She Made It! Melly the Rottweiller Celebrates her 12th Birthday! January 27, 2013

Melly Dec 28 12CFN – Melly the Rottweiler turned 12 today.   She made it.   Yes, the love of my life has had a long and wonderful life.   She’s ill, and it was touch and go for awhile and, well frankly at this stage every day is a blessing.Mellys-first-day-7-weeks-250x228

I was 36 when I brought my 7 week bundle of joy home.    She was a little terror, and it wasn’t until she was nine months that her real character started to come out.

A lot of people treat their pets like their kids in an age where more and more people aren’t having children of their own.  I get that.

Melly has lived in three homes.   She’s seen her cat brother Binky and her Dacshund Pudgy pass away.   She’s lost her best friend Arden and sister Lily move away after her mommy and I divorced.   It’s been a lot of life for my little girl.   She’s had quite a few aunties.

Melly Arden
Mel with Arden

I used to bring Mel on first dates.   She has an uncanny ability to know good people from

Mel with Pudgy
Mel with Pudgy

bad; one time going as far as Hanover New Hampshire.   Once while at a friends place she freaked on a guy that was cutting wood for him.  It turned out that this gentleman had gone into my buddies house and emptied his wallet.   Mel knew.

A dog’s life is never long enough.    It’s a metaphor for our own lives in some ways.  Rottie’s only average 8-9 years so I’ve had lots of bonus time.    I get jealous of dogs  in that they never truly feel the pressures that we do.  Millions of years of simply being devoted to us humans and wanting cookies isn’t all bad.

I’ve watched her as a baby, as a young adult, as a mature indestructible big baby goof  as she’s aged, and now in her twilight hours.   She limps a bit, but will still run on occasion.   She still loves to chase squirrels even though she never could catch any.   She still loves her cookies.

It seems surreal that one day, not too far away, she won’t be home or I won’t be able to turn to her and give her a scratch in her special spots.    But her life has been a great gift and now each day is treasured.

I’ve been lucky too in that I have the world’s greatest vet; Dr. Debbie Nash, who’s been with Mel since day one even though Dr. Nash herself has moved a couple of times.   I wish more vets, heck more Doctors, had the commitment that she does to her patients.

Ooh what did Melly doNow Mel has her new brother whose job it is to keep her happy and active.   Little Fitzy has done just that and with a new diet and extra care Mel is doing much better.

So today is going to be Melly’s day.   All her favorite yummies, a new toy, and scratches in all her favorite spots.    I think the biggest gift of this part of her life is the lesson to appreciate those that we love, whether they be fur or not because life is short and seasons do pass.

And then if we’re really really lucky we have great memories to cherish.

Happy 12th Birthday Melly!

Melly Dec 24 12


  1. Love how Melly shows baby the rules of their pecking order that must be obeyed;)

  2. Refreshing to see someone who loves and respects their animals, I can relate to your story, I have a nine year old Rottweiler, her name is Bella and she is the sunshine of my life..
    The following are quotes I find truthful and inspiring;

    “Love of animals is a universal impulse, a common ground on which all of us may meet. By loving and understanding animals, perhaps we humans shall come to understand each other.”
    -Dr. Louis.J. Camuti

    “Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal.
    Difficult standards for people to live up to.”
    -Alfred. A. Montapert

    ” Wish you and your beautiful girl a ray of happy memories and cherished moments for years and years to come……….Eva

    you are the best!!
    See you in the back yard
    Mika, Whisky, & Skype

  4. Happy belated Birthday Melly! Those of us with little ones to share our lives with, realize how much they add to our own. They are a blessing and a wonderful addition to our families. Ever notice that they love you unconditionally and without reservation?
    I wish people could be more like our fine furry friends. The world would be a much better place!

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