Please sign our petition for a 90 Day Moratorium on the Sale of The Cornwall General Hospital Site


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It’s that simple.

After a stunning meeting at the RCAFA Wing last night I have decided to ask the public to speak up and ask CCH Management and the Champlain LHIN to hold off on the sale of the Cornwall General hospital site for 90 days to allow for the public to consult and consider options because once this site is gone as a community resource it’s gone forever.

Amazing video footage courtesy of Don Smith who’s an awesome videographer!

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Hospital meeting


  1. Speaker of the night..Jamie Gilcig. Did I catch you off guard last night Jamie? You looked at me like I was Mark David Chapman when I reached in my pocket. Question: Is the 90 days only going to prolong the inevitable? We have no non profit organization willing to take up action..We don’t have LHIN backing us..and we have no money. Is legal action going to get us a long term care facility?

  2. Author

    Ferris it was the scar on your forehead! You looked hurt dude.

  3. ..I’ll take the stiches out tomorrow..hazzards of playing the game..keep up the good work Jamie..people were impressed with you last night.

  4. Please look up who owns the property. Is your name on the deed? Yes, than you have a right to make decisions regarding your property. No, what gives you your right to make decisions on behalf a some other property owner? Would you want me to impose my decisions on you regarding your property?

  5. Darcy, we the taxpayer own said property and no one else!

    I have signed the petition but we must strongly consider the following:

    1) Renovations of the site, which as mentioned by many Hospital Executives, would cost more to renovate and bring up to code than to build a new facility…… why the fuss about this site if its cheaper to build? Failure to Plan or Planning to Fail!

    2) Staffing would not come cheap and unless the City and Counties are willing to fund the operational portion of this venture then again this topics conclusion is very clear!

    Unfortunately, once again Cornwall has taken the wrong approach and has divided itself due to personal opinions and past experiences! Sadly, it looks like nothing progressive will happen because of a clash of egos rather than the community coming together and embracing an opportunity for Cornwall to be different and create something better than any other community!

    Please people don’t buy a ticket and stay off the “Complain Train”!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  6. This city is such a shameful joke. No wonder the population doesn’t grow here. Our elected Jim “can’t” attend such an important issue, LIHN and hospital representatives couldn’t take the time to hear the community. How DARE the HOSPITAL clan continue to beg the community for more money when they can so easily just give…yes GIVE away CGH for a mere 2 million!!!!! This is such a freakin joke!! CCH don’t you ever claim again that you are for community. Shove our seniors out but the complain they are clogging your beds!!! Makes me want to vomit!!!!!!

  7. I signed the petition yet can’t help feel it’s a red herring for CCH. All they have to do now is sit and hold for the 90 days……..

    Mike Bedard the consummate reasoned infighter does highlight a few salient points regarding the desired retrofit. I find it hard that any of you would find any pie in the sky with his thinking.

    After all any new owner with any designs this property will certainly be subjected to a series of scrupulous inspections to assure current requirements such as building codes are adhered to.

    This means years of their preparatory efforts to satisfy bi-laws provincial and federal codes where applicable.

    I can understand MPP Jim’s reluctance to take a stand aside from bucking the political glass ceiling. No doubt his emotions on the issue are in check.

    Anyone here over 10 years, certainly 15, not french or catholic likely know the old General fairly well. I too hold strongly to it and I have challenged CCH for their current hiring practices and the collateral fallout regarding the former Generals staff members having to terminate for one pressured reason or another. And yes, not to be too disparaging a number of French and catholic were well served a the General Hospital too….but the old Hotel Dieu being run by the good nuns, garnered the majority of french and catholic clientele.

    Some of these differences may not be as much a carryover as they once were. Resentments are healing over time and deaths I suppose. To deny that would be to still have your head in the sand. It’s taken a lot of level heads to cool the history.

    I realize that many of you will deny any of what I just related to but the competition and the dislike amongst a number of the management and staff of each other between the hospitals
    was a part of day to day history. Don’t discount what you were not meant to realize.

    That being said, is why I feel some would have extra strong opinions about the final chapters in the life of this saga BUT to an end it must come.

    Now that the wheels are in motion, rather than jumping In with both feet years ago about a ‘seniors residence’ drive it is almost like a bleeding heart cry after the barn door has been open.

    HELP, HELP. somebody call the fire brigade.

    No, I’m all for the 90 days my friends and those who think not…..but once 90 are done we best hold our heads high anyway and hope to hell that some how we’ve evaded the demo ball for more high rises or condo’s.

  8. Author

    Dave the reason why the request for a 90 day moratorium is the nature of this process. No public consultation and what appears to be some misinformation from the little that is available to the general public.

    It’s so easy to sell or dump something. It’s near impossible to replace a facility like this.

    There are no easy solutions because those that were publicly trusted with our community’s best interest stayed silent for the most part so that now we are throwing a “Hail Mary” pass with 30 seconds left on the clock.

    Cronyism and corruption have lowered the bar to the point that we have incident after incident like this impacting our community.

    While it’s easy to point fingers at those sucking back Sunshine salaries the reality is that we, the community, have allowed things to become the way they are.

