Which Elected Official or Senior Manager Did the Best Job in Cornwall Ontario in 2012 & Early 2013? POLL

CouncilApril2610CFN – After a lot of discussion with a lot of people recently we have decided to play with our new poll toy and let you, our amazing viewers express yourself on the performance of our civic servants at City Hall.

You can vote on multiple choices, and feel free to post your comments below.



  1. Where are the choices Jamie? LOL!

    Andre Rivette gets my vote. Leslie comes second because he was smart enough to get off of that stinky council ship!

    Can’t wait to see the results : )

  2. OK is Bob Peters voting for himself here? please………….he must think he will be on the front cover if he wins this one.

  3. Andre Rivette gets my vote to as to someone who truly represents our community and its people honestly. I would also give high marks to our CFO Ms. M Adams, but she did not this poll.

  4. Why do you omit Mrs. Maureen Adams CFO? She has my vote!

  5. David Murphy’s so cute!!!!!!!

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