NHL Lockout Ending – Did anyone win? Will you go back? Post your comment below – January 2, 2013

jg2CFN – With the NHL lockout about to end it spells likely the end of the Donald Fehr and Gary Bettman eras.    With a ten year deal on the table and neither gentlemen spring chickens the NHL will most likely look quite different next time around.

Frankly this whole drama has been a huge fail for both gentlemen, the league, and ownership collectively.   And yes, the players.

While it can be argued that the NHLPA was strong armed in the last deal and in this one at the end of the day both sides played a bad hand that frankly the fans and those that make a living from supporting the sport have had to pay for.

Collectible stores, sports writers, countless bars and restaurants especially here in Canada, people that work in the rinks; right down the line these people will not recover from this utterly pointless lockout.

At the end of the day what looks like to be the deal certainly did not need this pathetic dance that has hurt so many.  It’s what happens when adults act like little boys which while many will say exactly is the business of sports is something that people making millions and billions of dollars should know better than they have appeared.

The fact that what’s on the boards now is pretty much what was predicted pre-lock out says volumes to the natures of those in power of this league and the PA.

Frankly I’m not sure I even want to watch hockey now…. what about you hockey fans?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Millionares fighting Billionares; Players on Twitter bragging about how much $$$ they spent in Vegas; Owners who constantly look for ‘ new revenue streams’…Do any of these insulated from reality idiots realize that there’s a REAL LIFE happening outside their boardrooms? I mean, I know they don’t care. so, in response; I COULD CARE LESS about any settlement that these money sucking bozos come up with. Like Baseball, Hockey , at least on the so – called ‘ professional’ level, is a dead art to me. I’m sure I can find lots of things to do that don’t involve reading about caps, clawback targets, Revenue Sharing Agreements, et al. Meanwhile, our infrastructure is falling apart, you can’t find a doctor when you are sick, and let me count the ways these leeches are irrelevant. Buh Bye, N H L…..So long, and thanks for all the fish.

  2. Where do you get off commenting about the NHL lockout ending? The chances of the NHL and NHLPA coming to a deal before their Jan 19th deadline is very low. This lockout is all about the bottom line. Neither the NHL or NHLPA will budge. Nor so will Bettman or Fehr. Here is a direct quote from Bettman “In our response, there were certain things that the Players Association asked for that we agreed to. There were some things that we moved in their direction. And there were other things that we said ‘no’. But that’s part of the process. We’re clearly not done yet.” They have been at this for months and have made little progress, now they have 17 days left and I seriously doubt the revenue sharing or contract lengths will be resolved by that time. Unless, the NHL gives ground do to the union disclaimer of interest and the antitrust suits that will follow. By the way, my quotes are from 01/01/13, where does your information come from?

  3. When Loria moved the Expos to Florida, I stopped watching baseball, haven’t seen a single game since and I used to go to 20 + games a year and follow the sport everyday.

    I feel the same way about the NHL. No consideration for the fans, greed greed greed, well I ain’t ever coming back.

  4. I thought the Expo’s moved to Washington Daveyy, but that move did the same thing for me. Used to make a day out of those games in Montreal but do not even look at stats anymore.

    Glad Admin noted the people hurt financially in this too.

  5. I hope Canadians will be intelligent enough to stay away from the games after being ignored by both the owners and players. Maybe if the arenas were empty for the first few games, that would send a clear message that we Canadian fans are not as stupid as they(ownres and players) are. Stay away, lets take back our sport game, get rid of Butthead.

  6. I’m definitely back to watching Hockey, nothing will back me stop. This lockout, sure it was extremely stupid but whats done is done and hockey is back!

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