Concerned Citizens Coalition Letter to Jeanette Despatie of CCH to Save Cornwall General – February 13, 2013

Barrie LTC
The Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre is an Advanced Level II facility, serving the needs of the population of the City of Barrie and the surrounding area.

CFN – As a result of recent unanimous motions by the Cornwall City Council and, based on communication from the Minister of Health, the Concerned Citizens Coalition will be submitting a “community proposal” for the future use of the General Hospital.

Our “community proposal” will make sure that General Hospital will be used for the common good and social benefit of our community, with the focus on seniors.
There was a similar situation with an old hospital in Barrie Ontario and, for your information, our proposal will be similar to the one that is detailed in today’s Le Journal.
As instructed by the Minister, we will be prepared to present this “community proposal ” directly to the Board during the first week in March, at a time, place and date, that is convenient for the Board.
If you could let me know ASAP, as I understand that the Board has to make a decision on this building soon.  We would like the “community proposal” to be considered when you are looking at offers regarding the sale.

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  1. Nice news!
    It looks like good things can happen!
    When good honest citizens stand together for the good of mankind !

  2. Remains to be seen.

    I truly believe that the ‘good of the community’ for CGH is and has been on the minds of the CCH Board of directors as well.

    One wonders all things when little or NO communication about specific uses requirement for reassurance from the board and certainly the administration, is wanting.

    Privacy reasons or simple power hierarchy may be behind this lack of info, yet I doubt it. More the need to move on quickly by not requiring ‘reasons’ or must do’s by a purchaser with regard to specific pre requirements were necessary to expedite a sale….and of course that amazing, shockingly low giveaway price.

    I also believe that the hospital is beginning to feel comfortable in their own shell…that is the CCH feels their ultimate plan at CCH properties will encompass all they will ever need in the future.

    It has been well known that their use of CGH had a limited life span. The cavalier appearance or ‘dumping’ tactic’, the insensitivity of it, is what brought in the troops with such a backlash.

    If the hospital can turn a new leaf by following through as requested with this letter, I’ve no doubt all will rest easy and flow smoothly for this necessary transition. All will be forgiven, even if not forgotten.

    Perhaps then even CCH may wish to ‘rent back’ space for certain of their hospital needs. One can only hope if CGH uses do evolve as desired by the community.




  3. Nice photograph of the medical pharmacy. What building is that and what city is it in?

  4. The “highly successful facility” that was the old Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie Ontario, as covered by The Journal, should serve as a model for what could/can be done with the Cornwall General. Rather than leaving it to chance Janice Lacking et al should be, when the time is right, approached to gain insight into how they were successful and what if anything they might have done differently . Hindsight is always 20/20. Perhaps the project manager for Victoria Village should be approached, also when the time is right . We might as well set ourselves up for success ! Cautiously optimistic in Cornwall !

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