    Now maybe, issue by issue, the citizens of Cornwall can start to take back control of our city and resources and make sure that those whose incomes come from the sweat of our labours serve us instead of whomever they have been….

  9. The old Hotel Dieu Hospital/Mac on Water street is now a Seniors’ Residence. It is certainly older than the Cornwall General Hospitall. If they could renovate that, why not CGH??

  10. Author

    Great thought Dawn. People can do just about anything if they work together.

  11. There is no reason why the facility would cost $60,000,000. If we need a place for our elders to stay, somewhere is better than no where. Screw the asbestos abatement when people are siick and in need of care. Who cares about the province, just do it. City buys it and holds it until it’s figured out. Time to use the Progress
    Fund now if ever.
    Mike Bedard’s reasoning is moot because of it’s source. He (MODERATED) touched.

  12. Jamie:

    Thanks for your reply. It clarifies a few points for me as well.

    Appreciate Dawn’s comment with regard the old HDH on Water St. I’m doubtful todays standard codes for a retrofit would have accommodated the needs of the old HDH

    Any purchase of the former General Hospital would require mega millions (75.0 to 100.0) to up grade and to suit the new buyers plans.

    I see the East Wing demolished altogether for a multi-level parking facility for staff and/or clientele, providing the spacing will fit the bylaw codes required. This may allow the further sell off of the ground level parking lots on Marlborough (West) as well as the one on the East side of Lawrence St.

    Should a University evolve (doubtful) it may need the inclusiveness (higher price of course) of recreation facilities such as the St. Denis fields and the old Bob Turner rink on 4th and Marlborough as well as a house sale on Old Orchard North to accommodate more direct access to this site from the CGH site.

    Certainly a mired of ideas and plans must be involved with the numbers of potential buyers already shown through by Re/Max.

  13. Links works fine ADMIN.

  14. Let’s see who the politicians are that REALLY care about the seniors in this town, not to mention the whole community…..only see signatures of a few so far. We know that you all follow FreeNews…make a change for the new year and stand up!

  15. Author

    Yes Lolochuck they read us as I hear their complaints 🙂

  16. better to build new hmmmm…. if they can renovate hotel dieu into cch why is it suddenly not feasable to renovate the general. btw these short term bed with physio and occupational therapy kinda sound like rehab beds. new name less professional staff. it is funny to hear that only seniors would need these beds i guess the lhin people have never visited cornwall. the most entertaining comments say that we wont even need these beds very long because the number of seniors will decline. the obesity problem and its resulting health and mobility needs are not even considered. i guess keeping the building as is and calling it what it used to be called would not require these renovations to code at all.

  17. Author

    exactly puzzled – you only need to bring up to current code if you change the use. I’m sure there are solutions if they are desired by the powers that be…

  18. Re: Wow! We can not and should use the progress fund for an initiative that will serve the community well for 20 years and then lose its purpose after the baby boomers pass!

    I was polite before but obviously many people here haven’t done their homework!

    The CGH is not designed nor will it meet the requirements of a Long Term Care facility!

    It has been known for years that the CGH will be closed (sold or otherwiste) once the renovations at the CCH are completed!

    We only start to complain now and for what? As per the Hospitals Executives and even previous employess/members in attendances details it would cost more to renovate this site than too build new!

    This is just another reason for those who have missed the bus to complain!

    It is too late and your not even behind the horse your so far behind that you have the horse, the cart and those scooping up the horse poop are even ahead!

    Joking aside has a single person ever spent over $300,000 renovating an old building? I have and this is site will need millions! It is not as easy as you would like to portray or think!

    Show me proof that 1) This is suitable for Long Term Care and 2) Worth investing $Millions into restoring it!

    Opinions are like A$$holes; Everyone has one!

  19. mike they dont have to call them long term beds they can be short term beds for those on waiting lists. their have always been this type of bed available in the past just never enough. also the rehab beds that used to be in that building have been transferred and reduced to the mcconnell site. as for addiction services detox coverage this has been a mystery to me since these individuals most likely need rehab i have heard this is a six month wait or more. why cover a detox stay then send them back into the community without the tools to stay clean/sober. there is definately a need for this help in cornwall. i would love to see people have a chance at overcoming their life destroying addictions for good not just three days this could be achieved at the general site since it is already dealing with addictions and short term beds

  20. Bottom line, MIKE IS RIGHT! Further, CCH was wrong again. Why, by methodology and insensitivity to the citizens of Cornwall who they MUST HAVE KNOWN have emotional ties to CGH history as a fear of being left out in the cold when it comes to their personal transition through the senior mill till their passing.

    CGH ;appeared’ to hold the answers to a seniors residence. CCH should have made them CLEARLY aware in a way to alleviate the concerns of the community whether short term (20 years?) or not!

    The provincial government ALSO as well as LHIN have failed THIS community with regards to future ‘developments’ for our seniors.

    Mark McDonald and others were only projecting the anxieties of the community BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF AN APPROPRIATE SELLING JOB ON THEIR PARTS.

    Finally the truths about the failings of the CGH to comply with needs the community wants, despite its appearances are coming out.



