Sousa, Hoskins, & Murray Get Cab Posts in New Wynne Government – Libs Embrace Their Inner McGuinty by Jamie Gilcig

wynne floorCFN – I’ve held back scribbling about our new Premier Kathleen Wynne.     As many know I had a preference for Gerard Kennedy.    I liked Mr. Kennedy’s platform and I personally was not all that happy with the McGuinty government, especially the proroguing of Queen’s Park.

The process to replace him; something co-chaired by Cornwall’s own City Councilor Bernadette Clement was to this scribbler the Liberal party of Ontario’s way of embracing Mr. McGuinty.    You can candidates like Sandra Pupatello and Mr. Kennedy that had not been elected MPP’s with Ms Pupatello resigning to almost be an attempt to distance or insulate her in case of victory.

After all this is a minority government and many residents of Ontario are unhappy with some of the unanswered scandals and as noble as some thing Mr. McGuinty was for falling on his own sword after Chris Bentley was whacked by the Hudak led Conservatives there still are far too many unanswered questions involving an awful lot of money.

And money is something the province is scrambling for right now with cuts and extra fees coming out of the shadows.

Ms Wynne’s team just announced their new cabinet and is it surprising to see that Charles Sousa, who in a surprise move at the leadership flipped his support to Ms Wynne from Ms Pupatello become Finance Minister?  Eric Hoskins who tossed his support to the new Premier also gets a new gig, Economic Development and Trade Minister, taking over for Brad Diguid.

Even Glen Murray gets to  be Transportation and Infrastructure Minister.

Ms Pupatello apparently refused a gig with the government as they wanted her to run in her old riding of Windsor to replace retiring Dwight Duncan.   Sounds like there’s still some bad blood.   She was quoted in the Globe & Mail as saying:

“I’ve been double crossed before,” said Ms. Pupatello, who had nothing but praise for Ms. Wynne. “It will probably happen again.”

With the immediate embracing and cheering for Dalton McGuinty the night of her victory it seems that this win was not so much a victory for Ms Wynne, but a love fest and affirmative nod to the status quo that was the McGuinty government; that Liberals made a clear choice between what was, and what could be.

Only time will prove out  whether Ms Wynne becomes the next Kim Campell or a true leader of the largest Province in this great country of Canada.  In the end I don’t think Ms Wynne will be judged for her sexuality as some speculate as much as for her loyalty to a government that fell on its own scandals.

What do you think Ontario?   You can post your comments below.

James Moak


  1. Letter to our MPP’s, we the voters want a say in this matter, who will or will not be our next Premier. So MPP’s do you stuff – call for an election!

  2. I can not support Mr. Wynne.The Catholic religion, in it’s superiority to all other religions, says in Matthew 3:17 that “It is not to be allowed that (MODERATED)be voted for lest you be judged as he was judged and crucified.” So I’m putting a big Hudak sign on everyone’s lawn. Don’t you dare touch my sign Mike Bedard! Son.

  3. Ah the liberals, what a clandestine bunch. One of the big issues with Mc Guinty was the cogen station to be built in Toronto. I cannot recall how much was promised nor spent but I can tell you it was the public that made it all go away. Capital expenditures that may have an impact on the environment are required to be before a board of public peers. Between there NIMBY attitude and the ever whiney environmentalists we have huge losses by the liberals.

    How come nobody ever says what really happened? Will Wynne take it back from Sarnia?

    Think of it, each time a potential area is sited you can rest assured both politicians, environmentalists and engineers are being paid exorbitant amounts of money to actually do nothing. Then they move it else where and start all over again, maybe a way of stimulating economies as well?

    Oh yes and I too believe Wynne has to go for both lack of accomplishments and ethics.

  4. Me thinks ALL Liberal issued paycheck should be frozen until a full inquiry into ALL costs can be assessed and voted on or judged as inappropriate and withdrawn and quartered (pun intended).


  5. I would also like to think that Ms. Wynne’s sexual orientation will be a non issue. I believe that our current society has developed an attitude of tolerance provided that ones sexuality is not used as a means to garner attention or attempted advantage. Ms. Wynne’s sexuality if left checked (private) will command respect.

    I would doubt very much if even Dalton thought that he could survive another election if/when the liberal minority government fell. Given the severity of this provinces economic future and the lingering aroma of something rotten it would be my opinion that Kim Campbell will soon have company in the political history books.

    Pastor Tom no disrespect but your remark denotes the American style of democracy. In Canada your vote elects a political party and the party elects its leadership. Personally I favour a system that affords me the opportunity to cast a vote for my own choice of leader simply because I place more importance on leadership then the all to often hairsplitting political differences between parties

    I commend Ms. Wynnes desire to contribute and offer her services and wish her success and fairness to all taxpayers to whom she is ultimately responsible to.

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