Kathleen Wynne Wins Liberal Nomination – First Woman & Lesbian Premier of Ontario – January 26, 2013

wynne floorKathleen_WynneCFN – Don Valley West MPP Kathleen Wynne is the next Premier of Ontario after winning the Liberal

Bernadette  WYNNE
Cornwall City Councilor & Co-Chair of the Leadership Convention Bernadette Clement

leadership in Toronto today with  1,150 delegates selecting her as leader..

Ms Wynne is not only the first female Premier of Canada’s largest province; she’s also the first openly gay Premier of Ontario.

She overcame hard competition from Sandra Pupatello, who she was trailing;  winning over most of the other candidates after the second ballot.

The biggest winner on the night may be Conservative leader Tim Hudak who will be facing off against Ms Wynne in the next election and NDP leader Andrea Horvath.  With both female candidates being left of Centre it could give the un-electable Mr. Hudak some hope.

Submitted video from the floor just before the announcement!

It should be interesting to see how Ms Wynne navigates the end of prorogation as well as the Teacher’s issues as well as some of the scandals silenced when Premier McGuinty fell on his sword.  As well, how will being a Toronto area Premier play out in the rest of the province?

Ms Wynne has run three times in Ontario and was victorious in each election.

James Borer CD
James Borer CD

SD&SG riding President James Borer just sent in the following:

I am so happy that a person with such integrity and so passionate about helping others has been elected as our next Leader, our next Premier.

NDP Leader Andrea Horvath released the following:

On behalf of Ontario New Democrats, I would like to congratulate Kathleen Wynne on winning the Liberal leadership race and thank all of the candidates for their time and effort. Public life, and politics especially, can be difficult work and people who engage in it deserve our thanks.


Now, more than ever it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work on the challenges facing Ontario families. I urge the incoming Premier to recall the Legislature without delay so that MPPs of all stripes can do the job Ontarians elected us to do. We need to take a constructive approach to create and protect good-paying jobs, improve healthcare and education, and take a balanced approach to balancing the books.

With the buzz of an upcoming Spring election how do you think this will bounce?

What do you think Ontario?  You can post your comments below.

James Moak


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  1. Further judgment from God – forsake Him and His word, He forsakes us.

    Rom 1:26-27 ” For this reason, God gave them over to degrading passions. Even their females exchanged their natural sexual function for one that is unnatural. In the same way, their males also abandoned the natural sexual function of females and burned with lust for one another. Males committed indecent acts with males, and received in themselves the appropriate penalty for their perversion”.

  2. Author

    So Pastor Tom does that means you’re voting NDP? 🙂

  3. The what? NDP the N.uts D.riven by P.ride – I will tell this much I did not vote for Obama, nor Romeny, nor…..

  4. oh jeesh hes started on these pages also *rolls eyes* anyways back to main point congrats to the liberal race im looking forward to voting this coming spring if there happens to be an election

  5. I was pulling for Pupatello, but Wynne will be a fine premier. I guess there will always be hateful bigoted homophobes, but thankfully their numbers are dwindling, and most of them are in hard-core conservative ridings anyway.

  6. Congratulations Kathleen Wynne on your win,however,in your speech you did not include freedom of speech along with other freedoms important to you.,so no vote from me!!! I may even choose to not vote at all or simply ruin my ballot if nobody steps up to support the majority of Ontarians in free speech,I always hated forced anything!!!

  7. I just watched Kathleen Wynne’s first press conference a few minutes ago. She is one sharp cookie. She’s gonna be a breath of fresh air, and I think she’ll do very well as premier.

  8. I don’t really care who won. I can’t stand the liberal party.

  9. borer,

    when are you going to answer the questions posed to you by CC# 2 and JQ’ s questions regarding m. meilleur’s anti- English stance.

    The questions were about the imbalances and pro-french agandas that the selfless ,kind and dedicated m meilleur supposedly is, as characterized by you .

    When can the people expect those answers?

    jamis baby, come om , you have had these for well over 6 weeks now, what’s going on jamie baby?

    Your lips must be pretty sore kissing up to these people, surley they owe you that, after all of your hard work in bullying people to defend the indefenseable.

    great pics jamie, no substance, but great pics and you really know how to suck up.

  10. Excellent comment Peter (MODERATED). You always raise the tone of discussion on this site.
    So now it looks like Ms. Wynne will be vilified by Baptist preachers because she is in a same-sex relationship, and by the English rights freedom-fighters because she can and does communicate in both English and French. Whatever should homophobes and francophobes do? It’s a scary world out there for those suffering with irrational phobias.
    I seriously believe that new provincial and federal political parties should be formed to represent all Canadians who suffer with these disorders.

