Are the Cornwall area NDP Playing Petty Politics Over Healthcare and Seniors? – February 5, 2013

ElaineSPCFN – People were asking at the public meeting about the Cornwall General Hospital about where Elaine markmacdonald01MacDonald, Brian Lynch, and Jason Setnyk were?  Surely a party that is supposed to care about Healthcare should be leading the charge if not at least  represented?  How many committees and groups are Elaine and Jason on dedicated to these causes that rarely accomplish anything?

Is there a 12 step group for being on committees?

While Elaine MacDonald attended the EOHU meeting to listen to Champlain LHIN poobah Chantale Leclerc she’s been absent  from the coalition meetings.  Could it be because of her insane pettiness over Mark MacDonald who she finished behind in the last election?


Surely if MPP Jim MacDonell (who won the riding) and Mr. MacDonald can stump for the same cause the NDP door stop in the provincial election could to?

jmacdonellIsn’t it time for people, especially those with political aspirations,  that really care about causes to put their petty silliness aside and truly work for the community?    And that means showing up for meetings and supporting actions even if you may not be a huge fan of some of the people doing likewise.

So far Lynch and Setnyk are 0-3 in meetings about saving the Cornwall General and the services that are mostly there geared for Seniors.  Ms MacDonald is 1-3 which is pretty good if you’re a Baseball player; but not so good if you truly want to help your community.

Could that be why the NDP brand in this riding is where it is?   To see our coverage of the last public meeting, sign the petition and vote in our polls please click HERE.

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  1. My mother earth you are a great reporter!

  2. Yes, Stacey he is one of the best! People just “assume” that our political representatives are always out there and in Cornwall it is usually not the case, unless it relates to hockey arenas. Most of them don’t stand up against discrimination with regards to jobs, as they allow the choice of language over merit, shame, shame. Elaine is so phoney that she even pretends to be French, Jamie has that hilarious video is his archives! Now most of them could care less about seniors(a rapidly growing group), enough to even come out to the meetings to listen. Yep listening is something that our local politicians forget to do once elected in. NDP will sit on the sidelines forever as actions speak louder than words.
    It is great that we have people like Jim McDonell finally speaking out, Andre Rivette, Bryan McGillis and the young folk getting involved.
    Welcome to the board Stacey. Stick around, the truth is just around the corner with Jamie at the helm!!!

  3. If someone wants to know where I am, they can ask me. A part of being on many boards and committees is frequently having meetings (I have six meetings this week including two on the Monday in question, and two more this Wednesday – and this is very typical), and most of these meetings are booked weeks and sometimes months in advance. I wish Mark A. MacDonald the best of luck in his endeavours, and if a meeting is held on a night that I have open, I will be there. Best Regards. P.S Jamie, thanks for using my photo of Mark, I think it is a pretty good picture of him!

  4. Author

    As long as you have your priorities in order Mr. Setnyk. I’m sure the voters in the next election will appreciate that causes like our hospital, health care, and seniors take a back seat to whatever it was you had scheduled weeks and months prior….Btw, Mr. Setnyk I noticed that your name was missing from both of our petitions which would mean that either you do support the sale of the hospital like Ms MacDonald or you’re too petty to sign; sort of like you refusing to send press releases or invites to public supported events you’ve inveigled you’re way onto committees of….

  5. A false dichotomy is a type of informal fallacy that involves a situation in which limited alternatives are considered, when in fact there is at least one additional option. I am concerned about the cost of converting the hospital into a long term facility, when it would be more affordable to build a new long term care facility from scratch. I would also like to see the provincial government sponsor more long term beds in this community. That is why I emailed Ontario’s Minister of Health and Long-Term Care Deb Matthews about the need for more long term health care beds in the Cornwall area. If anyone else would like to email Matthews too, here is the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care’s contact info:

    Deb Matthews
    242 Piccadilly Street
    London, ON N6A 1S4
    Tel: (519) 432-7339
    Fax: (519) 432-0613

  6. Author

    And that is why I would never vote for you Jason. Way too clever for your own good.

  7. Jason would never get my vote either,pretty short sighted of him to worry about the costs at this stage, we first need to get this building off the selling block & all put our heads together to help healthcare & seniors

  8. whats with the comments about the poor condition of this building? should we be purchasing safety helmets and gas masks for the seniors and psych patients living there? btw jason your position on this is weak but at least you commented so i am giving you more points than the other local politicians.

  9. Author

    I think Mr. Setnyk has to learn that if you’re dealing with public dollars that you have to put your petty bs aside if you want to attain a role of leadership via appointment or election. The community always has to come first.

    People can smell insecurity and pettiness from MILES away….

