CFN to Publish Top 100 Letters on Why Cornwall Ontario is so Amazing! Email in yours today & Win Prizes! CLICK FOR DETAILS

wall ed renkemaCFN – It’s time.   Many of you may know about our 100 Letter Campaign about how Awesome Cornwall Ontario is!

Pitt St N ed renkemaWell we are officially announcing that you can now send in your emails.   Essentially you are writing a Letter to the Editor about why you think Cornwall Ontario is so amazing to work in, play in, live, grow your family or business or even just to visit.

There is no charge to submit your letter.  It’s free to enter.

You don’t even have to live in Cornwall.  The bottom line is we want the world to know why Cornwall Ontario is such a special place and what better people to hear it from than those that care most about it; you the public?  Now is your turn to share about why Cornwall is amazing!

fireworks ed renkemaNow here’s the kicker.   You all get to vote for the letters you like and the top 100 vote getters will win a prize from $50 gift certificates to our grand prize of a $1,000.00 shopping spree right here in Cornwall from our participating sponsors!

All you have to do to vote is click the Facebook like on the letter page, retweet, or click the ratings and rankings buttons!   Sponsors also get to vote by placing their sponsor badges on individual letters!

So start emailing in your letters to or

goose ed renkemaYour entry can include your own photos and even a You Tube video if you want to make one!

You have to include your name and info so we can reach you.

Entries can be sent in until April 15th 2013.     The contest ends April 24, 2013.

clock tower ed renkemaSo for the next three months keep those emails rolling in and keep voting and please remember to thank all of our sponsor without whom this contest couldn’t happen!



To see the entries so far click here!



We will be opening our special Contest page shortly with our first group of sponsors!  If you’re a business, service, or organization that wish to participate in this event please email us or call our hotline at 613 361 1755!

ed renkema photographySpecial thanks to talented area photographer Ed Renkema for his amazing shots of our City!

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  1. I came to Cornwall over thrity years ago and thought it to be the most beautiful and friendly city. Since then I have met many of this city’s residents. Residents from every nationallity. We are a multicutural community for sure. Where else can one take part in a balloon fest, winter carnivals, July first celebrations which carry on for a week, art, music , good resturants. the river at your doorstep, can launch your boat at no cost at the public park, churches for all faiths, lit up beautifully at Christmas to celebrate the nativity, streets are ploughed in winter, lilacs in the summer, parks with camping or just a picnic day just fifteen minutes outside the city, clean fresh air, good hospital and health care, excellent schools, a college, lots for the developmentally challenged people who are definitely not forgotten in this area, a beautiful sports arena, curling rink, civic complex which houses the city’s great pool , ice rink for skating and hockey, meeting rooms or banquet halls and a resurnant to boot. I am sure there are things I have left out but what a place to live or visit. I feel so blessed to be a part of this community. I just wrote as I recalled all I think is great about Cornwall. I do not care if I win I just had to tell what a great place our city is.

  2. Thanks for this initiative, Jamie.

    It’s nice to see Cornwall Free News highlighting the positive, as opposed to “exposing the negative,” even though that is useful and necessary from time to time.

    The three letters that have already been submitted are rich in content, and it’s great you’ve set such a long deadline (until April 15).

    However, you haven’t mentioned who’s going to do the judging and, hopefully, the readers of CFN can read a letter from you too!

  3. Author

    Muriel you have to email us your letter to or for us to enter it.

    Thanks for a lovely comment!

    Neil if you read the story again you’ll notice that the public is voting by clicking on the rating buttons, the thumbs up buttons, tweeting, and liking on FB. As well the sponsors get to vote by placing their sponsor badges on letters they like.

  4. Oops, sorry I missed that, so thanks for the additional explanation.

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