Enough With Attacking our Cornwall Police Force – OP ED by Jamie Gilcig – February 2, 2013

Enough With Attacking our Cornwall Police Force – OP ED by Jamie Gilcig – February 2, 2013

jg2CFN – My learned colleague from the Standard Free Holder is parroting a few of our City Councilors about police services in Corwnall.  In particular how they need more money.

Cornwall, like many communities has many challenged.    Chief Dan Parkinson and I sat down earlier this week and talked about an issue that is cause for concern for our community.

Domestic Abuse & Violence.

Chief Parkinson shared that there are about 3 calls per day or a little over 1,000 per year for this nature.   How the police force in essence has become a defacto social service in a similar manner that emergency wards are filled with cases that really shouldn’t be in emergency wards.

When that happens that clogs up resources and costs money.   Those 1,000 calls are from a pool of about 17-18 thousand calls per year that our amazing police force service.     The Cornwall police force also faces many challenges, for example attrition where some of our officers jump for greener pastures with the OPP or RCMP.   I would ask Councilor Thibault and friends how switching to the OPP would be less expensive when their salaries tend to be higher.    Would it be less services to Cornwall?

With the Hospital phasing out addiction treatment services at the old Cornwall General in lieu of home care and other limited services surely this will put a higher drain on our limited police forces?

The leadership vacuum in Cornwall and lacking mental health care services create ripe situations where our police are left to clean up the mess.   A healthier community leads to less needs to call upon police services.   Same for long term care for our Seniors who in certain situations end up being police calls.   Those suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s can also increase the work load for police.

It’s not all Starsky & Hutch and bad guys.  It’s not all about illegal ciggies and smuggling.

Think about it.  When you’re in trouble who do you really turn to?    The police.

Can the Cornwall Police department do a better job when it comes to budgets and resources?  I’m sure they can, but this gerrymandering and holding the threat of bringing in the OPP for our city is surely the kind of amateur hijinks of politicians void of solutions or ability to problem solve.   IE surgically removing a limb for a mosquito bite.

It’s time that some in Cornwall take more pride in our city and some of the services that actually work, and while not perfect this scribbler thinks we have a pretty darn good police force.

Politicians that drop the buck and allow mental health &  addiction services to slide can only expect higher police costs.   Same goes for senior care.  It’s one of the reasons this scribbler will be speaking Monday night to help save the Cornwall General Hospital for the resource that it has been and should stay for our community.   (LINK)   Investing in taking care of people will cost us less in police and legal services.  It’s that simple.

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