Spirit Matters by Shirley Barr – New Year’s Resolutions & Reflexology – December 31, 2012

Spirit matters logoCFN – Do you take the time to create a New Year’s resolution? If so, I hope you can share
it with us in the comments section. I have the opportunity to set New Year’s
resolutions twice a year.


I know, you probably think I’m cheating but it’s an advantage to have two calendars to go by: the normal calendar where New Year’s is January 1 and the Bahá’í calendar where New Year’s is March 21, the first day of spring. I take advantage of these two special events to set intentions towards improvement in some aspect of my life. I have found that it is more likely to be successful if I focus on incremental improvement, set small goals rather than something totally overwhelming like becoming Mother Theresa overnight, for instance, which will never happen!

So, with New Year’s coming up my intention is twofold: to further develop my skills as a healer and to be able to do a full body pull-up by March 21st. I have my work cut out for me with respect to the full body pull-up as right now I need assistance even to get up over the bar and it takes maximum effort to hold the bar and release slowly on the way down. Mind you, I have made great progress since December 2010 when I did not even have a single abdominal muscle to speak of! It will, no doubt, be easier to develop my skills as a healer. To do so I have set the intention of increasing the number of people who use my Spirit Matters Reflexology services.

As you can see from the business card below I have training in reflexology.  Reflexology is a healing modality which works like this: the feet are a reflection of the entire body and by using a combination of relaxation techniques and pressure point therapy the practitioner helps the client to re-balance their system into a more relaxed state. By being more relaxed the client then has more energy to focus on healing and wellness. I like to say that reflexology is a little tune-up for the body and recommend that the client drink lots of water and then rest after a session. They often find that the next day, and for some period of time they have renewed energy and a sense of increased well-being.

My mother, bless her heart, introduced me to reflexology in 1988 when she gave me a book on the subject. This book became my best friend and as I learned the principles of reflexology I was then able to help heal myself from chronic neck pain and help my children with various issues like earaches. Somehow, nobody really knows how, reflexology often brings pain relief and promotes healing. At worst, it is a good foot rub, whereas at best it makes you feel like you have had a tune up and feel more vibrant and energetic. It is important to note that no reflexologist can ever claim to cure, treat or diagnose. Reflexology is no substitute for medical care. It can
be a useful tool in a therapeutic suite of complementary, self-healing techniques.

I have witnessed the process of detoxification that can occur with reflexology first hand. In my training class we had a gentleman who appeared to be quite elderly but in fact, was only 58 years old. He was of African origin but his skin tone was greyish due to having worked in a dry cleaning plant for more than twenty years. He would doze off during the class as he had little energy. Over the course of the training, as we all took turns giving him reflexology treatments, as he drank water and rested, we witnessed his skin becoming more clear, darker and healthier. His bloodshot, yellow eyes also became clear and bright rather than dull. He became more energetic and happier as time went on. He left the class looking his age rather than elderly. That was enough proof for me to be convinced of the healing powers of reflexology.

I practise reflexology on myself on a daily basis and also have another practitioner with whom I exchange the service. It is truly a beneficial experience.

In combination with reflexology I also use healing touch which works with the energy system of the body. It also helps incorporate healing to the client’s system. I use my intuition to offer some gentle observations if the client wishes to hear them.


Practicing reflexology makes me feel like I am on the right path, gives me energy, makes me happy and makes my life have more meaning. I welcome your interest and hope to hear from you soon.

I wish you a wonderful year ahead, full of prosperity and flourishing wellness, with all the best to you and your family. May the year 2013 be full of blessings!

Shirley lives and works in Cornwall, Ontario, and is a member of the Bahá’í Community.

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  1. I’m going to take short breaks during the day to stop, sit and reflect for just a minute to stop myself whirling around in ever increasing self-centred busyness. I have put my resolution into song to help it stick:

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