LTE Eric Little of Ottawa Ontario Asks Is “No person or group is above the law.” February 11, 2013

Howard Galganov
Howard Galganov

Have you ever gone to a reliable source for information only to find it is not correct? While reviewing the Government of Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration website, a responsibility as shown below is incorrect, specifically, the first citizenship responsibility.


“In Canada, rights come with responsibilities. These include:

·         Obeying the law — One of Canada’s founding principles is the rule of law. Individuals and governments are regulated by laws and not by arbitrary actions. No person or group is above the law.”


I wish to point out that the bold highlight is incorrect. In Galganov v. Township of Russell, section 2b freedom of expression, our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms were infringed for the benefit of a “group”. Business owners in 4 Eastern Ontario townships (also see New Brunswick) are not allowed to display single language of choice signs, they MUST have English and French because un-elected Judges have said minority “group” rights are more important than the Charter of Rights. Astonishingly to me, the Supreme Court refused to hear the case in late 2012. I am not a Lawyer, only a taxpaying voter, but picking and choosing which Charter Rights some people are allowed to have, is not good for democracy and should only be changed in Parliament after discussions with all Canadians.


My question is, when will an unbiased review of the 43 year old Official Languages Act ( also insert Ontario French services Act) be conducted towards actual need based on measurable results,  as well,  reviewing the hundreds of millions of dollars ( from Heritage Canada alone) going to special (one) interest Francophone groups ( some of which is just going to salaries)?  It, or any law will change when enough people ask for it from their elected bodies of course, but do they get enough information to make a sound choice? The Commissioner of Official Languages reports to Parliament, and if he provides information from his department’s recent (totally biased) survey, Parliament will not have the best information on the subject to make a fair assessment.


Can we do this for our future generations?

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  1. Our politicians are all afraid to stand up for the greatest majority,they are nothing more than puppets with quebec pulling the strings.Shameful that judges are above the law & disregard our charter of rights & freedoms.They are there to uphold the laws not to enact them

  2. It is shameful what is occurring in Canada and WE the people and politicians are just letting it happen!!!!!

    With French judges at the wheel, how can things ever be fair for Anglophones ever again????

    Our rights and freedoms are being eroded from existence as we “knew” it. It is NOT my Canada. It is NOT the Canada that I once believed in!

    I would love to hear a specific response from our local MP and MPP on this one please.

  3. We are equal under God ,but not under Canadian law.

    It is apparent that some groups are above the law.

    We need not look far -those 9 French only clinics that violate the Ontario Rights Code by refusing to serve anyone other then French while taxpayers foot the bill.SEGREGATION IS SEGREGATION no matter the reason.

    New Brunswick even worse with bill 22.
    But people cast their eyes aside as well for the Jews ,for fear of speaking up.History does have a tendency to repeat itself ,in one form or another.

    Thanks Eric a great, well informing letter.

  4. As the stomach turns… we go again.

    Eric this is old news that has been said and written about over 1,500 times. Is signs and language your only preoccupation in life? Why would you not mention about South Glengarry and their decision on freedom of choice? Then you would have something positive and different to write and talk about.

    Eric wrote: but picking and choosing which Charter Rights some people are allowed to have, is not good for democracy and should only be changed in Parliament after discussions with all Canadians.

    OH….OK!!! So what you are saying is that Parliement does not have the right to pass any bills unless every Canadian is contacted and gives their approval….OH OK. In the real world, that doesn’t happen……dream on. That is why we have local elected officials Eric. They are the ones you should be dealing with.

    The Supreme Court made the right decision. They know the g from way back and know his agenda…….nothing new there. The Supreme Court has more important issues to deal with then silly language on signs.

  5. highlander tax payers foot the bill for many things we disagree with. Do we protest all Gov. decisions and form groups? Absolutely not. It’s a fact of life….get over it.

    I guess it is safe to say that a french clinic was needed in Cornwall as the clinic is not taking new patients…..filled up!! FULL TO CAPACITY!!!….tu-comprends?

  6. the politicians and judicial system are in cahoots to cut off rights under the canadian charter of rights and freedoms, they definitely prevented immigrants and the poor by not allowing legal aid which is discrimination and obstruction of justice.

  7. @ Highlander

    You are so right here. LFA is supportive of representation by population. Could any Francophone please tell me why this is not fair and you have to keeping pushing?!?! Francophone interest groups are supportive of representation by segregation.

    Never have I heard stories of the English people having French children removed from a school bus, removed from a church group(like I was) or being denied a job like I was because I was not French enough.

    DISCRIMINATION AND SEGREGATION AT IT’S FINEST!!! Yes right here in Cornwall Ontario.

  8. stellabystarlight
    February 11, 2013 at 6:04 pm

    “I guess it is safe to say that a french clinic was needed in Cornwall as the clinic is not taking new patients…..filled up!! FULL TO CAPACITY!!!….tu-comprends?”

    I know of one person personally that was refused at the French clinic that does not count the 2 others that put in complaints and were in the Ottawa Citizen.

    Are you that slow not to understand that this is segregation -the states got rid of it for good reason,now we have imported it.

    Segregation no matter your propaganda so there stella not so bright its still segregation .
    I would ask you to look up that definition ,but sadly you prefer to remain ignorant as you look up NOTHING as stated many times by you.

  9. Stella, it is old news but has not been corrected yet. When the bathtub is full, most people would shut off the water or turn it down, but certainly would address the need.

