Thank you all 41,530 Unique Visitors to CFN in January! Numbers and Stuff – February 2, 2013

CFNlogoCFN – It’s been a record setting month for your favorite  newspaper in Eastern Ontario!   CFN drew 1,779,374 page views. Sadly ad Agency Zenith Media doesn’t consider us a media outlet and said we don’t even appear on Alexa!    Yet another slight to your INTENSELY LOCAL Independent Newspaper which is being snubbed by the Province of Ontario’s ad agency of choice.


Our Top 25 Cities for 2012!

1) Cornwall

2) Ottawa

3) Toronto

4) Montreal

5) Cooksville

6) Hialeah FLORIDA ( hi snowbirds!)

7) Mississauga

8.) London

9) Windsor

10) Don Mills

11) Kingston

12) Vancouver

13) Edmonton

14) Calgary

15) Richmond Hill

16) Brockville

17) Hull

18) Morrisburg

19) New York NY

20) Sudbury

21) Winnipeg

22) Hawkesbury

23) Kitchener

24) Hamilton

25) Carp

Only 54% of visitors to CFN in 2012 were first timers!   We have a huge loyal following!

Nearly 20% of you are using mobile devices and tablets.

Over 30% of you visit CFN 25 or more times per month!

Alexa Canadian Rankings of Eastern Ontario Media Online

1) CFN  90% Canadian traffic!

2)  (Brockville)

3) 75.4% Canadian traffic

4)  (Corus radio)



7)  (Brockville)

 Our new AcuWeather page rolls out this week!    As well we’re proud to be picking up the syndication of selected Terry Mosher’s Aislin cartoons and we will be making a special announcement on our fourth birthday about our new print editon; Seaway Today which is a Lifestyle & Features periodical aimed at those 45+!

We will be putting out a call for submissions as we need some talented writers to help make this as special as we know you expect it to be.   Seaway Today will be free and distributed at establishments as we roll out.   Subscription service will also be available.   Call 613 361 1755 for advertiser info so you don’t miss out on being in our first issue!

Our 100 Letter contest where you will be able to write in why Cornwall Ontario is such a great place to live, work, and grow your business and compete for over $5,000 in prizes is now open for your entries!  To see the letters and vote click HERE!

Email what you love about Cornwall to or  – you can include a photo or video clip as well!

If your business, service, or organization wish to benefit from sponsorship of this three month campaign please call us at  613 361 1755.

We at CFN  could not do it without you.    And if you love CFN as much as it looks like you do, and want to help please keep viewing.

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Share our links, and above all if you happen to connect with one of our sponsors please thank and support them because without their help there would be no CFN!



The Cornwall Free News


  1. Looking forward to the “SEAWAY TODAY” initial offering. Congratulations on your record setting month, may it be a string of many to come ! Enjoying the format.

  2. LOL@ ad Agency Zenith Media… they don’t know how to search Alexa! Hey, genuises at the Ad Agency, type “Cornwall Free News, Ontario” in the search. If you omit “Ontario”, it says “no results”. You are welcome 🙂

    Cornwall Free News

    Local and World news from Cornwall Ontario Canada
    Statistics Summary for is ranked #183,059 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. Visitors to it view 13.1 unique pages each day on average. The site appeals to users whose demographics are not significantly different from those of all internet users, and approximately 2% of visits to are referred by search engines. The site is located in Canada

    Alexa Traffic Rank :

    Global Rank 183,059
    Rank in CA 4,093
    Reputation 223

  3. I just did a search on Zenith Media and Alexa had no data on their web page.

  4. Congrats on the great numbers CFN!!

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