Justin Trudeau One on One with CFN – To Visit Brockville & Cornwall Ontario February 12-13, 2013

jtCFN – As the Liberal Leadership campaign winds down Front Runner Justin Trudeau is still visiting communities.  This week he hits Eastern Ontario.

He’ll be visiting Brockville Wednesday February 13th.

Justin Trudeau will address local high school students during his visit to Brockville next Wednesday, February 13, 2013, as part of a nationwide tour as he vies for the Liberal leadership role.


Trudeau will be at St. Lawrence College at 1:00pm on Wednesday to speak to students about the importance of being politically active and informed in order to help shape Canada’s future.   


“I’m really excited that Mr. Trudeau has been able to find time in what I’m sure is a jam-packed schedule, to come tour area to speak directly to our youth,” said Leigh Bursey, chair of the Brockville Youth Advisory Committee. “Justin is a captivating speaker, a personable and intelligent figure in Canadian politics, and someone who brings a youthful experience to his critic portfolio. I’m encouraged by this visit, and excited to inspire and engage our area youth on civic affairs.”


As the critic for youth and post-secondary education and a former schoolteacher himself, Trudeau is committed to connecting with young people to get them excited and interested in Canadian politics.  


A number of area high schools have already committed to attending the event; however, all members of the community are encouraged to attend. After Trudeau’s speech, there will be an opportunity to meet with him.


This will be Justin Trudeau’s second visit to the Leeds-Grenville riding in less than three months and we expect a large attendance as we welcome him back to our riding.


There is no cost for this event.

CFN had a one on one with Justin this past week, as well where he talks about Eastern Ontario, Stephen Harper, his heroes, his favorite boxing movie Raging Bull, legalization of Marijuana, and more!  Please note that this clip is audio only.


Some bites.

About Stephen Harper:

He doesn’t rust Canadians to understand what it is he’s doing.   He does everything with a veil of secrecy, with a lack of accountability.

He’ll also be in Cornwall the day before.  Visit his website Justin.ca for more info!

Justin at his leadership run announcement night!



  1. the truth is in the details. Trudeau is pandering. He is meandering down the middle of the road, 40 years behind the parade, and acting like THAT is leadership.

    Let’s examine some facts:

    1) The Liberals still think pot is bad. Not “a good medicine” that “should be more widely used and studied” – but a “drug” that we already know enough about…. enough to know that we want to REDUCE it’s use. THAT is their position. If I am wrong, ask them. Any of them.

    2) IF Harper even allows elections… and IF the elections are actually clear and legitimate, and IF the liberals get elected, they will probably stall and stall and stall and stall, insisting that they are “focusing on jobs” or the “economy” or whatever, and keep putting the pot issue off until next time.

    3) IF they present a legislation, it would be, I expect, a disaster. It will be written by cops, and the bar (for legal producers) will be set so high as to STIMULATE the black market, not thwart it. Things like limiting numbers of growers and sellers, no home-growing…. The commercialization and regulation of pot on one side of town, and an ongoing black market on the other. You live in CORNWALL, people….. see your booming tobacco industry for more details.

    3) The gun for the race goes off BANG! and everyone runs for the finish line….. Justin saunters to the side to talk to fans, still moving forward, but at a snails pace.
    “well, it is a step, in the right direction” says a supporter. No. It bloody well isn’t. And anyone who thinks it is, is too misinformed to be taken seriously.

    4) The Senate. A dead end for all bills not written by the remaining tory seat-warmers. Remember – if there is even an election, the cpc will likely be the Opposition, and they will hammer the Liberals daily in the press.

    So again, I say……. pot will be legalized through the courts (like med-pot, abortion [which was never regulated], and same sex marriage)……. and legislation will follow.
    Bad legislation, of course. Legislation that will have it’s constitutionality challenged in courts for another decade to come.

    There is more money – for a few – in prohibition. There is some money for everyone in regulation. If you were one of The Few, you would do everything in your power to keep your advantage.
    Look at california.

  2. Here is the question you need to lay on him for me:
    “Your party has been talking about changing pot laws for over 40 years. Your party’s current platform – what you call tax and regulate – is being widely critisized by Canada’s leading pot activists as 10-20% of what is actually needed. It is a contentious issue, and you will be facing a tory-stacked senate. Do you honestly think canadians buy it when you say you plan to legalize marijuana?”
    Because I don’t.

  3. Who cares about pot? If legalizing pot is one of the main issues Canada has to face, this country and our Gov certainly has problems.

    Yep….the Gov is bending backyards and paying big bucks in advertising to have people stop smoking regular cigarettes, yet they will legalize pot……only in your dreams. The same applies to the USA, they legalize pot but are spending big bucks to have people quit smoking to help bring down health care cost. OH? OK!!!

  4. Has anyone compared the achievements of candidates in three key areas, formal education, private experience and public experience, particularly cabinet experience, and what has been achieved so far in their career? What their plan is for the country and their ability to bring it out? Go Joyce Go!
    There’s only one way to find out which candidates will go head-to-head:

    Join thousands of Liberals from across Canada online on Liberal.ca at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Saturday, February 16 to watch the 3rd 2013 LPC Leadership debate live from Mississauga.

    Just click here before 1pm ET on Saturday or bookmark the page right now:

    You’re not going to want to miss this one.

  5. ‘bring it out’ should read “bring it about”

  6. Brian: Thoughtful post. Your reasons for saying “Go Joyce Go!”?

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