  11. Ed January 27, 2013 at 5:03 pm

    ” So now it looks like Ms. Wynne will be vilified by Baptist preachers because she is in a same-sex relationship, and by the English rights freedom-fighters because she can and does communicate in both English and French.”

    -Nice attempt to spin it there Eddy baby taking lessons from stella aren’t you.*****smile*****

    Whatever should homophobes and francophobes do? It’s a scary world out there for those suffering with irrational phobias.

    Once again nice spin on that reality eddy baby.

    Peter had said nothing of the such,but hey your bored and hell you want to do some of your famous shit disturbing.

    What gets me pissed with the left wing media is why do they have to keep repeating that she is gay isn’t it almost Liberal propaganda?,geez get over it so what .
    I have many friends that are gay but we need to emphasize is she capable of keeping that party alive.

    Now if the left wing media would stick to political platforms rather then her sexual orientation,we might actually have a story here.

  12. And now highlander is calling me “eddie baby”! It’s not fair!!!!!
    Carry on highlander and crew, but yous really do need a proper political party that will fight for your cause. There is no such party now, and there likely will never be until yous people get one going. It’s pretty bad when even Hudak just smirks and walks away from yous guys.

  13. @ highlander. You are living in one of the most wealthy and safe democracies on the planet. And all you can whine about is the fact that Canada has two official languages. Lucky for you and your friends that you don’t live in Syria or Egypt or any of those hell-holes. You clowns have absolutely no idea of how lucky you are. Sure, things aren’t perfect here, but there are way bigger issues than your petty problems dealing with the French language.

  14. This is a sad situation for politics in Ontario, why would you as a company (Ontario Liberals) elect someone like Ms Wynne?

    Does she actually work for everyone in the province or willwe see her focus her efforts on teachers, Toronto, and gay rights?

  15. How is this working out for us?

    I would like to thank every Ontario Liberal voter for putting the McGuinty government back into the legislature in 2011, and the NDP voters who backed up this group since. Now we see another billion dollar boondoggle that needs to be paid for. Of course the new November electricity rates were coordinated months ago, but we all get stuck paying for it once again!

  16. Pastor Newton is quoting Romans 13 and yes Pastor that is so very true. Homosexuality has been going on since the beginning of time and I have seen animals do it as well. As for “Winnie the Pooh” I would not vote for her and not because she is gay but because she is brainless like McGuinty and all the rest of them. There is one that is called Cynthia from the US and she looks so familiar to me because she looks like one of the journalists on RT (Russian TV). The journalist in the US (Russian TV) and is a real ding a ling of a twit. She sure looks and acts like her. I would not vote in NDP either nor would I vote in that other twit “who dat” Tim Hudak. None are worth going to the polls to waste my time on. Like I said to all of you before I quit voting – they are all twits, thieves, liars, smouts in the gravy train pot, corrupted to the core.

    Highlander all you do is complain and I can tell you first hand that you are living in the best country in the entire world even with all our problems and you sir should get down on your knees and pray to the Good Lord that you are living in Canada. My God Almighty if you only knew what is going on overseas. Even in Europe people are suffering because of the economy and we are all going to feel it with another Great Depression. Language is the least of your problems and learn to love and accept others and it would be good for you and others like you to show some compassion. You don’t know one quarter of what is going on and if you did you would never criticize language and be mighty grateful for what you have.

  17. While we are by most measures considered to be in the top ten “best” countries to live, like everywhere else we still have room for improvement. We have a distance still to travel with regards to political corruption, adscam, e-health, orange, green energy act, eco fees, power plant closures, etc, etc. Can Ms. Wynn make a difference ? I rather doubt it but I would love to be proven wrong !

  18. As for the the

    Lib(French accent on the e)rals


    getting in again provincially. All i have to say is,
    constant pay raises for counselors
    gas plants

    then, of course, higher taxes to pay for it all.
    They may as well be lighting their hundred dollar Cuban cigars with thousand dollar bills from our hard earned tax money.
    Of course, they are probably do this also.

    Oh and, ON January 27, 2013 at 7:16 pm Ed

    Wrote, “You clowns have absolutely no idea of how lucky you are. Sure, things aren’t perfect here, but there are way bigger issues than your petty problems dealing with the French language.”

    So Ed, just because there is SH!T going on in other parts of the world that means we (the luck Anglo Canadians) are supposed to bend over and let ourselves get F&%^KED by the French powers that be? Let them take over our government, our jobs. our country, while saying and doing nothing about it because there is sh!t going on in other parts of the world?

    That’s pretty freakin lame there Ed.

    Those British and Scots and so on that died fighting for this country are cursing you and your namesake Eddy. Just remember that.

    Oh and, have yourself a nice “sit around do nothing, head in the sand, care about nothing, don’t bother being patriotic cause there are bad things going on around the world — that’s your lame prerogative” kind of day eh 🙂

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