Are the Cornwall area NDP Playing Petty Politics Over Healthcare and Seniors? – February 5, 2013

ElaineSPCFN – People were asking at the public meeting about the Cornwall General Hospital about where Elaine markmacdonald01MacDonald, Brian Lynch, and Jason Setnyk were?  Surely a party that is supposed to care about Healthcare should be leading the charge if not at least  represented?  How many committees and groups are Elaine and Jason on dedicated to these causes that rarely accomplish anything?

Is there a 12 step group for being on committees?

While Elaine MacDonald attended the EOHU meeting to listen to Champlain LHIN poobah Chantale Leclerc she’s been absent  from the coalition meetings.  Could it be because of her insane pettiness over Mark MacDonald who she finished behind in the last election?


Surely if MPP Jim MacDonell (who won the riding) and Mr. MacDonald can stump for the same cause the NDP door stop in the provincial election could to?

jmacdonellIsn’t it time for people, especially those with political aspirations,  that really care about causes to put their petty silliness aside and truly work for the community?    And that means showing up for meetings and supporting actions even if you may not be a huge fan of some of the people doing likewise.

So far Lynch and Setnyk are 0-3 in meetings about saving the Cornwall General and the services that are mostly there geared for Seniors.  Ms MacDonald is 1-3 which is pretty good if you’re a Baseball player; but not so good if you truly want to help your community.

Could that be why the NDP brand in this riding is where it is?   To see our coverage of the last public meeting, sign the petition and vote in our polls please click HERE.

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