14,392,689 Page Views on CFN for 2012 – Eastern Ontario’s Most Read Online Newspaper! CLICK FOR NUMBERS!

jg2CFN –  They say that if you work really hard that great things can happen; especially if the public responds to your work.

It’s that way for art and it appears that way for media too.

Thanks to our amazing viewers CFN has managed to increase our page views 250% from 2011 to 2012 something I’m awfully proud of.

From our contributors, to members of the public sending in photos and information, to our sponsors amazing support, and a multitude of places the CFN community has helped build one of the largest Independent Online Newspapers in Canada!

In 2011 CFN had 5,760,602 page views.  In 2012, in spite of a boycott by our local City of Cornwall, the Chamber of Commerce, and Team Cornwall we saw that number jump to 14,392,689!  Over 93% of those were from Canada with over 75% of those coming from Ontario!

It’s amazing that so many think that CFN is a one man show.  It’s not.  If I were hit by a truck CFN would still survive.   It’s a group project with so many helping steer and guide it.

And now for some fun numbers!

Our Top 23 Cities for 2012!

1) Cornwall

2) Ottawa

3) Toronto

4) Montreal

5) Kingston

6) Cooksville

7) Mississauga

8.) London

9) Windsor

10) Don Mills

11) Calgary

12) Brockville

13) Edmonton

14) Prescott

15) New York, NY

16) Vancouver

17) Morrisburg

18) Hawkesbury

19) Winnipeg

20) Hull

21) Hamilton

22) Rockland

23) Halifax

Only 51% of visitors to CFN in 2012 were first timers!   We have a huge loyal following!

Nearly 20% of you are using mobile devices and tablets.

Over 30% of you visit CFN 25 or more times per month!

Alexa Canadian Rankings of Eastern Ontario Media Online

1) CFN 3,568 (number 6 overall in Cornwall!)

2) recorder.ca 6,503 (Brockville)

3) Standard-freeholder.com 7,128

4) thecornwalldaily.com 30,576 (Corus radio)

5) thelocalseeker.com 40,347

6) brocknews.ca  55,747 (Brockville)

7) Cornwallseawaynews.com 66,678

Frankly we’re excited about 2013!  New writers.  Our new AcuWeather Feature!   Our contest where you will be able to write in why Cornwall Ontario is such a great place to live, work, and grow your business and compete for over $5,000 in prizes!

And we could not do it without you.    And if you love CFN as much as it looks like you do and want to help please keep viewing.  Read us on Facebook and Twitter.  Share our links and above all if you happen to connect with one of our sponsors please thank and support them because without their help there would be no CFN!

And the biggest news is that Seaway TV will 100% be going live in 2013!

Thank you again to everyone that helped make 2012 so successful and we look forward to serving you in 2013!


The Cornwall Free News

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