!

  8. Wow! My friend Dr. Razz left South Carolina and moved back to Cornwall for this? Well maybe it will be good for his business with all those backs out their shovelling but it certainly cant be good for his tan! Good luck with all the snow!

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