CCH Fund Raising Chair Roy Perkins Surprised by Council Rebuffing $500K Hand Out – January 15, 2013

PerkinsCFN – Apparently CCH Fundraising Co-Chair Roy Perkins was surprised by the city’s decision to not top up his teams failure to achieve their fund raising goal by $500K while also being on The Community Action Group whose goal is to not raise taxes.

Only in Cornwall you say?   While Mayor Kilger’s comment of trying to continue “behind the scenes” to find solutions echoes his comment about not being married to the Cornwall General site in giggle and irony factor it was good to see some sense at Council as this scribbler actually thought the silly buggers would burn more of our tax dollars helping some of their cronies on the Hospital Foundation board….

It’s not that Cornwall has been niggardly with their buds already having sent them over $8 Million.  Imagine the choices…cover and protect former CAO Paul Fitzpatrick spending millions in the process or help buy MRI machines…what a dilemma for poor Mayor Kilger who once stated that a politicians top priority was to stand up for the constituents.

Of course he never fleshed that out as to whether they were to represent most of their constituents or just their cronies and friends.

Now the question is whether the community can put enough pressure on Council to force a zero tax increase for 2013?

And the bigger question is how long will our community  allow the current management of our only hospital to stay in place with such poor community results.  It’s time for some fresh blood that understand their mandate a little bit better…

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  1. Well !! Glad to see that Council will not give more tax payer money to CCH…especially when they don,t have extra themselves after all their payouts plus CCH no longer will hire the majority of Cornwall or S D & G Counties

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  3. The people have spoken ,the council has listened to its citizens .

    Time for change!!!

    Citizens stand up speak up ITS YOUR RIGHT!

  4. Hope it’s ok if i repeat myself

    But in short we have failures running the city and if all you know is failure then there islitel chnace of improvement.

    Read below about Oakville’s hospital then ask why dowe have so many issues

    The cost for Oakville to build a new hospital and including maintenance costs over the next 30 years is predicted to cost 2 billion dollars, 2.7 with inflation.

    They have implemented an alternative financial plan which aids in minimizing cost and schedule overruns better coordination between design, construction and long-term maintenance and building services, more accountability throughout the planning, construction and maintenance phases of each project; and all processes must be fair, transparent and efficient.
    They are governed by the guidelines set out by set out in the government’s Building a Better Tomorrow Framework for planning, financing and procuring public infrastructure. It also uses private sector expertise and ingenuity to the process of managing the infrastructure.

    Why does Cornwall look like such an incompetent group once again? How much more do they want and why haven’t they applied a alternative funding plan?

    Are the two spinster sisters, yet again working above their pay grade and experience level? I know it is far passed the ability of local council and professionals to fathom. It is so unfortunate Cornwall will soon once again end up with another, Transport training center or Civic complex…aka white elephant. If we look closely it is and has been the same people involved at one level or another

  5. Does anyone remember why the $500,000 was wanted for?

    If not new drapes, perhaps it was for pink slip on two particular staff members,,,,anyone come to mind?

    Perhaps that is why council denied the request…the birds in their nest are too close to council to let go.

    Don’t mean to be so hard on these two love birds folks. I know you don’t either. The real problem is that they have headed up far too many issues this community over all are in opposition to.

    I’ve no doubt in their own sweet world they are soft as kittens,
    but would $500,000 have helped in ensuring their sudden retirements?

  6. Somehow I get the feeling that these bobbsey twins are trying to maneuver themselves into the hall of fame of the rich in cornwall. LOL.
    Yep, that den of inequality in the hospital, will be changed/deleted very shortly and there will be NO lost feeling here.

  7. Duckers1, maybe they need the money to pay for the wasteful destruction of those beautiful trees that had lined the front entrance,I,m sure not all if had had to be destroyed,my gosh!!! didn,t the city also destroy lilac bushes that could have been replanted or given to those that wanted them…namely me.

    Or…..maybe it is for the wasteful spending of putting new numbers in all the rooms at CCH

    Or…maybe the wasteful spending on radio & SF adds promoting their staff or asking for more donations long after donations dried up

  8. “…maybe it is for the wasteful spending of putting new numbers in all the rooms at CCH”, offered mariah.

    1/1, 2/2, 3/3…bilingualism at We have French language nuts at Ottawa City Hall, as well, that ordered “bilingual” signs Rideau/Rideau, Ottawa/Ottawa.

  9. I have always been an advocate of learning languages . My son is bilingual and seeking to learn other languages . The short sighted vision which resulted in the decision to enroll our community hospital in an OPTIONAL ontario french program ( not mandatory as some would have you believe ) has effectively elimiated 80% of potential employment candidates . Net result we hope to cull the best of the eligible 20% instead of selecting from the larger talent pool that exists . This is not decision makings finest hour but rather a self serving form of discrimination . After all exactly how many staff members are required to speak french to service the demand …would not 20% be sufficiant ? Further more in our multicultural society where does this blindness leave other groups ?

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