100 Letter Cornwall Competition – Lorna Foreman of Cornwall Ontario – January 20, 2013

LornaIt was an accident that got me to Cornwall, but it was my choice to stay, and I am glad I did.


So different from Toronto where I had been living;  I quickly discovered that Cornwall is a City that you can become involved in, and nothing is more satisfying than realizing that what you contribute does make a difference to your community.  Whether on a small or large scale, your actions count.


Cornwall is large enough to have city style activities; theatre, arts, music, good restaurants, bike trails, outdoor and sports venues and a diverse population, but small enough to perhaps know the people involved in those activities.  That adds a different flavour to your enjoyment.


Yes, we are situated in a beautiful part of Ontario, but it is the people that convinced me to stay – and I am happy I made that decision.


Lorna Foreman – Cornwall Ontario

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  1. I tend to agree with you Lorna, glad you decided to stay.

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