Alas 2012 I knew ye well – Howdy 2013! Happy New Year from CFN!

jg2CFN –  Alas 2012 I knew ye well.   The pain, the suffering, the blessings and the joy.   But you’re no more.  You are gone, a memory in the past rapidly becoming distant as the wonder and opportunity of 2013 arrive.

Looking back it’s been a mixed year for CFN.  We’ve nearly tripled our traffic.  I know I’ve learnt a lot about this business and about human nature.

I remember this summer someone saying how many negative pieces we wrote and I explained that we in fact didn’t.   I am very careful on our ratios, but like car wrecks we have no control over who reads what and if people read “negative” news more than “positive” news perceptions can occur.

I guess that’s why they say in the news biz.

IF it bleeds it leads.

Media is a changing business in a changing world and while some things rarely change the medium is quickly.   When I look back even at the earliest instance of CFN I marvel how far we’ve come.   This December we will have drawn over 1.6 million page views; a total for one month which is much more than we did for all of 2009!

I guess for CFN the biggest issue has been the City of Cornwall driven Boycott that leaked into area agencies and businesses with ties to those at the city that have tried to run CFN out of Cornwall.    It nearly worked to be honest.  One of my biggest personal disappointments of 2012 was Seaway TV not going live so I guess the bad guys could pat themselves on the back for that one.

But I’m a fatalist. I think everything happens in their good time, and I promise that Seaway TV will be live before the end of 2013.

The challenges we’ve faced during this year long boycott;  fiscal, spiritual, and practical have created opportunities to find out who really cares about our city, and who is holding onto old ways that don’t work in the age of smart phones and instant communication.  It’s been a test to see who are real friends of our city and who aren’t in many ways.

We’ve learned to survive and that’s toughened all of us at CFN up and at the same time we must be doing something that’s attracting all this viewership and made us the most viewed media in this community.

I’m a firm believer though in creating and growth; especially in my community.  Sometimes you just have to walk around negativity when you can or just drive over it; which I have to admit can be a lot more fun.

There’s so much opportunity here in Cornwall.  I love when I see some amazing sprouts of hope, and as sad as I am to see too many of them leave our city or get squashed by some political cliquester I still see a lot of hope for our city in the future and in 2013.

We need better jobs in Cornwall.   We need to develop our local businesses because when our city grows, and we really get invaded by big box stores our local businesses will need to learn better survival skills.    This past week for example I went to a locally owned store to shop for my new puppy.   While this store is smaller than the chain stores we have, and I can understand them not having exactly what I was looking for their customer service drove me straight to their big box counter part where the manager herself (thanks again Pat at Petsmart!) did an amazing job of customer support and assistance.  So much so that when I needed another item for my poochie I headed straight there.

That’s not unique to our city or any city.  Local business and Big Box stores both have their places and both benefit a community.  I like shopping locally and regionally as I feel it recycles more dollars into our economy and to me that’s really important. (as opposed to a certain real estate company that had their party in Montreal or a certain city officials wife that prefers shopping in Valleyfield and Vaudreuil)

My hopes for 2013 in Cornwall?  I’m hoping to see some change by some of our local groups.   We need some new blood on some of the boards and charities.   We need more people to realize why they have those positions.   I’d like to see Cornwall become more inviting to people.   How will we ever grow our population if newcomers can’t find their places and contribute to our development?   There are over 46,000 people living in Cornwall and for those that want an opportunity they need to know they get a fair chance.

Cornwall is a changing community.    We can’t be afraid of change and block out some very talented people that only want to enjoy the fruits that this city has to offer, and people have to remember that people talk and how will we attract their friends and relatives if they have horror stories to tell?

With the new CAO and clerk I’m hoping to see some changes at City Hall too.   There are already a few rumbles, but they could just be gas pains waiting to be expelled.  Sadly there are some real horror stories that we haven’t reported on in December.

The glass is half full, and I think if people put the well being of our community first it might even be 2/3rds full by the end of 2013.  It should be interesting to see how many letters we get in our 100 Reasons to Live in Cornwall Ontario Competition.   LINK

As for CFN we’re growing faster than I ever dreamed of and in so many ways.      I feel sad that the businesses pressured into supporting the boycott missed out on 14.4 Million page views in 2012.  Imagine the impact on our economy if 25 or 30 businesses had taken advantage of that?  Even a 3% uptick could help off set the 3% tax increase that City Hall is rumbling about.

And if those businesses had taken advantage of that Seaway TV would be hosting a New Years Eve bash in Streaming HD video which it will in 2013.

The really good news is that there’s great room for growth and building here in Cornwall.

May you and your family be safe and well and may 2013 bring you success in your ventures!

Thanks to all who made serving you, the viewing public, such a privilege, and thanks to all of our contributors and especially our sponsors without whose support none of this could happen.   Please show your love for them even if it’s only to tell them thanks!

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – CFN



  1. Jamie, all the best to you and CFN in 2013, you have become a true friend. Keep doing what you do, its working!!! Be well.

  2. Congratulations on your success of CFN thus far & into 2013,truth always wins out in the end,glad to see how you have expanded your business already & continue to outdo your closest rival every time.Best of luck in making Seaway TV a reality….it is much needed in this city for those not buying cable TV like me

  3. Best of luck in 2013 CFN,may this year bring great opportunities ,
    Thanks for being an independent media ,that is local owned and operated .

    Thanks for being the voice of and for the people .

  4. Author

    Thank you Highlander! We really do try and hopefully 2013 more of the business community will see that too.

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