  21. Management at CCH….the sunshine club care nothing of the seniors in this city nor about any emotional ties that people had with CGH. Don’t let them fool you with their circle talk!

    The slaughter is on. Watch the news soon. They will continue to put people out in the cold in favor or their “personal” agendas and forced bilingualism!!!!!!!!

  22. Continue cowering people and hiding to protect these people that are so unfair to the community and others. I urge you to speak up. It is very evident that only those with any strength can sign the petition. Not one person I’ve spoken to disagrees with the petition but bullying by the city and CCH is preventing people in coming forward.


  23. Great interview Mark!
    If the City purchased this building there would be great opportunity for the sale of the Marlborough parking lot property for a Seniors apartment buildings for some developer = Income from sale of land. Rent the Dialysis Unit to a Private Agency. Continue to rent space to CCH, as they need the space, Rent out space for physicians offices. Open a walk-in-clinic, with private pharmacy blood work, x-ray clinics, like we see in big cities…a one stop shop. Keep the beds on 3rd North restorative. A private physiotherapy department. There is a world of possibilities with this building… not to mention Income .I would like to know who came up with $2million for a building of this magnitude, especially after $800,000 was invested last year for the 3N restorative….this would mean that CCH would recoup only $1.2 million from this building, We have homes of 2000 SQ Ft on the waterfront that sells for that much……Give your head a shake CCH Administration and Board. maybe it’s time for a good change up, get rid of the bullies as they need to be replaced, they are over the heads……

  24. Good for you, SoThick. We need more great ideas such as yours.

    The options are plentiful as you have shown for this site and just maybe a few of all those presented will twig a notion for some to go apply with their purchase…..perhaps a consortium of investors in the site is where the new services will come from.

    Aspestosis is a concern. Only former maintenance engoineers or others can comment knowledgebly to that…unless full disclosures have been presented to Re/Max and others.

    Yes, more commentsd of these type of thoughts should find their way on this site. You never know, YOURS just might be the answer(s).

  25. Puzzeled and Dukers need credit for their ideas. Good work guys.

  26. Seniors ‘Idle No More’ ( to coin a recent phrase)

    Something I don’t understand myself and I surmise that is why some feel that CGH is not suitable for a seniors residence. Oh, many of us have reiterated that it would not stand up to codes scrutiny of the day.

    Tell me something then, If we had a major hurricane or tornado that wiped out half the houses of Cornwall, would a surviving CGH serve as a temporary shelter or living quarters for our survivors?

    If it is not suitable, then why or how come we still maintain many functions at the unit today, while considering bargaining for retaining these and perhaps more by renting space from a new owner.

    This says simply them that LHIN and the Ontario government want to divest themselves of public or even possibly public/private investitures in the future. This says they want private ONLY where by, user pays, the same as our local Fourth and McConnell sites.

    Are scare/scary tactics being applied to demonize the site so it can be easily ‘dumped’ by CCH? While they still want to rent space back? How can that be if it is not good enough for our seniors short and long term care. Meanwhile the property really can be used as the 80 locals met about it last week at the RCAFA Wing.

    Yeh, I think seniors should be ‘Idle No More’. Maybe they should set up a protest march too. Gee, Marlborough up 4 blocks from Second over to McConnell, South to Second and back to Marlborough, wheel chairs welcome……..

    Hey Mark, lets talk…..

  27. In an effort to understand the thought and logistical processes behind the sale of the former CGH I wonder if anyone can explain how and why Remax was chosen as the Realtor and more specifically how the sales rep was chosen? Was there a competition for this very equitable piece of prime property or was it given out in kind? Also, how was the price tag of $2 million derived and by who’s recommendation? Is all the property in the area of Second Street and Marlborough, parking lots, clinic buildings and residential properties which I believe were previously purchased in anticipation of that site being the only hospital included in the sale? Is this the very best deal available to help reduce the deficit at the CCH or reduced price for a quick sale and commission for Remax?

  28. well spoken, Jamie. thank you for speaking intelligently and forthrightly

  29. Well, here we go again folks, these’s females who are at the top of the executive level, are nothing more than pawns of the elites who actual run the hospital from thier swivel chairs whenever a problem occurs. Their rear ends are covered, but the poor pawns are relieved of their position at a moments notice.
    Find out who these “ELITES” are. I believe you might have a surprise waiting for you. That’s where all the problems lies.
    Have a nice day, folks.

  30. Well, our local provincial rep is now getting into the act, let’s see what he can do. I wonder who pushed his buttons in this late stage of the game?

  31. Regarding Mike Bedard’s comments made January 7th 2013 8:50 a.m.
    While I generally agree with your opinions contained therein I would submit that certain institutional structures would be viable to transform into a facility to meet the baby boomers demands . The tax payer of Ontario owned recently retired General Vanier H.S. These such facilities brag fire safety, easy access, large areas for a multitude of uses, administration offices, rooms easily divided to provide multiple living spaces with sufficient natural light, and so on and so on . You all I am sure get my drift there all many possibilties ou there but the General Hospital is and should not be the one considered . Here here Mike !

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