When TOO Big a Contract Can Kill a Player – Time for PK Subban to Learn from Wade Redden & Scott Gomez

JG BWCFN – What do Scott Gomez and Wade Redden have in common besides being poster children for bad over priced contracts?   They both are waivers wondering if they will have any future for their careers.  In particular Redden has suffered mightily purely because of the size of his contract.

Super Agent Don Meehan & Ian Pulver   rep them which brings into question the impact of agents on the game.

While an agents income is based on that of their clients some times the greed of going for the top dollar can lead to the embarrassment and turning of fans on hockey players.

P._K._SubbanThat might be something another Meehan client, one Pernell Karl Subban should consider as Habs fans, already the world’s most passionate, are facing their missing star after the lock out.

With Michael Del Zotto (another Meehan client) setting the bar with his recent signing with the Rangers why is this deal taking so long?

In a shortened 48 game season each game carries more impact?  Shouldn’t a team player be with their team?

Will those few more pennies and shekels help Mr. Subban’s career, especially in Montreal?   Maybe PK should go have a beer with Scott Gomez and see how that huge contract worked out.  If Mr.Gomez had signed for the money that NJ would probably have paid him he might not have been bounced from the Rangers, to Montreal, to disgrace with maybe a chance of salvaging a career forever tarnished?

While there’s a lot of money in professional hockey, billions, little boys don’t lace up skates and play with reckless abandon for the mighty dollar; agents maybe, but players not.   It’s time for more players to think about whose advice they listen to and remember its the fans that make their incomes possible.

As for Donnie Meehan, Ian Pulver and other hot shot agents;  squeezing big dollar contracts can hurt players sometimes as much as help.   Maybe it’s time to look more at the bigger picture…

That could be why there are so few players like Marty Brodeur who get the chance to spend their entire careers with one team.

What do you think NHL fans?  You can post your comments below.


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  1. I have it on good authority, that the English, players want out of MOntreal.

    the city is especially hard on the wives. The political climate being what it is, certainly is not conducive to anlgo US or Anglo canadian wives.

    When the Expoes, left for good, there were many a US ballplayer relieved that this franchise was gone.

    it is happening again for the NHL anglo players and thier wives.

    Gomez and Subban will get signed, but in montreal?

    There is more to this than meets the eye.

    remember S. Kouvi and Randy Cunneyworth, how they were treated ?

    quebec it seems is going out of its way to eliminate ANY AND ALL FORMS OF English, no matter what profession

    For an anglo to play here the bucks MUST BE THERE IN SPADES


  2. Wade Redden, just signed with St.Louis

    And Gomez, I think , just signed back with New York

    And the anglos keep a movin AWAY FROM quebec

  3. It is the foolish fan that encourages such inappropriate wages for athletes by readily paying excessively priced tickets. When hockey players and other athletes began earning much more than doctors and teachers, I tuned out of professional sports.

    Am new in this area (ex Montrealer) and would like to get some info on the Cornwall junior hockey team.

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