    I was saying Parliament should be making the rules after discussions with Canadians. And yes, all Canadians should be included, present what what you want to do before an election so we can vote!

    The Supreme Court did not want to deal with something ALL Canadians should be discussing with their ELECTED Parliament.

    French clinics remove money from health care because now you have double building expenses and probably, more staffing and administration cost. A few bilingual workers is all that is really needed.

  10. Eric Little
    February 12, 2013 at 7:13 am

    Yes -A few bilingual workers is all that is really needed.

    But Eric they are bilingual and not Francophones so they would not qualify!

  11. Yep, no person is above the law in this country unless you are French first, or part of the ‘Idol No More’ group.

    God help us all for if all the reserves become French first….look out for the other 30.0 million of us no counters cause we’ll still get stuck for the bill.

    What ever happened to ‘pay YOUR OWN FREAKIN WAY? Gone with the wind I guess.

  12. Eric
    February 12, 2013 at 3:01 pm

    We all know the charter was violated with regards to the Russell township bylaw that mandates bilingual signs .

    The Judge in fact admitted that it violated the charters freedom of expression but in the interest of bilingualism(French) It was ok to do so.
    Judge Metivier is also known as a french activist judge and is involved in numerous french promotional groups.
    Conflict of interest HELL YES .

    But Eric do you think this will lead to a constitutional crisis?

    Or the very least this court issue could be brought back to the supreme court and how it was alright to violate the charter in the interest of and promotion of French.

  13. Anything is possible Highlander, IF, enough people demand it.

  14. Good morning Timmins followers,

    For those of you who I have spoken to over these last few weeks about the ongoing language right’s battles unfolding before our very eyes, I would like to make you aware of some articles here on CFN and abroad.

    A simple search of the following here on CFN of Cory Cameron, Eric Little, Language Fairness for All, Howard Galganov, South Stormont and South Glengarry will give you a plethora of material in which to understand what we are dealing with.

    Cory Cameron
    Board Member Language Fairness for All (LFA)

  15. And the beat goes on. The most recent example is the posting for the position of Fire Chief which indicates bilingualism (ie. ability to speak french) as an asset. At first glance this ‘polite acknowledgement’ seems relatively benign but it discriminates against the vast majority of citizens of Ontario who may be potential candidates. Presumably, if it is an asset to be able to speak french then it becomes a liability to be an english-only job seeker in the City of Cornwall. Cornwallites were assured several years ago that only three positions in the City were designated bilingual (ie. ability to speak french). The clear message here is that applicants for lucrative professional positions in the municipal, provincial or federal public service should continue to move west. Perhaps the City should focus on hiring competent, qualified people for a change.

  16. Sherlock
    February 16, 2013 at 9:25 am

    “At first glance this ‘polite acknowledgement’ seems relatively benign but it discriminates against the vast majority of citizens of Ontario who may be potential candidates.”

    It certainly discriminates against the majority !

    Why don’t they post English need not apply?that way there is a clear definition.

    Sherlock you speak the truth.

  17. I have always been and may always will be for both our official languages English and French.

    Just recently my husband read in his newspaper back home in his country of a fellow countryman who has a bakery business in Montreal and he is married to a French-Canadian girl. The man has French citizenship of France as well and is going to return back there because of the Mafia gangs in Montreal. This has nothing to do with language but with gangs. This sure was not good news for Canada.

    I would like everyone to get over bickering about language and get on with real issues. Even here in Ottawa there are at least 20 different gangs and very dangerous. I live in one of the bad areas and some years ago this was one of the better areas and how things change. We have so many Somalies, Arabs and all kinds of people from everywhere that cannot adapt to our ways of life and go into the evils. They bring bugs, disease, etc. There are these buildings and townhomes that are now gang related and immigrants and in the past some of our executives lived there but no decent person is found there anymore.

    We don’t fight over English and French but we fight over getting Canada up on its feet as well as little Cornwall since things have really deteriorated.

  18. Russell township is very French and I knew of a lady who ran a business here in Ottawa and was from Russell. This lady was very French and I used to go into her business here in Ottawa and we would speak French together. A lot of the rural areas are French. There is a small village just outside of Ottawa called Marionville Ontario and very French. Most of the Eastern suburbs of Ottawa is very French like Orleans, etc. Plantagenet is very French, Alfred where some of my former co-workers in the government lived and commuted daily is very French.

    There is a lady who delivers mail to our building and to the private homes below as well as the townhouses is from New Brunswick and very French. We spoke French together and I was telling her about former supers to my building back in the 70’s era who were from Moncton and that is where she is from. I told her how I miss them very much and came back to this very building from way back. The super was also an auditor with the government and when I go by his office building I think back of those good days. I never heard much strife back then about language – many people in the government had to go on language training even at an older age and that was hard. I was very fortunate to have gone to a French school since kindergarden and today I don’t have any problems in the language department. I always say send your kids from the time they are little and get them bilingual. There is a lot more to complain about than language.

    I understand the problems that Cory Cameron and others having at the hospital and there should be a combination of nurses and others who speak French and can translate for others. In the federal government French is in demand. Those who work in call centres need French and my daughters was told by her supervisor that they need her because of her being bilingual but it is way too far to go to work shift and her health stands in her way as well and the doctor told her not to take the job.

    Our Canada is built on two official languages and don’t let street signs get you down. Fight to impove things but not to put down a language. French people felt just the way you all do now and if you walked a mile in their shoes then you would all know how they felt and still feel.

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