100 Letter Campaign About Why Cornwall Ontario is Great UPDATE Apology – ENTRY INFO – February 10, 2013

Cornwall FEB 2012CFN – CFN would like to clarify the status of our 100 Letter campaign.  Contrary to some rumors we are not cancelling it due to sabotage from members of Cornwall’s management and elected officials.     We have had to delay the official roll out of our campaign due to over three weeks of bizarre behavior from City Hall.

I was called into a meeting with new CEO Norm Levac & Economic Developments Mark Boileau.   That meeting while positive, resulted in Mr. Levac asking for and receiving all of this time to only send me an email sharing that CFN is Offensive and Inflammatory to City Hall and violates their advertising policy.  They did offer us some golf shirts to give away.  It was a truly boggling scribble, and a sad process.   The Cornwall Chamber of Commerce & Team Cornwall did not even reply to our contacts to them asking if they wished to participate in this campaign celebrating all that’s Cornwall Ontario.

All we had asked for was the city to put the entry story link on the City’s Facebook page and websites.    We were asked to submit a proposal for participation and sponsorship which we did.  It was kinda awesome and would include a special award from the city and hopefully each elected official and manager writing in letters too about why they love Cornwall. (they are all still welcome to write in about why Cornwall is the amazing place it is.)  It certainly was not expensive nor prohibitive in light of what the City pays elsewhere for far less service.

Who on earth would ever think that a campaign to promote what’s best about Cornwall Ontario could turn into such a mess?

That being said I wish to publicly apologize to the sponsors that have already signed up and those in the community that have already sent in letters for the delay.  I just felt that this campaign would benefit all with the City’s support which in the end only sabotaged the goal of this campaign.

But the good news is that the campaign is still live and will be rolled out as planned. We have extended it though which means more time for everyone to get in their letters and vote.  It means a bit more time of exposure for our sponsors as well!

The contest will have it’s grand reveal on March 1st 2013.   The deadline for submissions will be May 15th 2013 and the grand prize winner and end of the contest will be May 30, 2013.

And here’s how it work!

The 100 Letter Campaign

Anyone can write in (especially kids!) an email to info@cornwallfreenews.com or jamie@cornwallfreenews.com about why they think Cornwall is an amazing place.  Entries can include photos and even you tube links.

Children can enter, but their entry must be accompanied by a  note of parental permission.

The public and sponsors can vote on letters by tweeting or liking/sharing on Facebook.

They can also vote by hitting the thumbs up and rating number on the letter page.

Sponsors can place their sponsor badges.

There is no luck or draw.  This purely is a contest of merit.

Highest score wins our grand prize of a $1,000 local shopping spree from our participating sponsors!

There will be 99 other prizes ranging from $50 certificates from local sponsors to special prizes for certain initiatives as dictated by our sponsors and funders of the event.

Businesses wishing to participate and sponsor can do so.

Phone 613 361 1755 for more details.

In conclusion, Cornwall Ontario is an amazing place that has some amazing people.  We need to celebrate the good that’s being done and has been done in our community.  We need to improve the way people think about our fair city.  It’s not stinky Domtar anymore.  We are a city in transition with many things to celebrate.   Our goal at CFN when creating this campaign was to celebrate those things.

While sadly those at City Hall do not wish to do so I have a hunch that many of the other 46,000 people that live here and even more outside do wish to celebrate that they feel is good.     Now is that opportunity.

To read current letters published please click HERE.


Jamie Gilcig – Editor – CFN

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  1. Jamie this is a wonderful positive community venture. It is too bad that the fine folks at city hall and the Chamber have not endorse your offering. My guess is that they desire to keep earning a reputation befitting such individuals from our communities as you keep earning your reputation of being a caring and sharing community member. I am proud of you and of your efforts to promote Cornwall with such intense community spirit. Keep on trucking!

  2. Some of the city’s senior citizens may also wish to participate, and if they have difficulty with the manual dexterity required to write or don’t use computers, family members or friends could write, or videotape their stories about Cornwall.

    In fact, it would be a great school project. Imagine all ages of students – even students in the local journalism program – going out and collect stories….stories from anyone, not just seniors.

    Maybe there are some creative teachers, parents, literacy advocates or writers clubs out there (?)

  3. The day and age of entitlement ! I suppose it could be said that anything that we do not wish to hear or anything that we do not agree with is OFFENSIVE and INFLAMMATORY. The fact of the matter is that Cornwall Ontario is an amazing place and it is most unfortunate that our elected city representatives/tax paid employees can not set aside their personal knee jerk reactions and instead be professional and simply back the common goal of promoting the Friendly Seaway City ! Koodos to CFN for not caving in but rather persevering and maintaining focus and direction . This I respect and recognize as an example for more of us to embrace. Thank you Jamie et al.

  4. Jamie…me thinks that Mayor & councillors know that you want what is best for Cornwall but unfortunately they also know what a great scribbler & detective that you are which would contra fine what they have been getting away with for years,their very jobs,prestige & pay checks are in peril !!!

  5. Well said Mariah. Gee I think that this is one of the shortest things I wrote. I can’t believe it.

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