  10. Wow, Jason that is a really poor response to Jamie. Like Mariah said too, your response is very short sighted, why worry about the money before all options are even on the table?!?!? Not the kind of leadership I would vote for. My suggestion to you is to either “produce the support’ or get off the pot. Better get on board, otherwise staying with photography might be your best career option. The people of Cornwall can see right through you. For every council member/government leader/government leader wanna be that doesn’t sign the petition to further explore options for the CGH building, that is one vote against the seniors and those with disabilites that could really benefit from this. Don’t cut yourself or them short.

  11. Author

    City RN people like Jason just don’t get that CFN is not me. It’s the 41,000 plus unique visitors we get each month which when you factor in our huge social media footprint equals more than 100,000 people per month that are exposed to CFN.

    We really are a community newspaper. Here is the link to our Mission and Vision statements. LINK

  12. Why spend $72 million renovating when a new building would cost tax payers half as much?

  13. Jason is an NDP again? He seems to switch his allegiance quite easily depending on what he can personally gain.

  14. I applaud Mark A MacDonald’s efforts, but I think the real question is why our current City Council did not initiate public consultations from the get-go. A few weeks ago in Council both Rivette and Dupelle supported having public consultations, and kudos to both of them for that.

  15. If all politicians have the same view as Jason,I would call it “passing the buck” as per norm and then nothing done about or or slight case of forgetfulness of who you are trying to help.
    BS is very common in being a politician,but action speaks louder than words.
    When it was shown, who was on the board and how many people there were, to me, it representative a gross mismanagement of people.
    The two CAO or whatever they want to call themselves should be eliminated and so should the board persons.
    Who is at fault?
    To start, the provincial goverment for allowing a ten year well kept secret with the hospital and city hall of cornwall from the citizens of Cornwall.
    The goverment allowing the CAO(S) of the hospital to go ahead to entertain the selling of the hospital in dispute.
    The CAO(S) next should be said goodby to for NOT ADVISING the public of the said subject.
    For these two persons to be involved with two articles- language & selling of hospital surely there must be something wrong with the system.
    The city council, well, there’s not much to say here, there’s not much there anyways.
    Have a nice day.

  16. You are right! This is the place where they hear from the community through CFN. Thank goodness for this sight!

    By the way, your link did not work. Maybe you could post it for us or check the link please. The politicians should have a read too!

  17. Author

    Jason a good politician researches or questions a number before parroting it. Do you have an actual report or factual reason to state that number? Methinks not. You have to stop drinking the same Kool-aid as Elaine does.

  18. Politician’s have made evasion an art form.

    A politician does their best work at selling themselves ,after voted in not so.
    Jason Setnyk
    February 6, 2013 at 9:41 am

    “Why spend $72 million renovating when a new building would cost tax payers half as much?”

    I and many others would like to know who has done the feasibility study that advises that $72 million would be required?

    Please Mr.Setnyk could you provide that reference material ?

  19. Jason
    First and foremost, I think you can now consider yourself asked, where were you?

    A few observations can be made here,

    Do you feel your time if over booked?
    It is my understanding you are a teacher. My SO is a teacher and most of their free time, if you can call it that is spent on preparing for a new day, helping kids and marking. Where do you find the time to belong to all these boards let alone teach or do what ever you do for a profession?
    I am assuming with 6 meetings you are on 6 boards. That is merely a question on the productivity and efficiency of the boards
    Are you truly productive on the boards you have joined, or is this board sitting merely a presence so people can see you in the next election, Look What I did and now you can vote for me? If you are productive what have you accomplished?

    75 Million to renovate, It would be nice to see what the plan to renovate entails . Where can we look at the in the feasibility study, or the DBM, Design basis memorandum?. I would hope you are not lying in your quoting of cost estimates. For 75 Million with a credible EPC firm you could build a extension on a hospital…

  20. A false dichotomy

    That is hilarious,

    what about a man that uses big scenarions and words to provide A false dichotomy about his limited abilities?

  21. Who the %^& is Jason Setnyk and why do you all care what he types?

  22. Interesting observation ADMIN, thank you for this piece of inspiration . It has long been an observation of mine over the years that the difference between “busy people” and successful individuals is their ability to multitask, prioritize and get things accomplished. When a successful individual needs to possibly meet the impossibility of being in two places at once a priority resolution is made. A message to be read/viewed is delivered to the other venue in advance of its start, simple effective and professional.
    Short sighted of any individual with political aspirations to alienate a group as significant as the baby boomers and current seniors over an issue so real and immediate. Conversely how refreshing it was to have the two grade 12 students present and how far sighted for them to have made this situation part of their project !

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