100 Letter Cornwall Competition – 11 Year old Jerzie Legault Rochon of Cornwall Ontario – February 7, 2013

Part of the midway and games of chance area in the east field
Part of the midway and games of chance area in the east field

Ok Cornwall is so awesome because of so many things. It has swimming,skating,rivers,stores,parks,festivals and much much more but the coolest thing about it is the people who live here. They are so kind. There are so many reasons Cornwall is awesome too many to say,so ill tell you my favorite things………

First thing is the schools. Ok so the schools are awesome because you get what you need like a education i mean that’s what i wan’t.
Our schools help get us jobs, real good ones YES! teach us a second languages. Cornwall offers both. Second thing, the people, OMG!
They are so kind. For the environment, Nature,Buildings. Environment is so important to take care of and we do. Nature we need animals we got them. Buildings they are still up and standing!
The People help each other make Cornwall beautiful. Third thing is  the activities, We hold a lot of them. I remember Winterfest , Liftoff , the carnival i was there was Skating , two play gyms  and music bands. they were amazing , and everyone was happy.
These things and lots of other things is why Cornwall is simply the best.
BY Jerzie Legault Rochon Age 11

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  1. Really fun to read, Jerzie. Thanks you!

  2. People certainly are the best thing. Volunteers and some paid positions drive change, create and run events even, but it all starts with an idea. Good job.

  3. I love you girl your the greatest and i hope you win. Pops.

  4. Author

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  5. Very nice Jerzie thank you for the smiles.

  6. Jerzie Legault Rochon….nice to hear from you young lady. You have simply seeded thoughts that could one day put you in the shining light of huge success’s in life. I’m so glad you took the time to show the rest of us up. :-).

    Courage to write with a balanced view will get you many more votes and notes.

    Great stuff.

  7. Thanks guys for all your votes it means so much to me and all the wonderful comments you guys posted so sweet thanks

  8. Author

    Jerzie you still will get a prize. I’ll be emailed you shortly and you get to decide which local sponsor you get a $50 gift certificate from! Thank you for sharing your love for Cornwall with everyone!


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