What’s the Connection between Mayor Bob Kilger, Dalton McGuinty & the Project Truth Cover Up?

Bob not happyCFN – What’s the connection between Cornwall Ontario mayor Bob Kilger, former Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty & Project Truth which if anything hid the truth from the public rather than expose it to the tune of over $50 Million dollars?

The Timeline:

1992 accusations of sexual abuse lead to bigger accusations.   Police Officer Perry Dunlop’s career eventually ends and he and his family move to British Columbia.

Quote from a blog on the inquiry:

It didn’t take long.  Bob Kilger threw his hat in the mayorality race and Premier Dalton McGuinty is in Cornwall. I wonder if the pair will take a moment today to meet for a photo op and discuss their concerns about the hobbled inquiry?

Will Kilger perhaps urge McGuinty to tighten up the mandate?  And will he perchance urge McGuinty to be transparent and publicly address Justice Glaude’s real and perceived conflicts?  Might he even suggest it’s just not good enough to have an inquiry which is content to leave alleged paedophiles roaming the streets and children at risk? 

If nothing else, will they at least agree that Justice Glaude demonstrated an overt bias with his public acknowledgement that he concluded months ago that the “rumour” and “innuendo” swirling around Cornwall are false? 


In 2005 rookie Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty calls for a public inquiry.    Now 68 year old Mayor Kilger, long time Liberal MP during the cities darkest financial days who still seems to spend as much time sleeping in Ottawa than he did while as MP, is tapped to run for Mayor after losing to upstart Guy Lauzon.

denise kilger for mayorOn December 15, 2009 the final report from Mr. Glaude is released.  CBC LINK

The four hefty volumes — the thickest and heaviest more than 1,600 pages long — examined in detail how public institutions like police, the local Catholic diocese and Children’s Aid Society dealt with widespread allegations of sexual against priests, probation officers, lawyers and other men in positions of power and trust in the community.

“I find there were systematic failures in the response of institutions to allegation of sexual abuse of children and young people in this community,” said Normand Glaude, commissioner for the inquiry, in a statement accompanying the report.

“For some, this resulted in revictimization by the institution from whom they sought help. The response of institutions became a further source of harm.”

He recommended hundreds of changes to ensure similar situations are prevented as much as possible, and dealt with more sensitively and appropriately in the future.


It’s a fuzzy monkey that at the end of the day resulted in a lot of money spent on lawyers and very little results.   Everyone breathes and life continues on.  Favors are alleged to have been done and a lot of people allegedly owe a lot of favors.

Mayor Kilger’s good buddy and Free Holder scribbler Claude McIntosh story picked up on Xtra from 2006 – LINK

Retired CAO  & Clerk Paul Fitzpatrick & Denise Labelle Gelinas with Mayor Kilger on Election night.
Retired CAO & Clerk Paul Fitzpatrick & Denise Labelle Gelinas with Mayor Kilger on Election night.

Bob Kilger is re-elected as mayor in 2010 under an election with many clouds hanging over it.  During the Provincial election campaign he showed up for a rally only weeks after undergoing surgery.   He is quoted as saying that he’s not there for candidate Mark A MacDonald, but because his friend Dalton McGuinty asked him, and when Dalton asks he answers.

2013.   Mayor Kilger’s protege, Bernadette Clement is hand picked to co-chair the leadership race to replace Mr. McGuinty.  Kathleen Wynne, a McGuinty cabinet minister whose first act after winning was to celebrate the man she’s replacing even though he resigned under his own cloud of scandal and prorogued the government, designates Ms Clement again to be part of her transition team.
ClementM It’s interesting watching Ms Clement rhythmically nod her head  while Justin Trudeau was speaking in Cornwall about needing more accountability and transparency in government when she herself has sat in silence after illegal secret meetings occurred on her watch as a city councilor.  Also, how she was silent about the gang bang of Councilor Rivette at an in camera meeting over an interview he gave on camera.     That her council has steadfastly covered up the Paul Fitzpatrick/Donna Derouchie scandal that has cost the city by some estimates over $2 Million dollars and resulted in tax increase for residents and businesses of Cornwall.  And that’s just the short list as she’s sat in silence over countless other issues.

Politics is an awfully strange game.  TV shows like House of Cards on Netflix rarely scratch the absurdity of the reality of what occurs with the public rarely ever knowing.

Even now, as I type this the tax payers of Cornwall have spent countless thousands of dollars on the Judith Allen investigation without any word to the public; nor will we ever find out the details of the investigation unless brown envelopes secretly get leaked to the we media.

Is this really how the good people of Cornwall & SD&SG wish to be governed?

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  1. It does not surprize me one little bit,Kilger has to go!!!

  2. Great story and though it appears a little speculative , there are many truths

    Do you really think this is the public’s business?

    “Even now, as I type this the tax payers of Cornwall have spent countless thousands of dollars on the Judith Allen investigation without any word to the public; nor will we ever find out the details of the investigation unless brown envelopes secretly get leaked to the we media.”

  3. I think that we all as taxpayers and voters have the right to a better understanding of what the heck our politicians are doing with our money.Transparency does that mean we can see threw them ,And accountability that they will never come good on anything.Should property owners hold there money in there pockets ,and demand answers.When will we ever realy get the truth and how can we have trust in a broken system.When you can`t even trust the ones that are supposed to protect you from harm.Remember the october crisis of 1970,I still don`t realy understand what team Canada is on?

  4. I’ve come to the conclusion that this world we live in has become a world of entitlement.

    We are entitled to know about everyone, their personal life, their downfalls, their most intimate secrets, their background and most importantly we believe it is our God given right to know. One’s life must be an open book.

    I can understand being concerned about tax dollars but when people of a community think they can be judge and jury in any giving situation…..it does not help a community grow. If anything it divides and creates bad feelings.

    Let he who has never done anything wrong be the first to condemn another….then I will say he/she is a liar.

    Unless something personally affects us, who are we to judge the person or the circumstances.

  5. out…Out…OUT I say. Kilger MUST GO!!!!!!

  6. We can only hope that this French Canadian becomes Pope and maybe he will want an inquiry into the assault on the Catholic church and why it was allowed to get out of hand , lots of families were destroyed and lives were lost because of it ,a very costly cover up, and leaves a scar on this city.

  7. Remember if you choose not to exercise your right to vote then you have relinquished your entitlement to complain about the results. Make you voice heard in the next election by VOTING !

  8. @Silentfrancoamerican

    Spot on. It was a waste of time caused by Perry Dunlop and a few punks. Malcolm McDonald and Ken Seguin (MODERATED) themselves. The assault on the church was unfounded. The Kanebs made the money on this deal, not the lawyers. (MODERATED) Kilger and McGuinty.

  9. Project truth as far as I’m concerned did an incomplete job, not because it didn’t try but because the perpetrators managed to put the blame or root cause on the whistleblower, Perry Dunlop while skirting away evidence, such as a box of video tapes and no doubt other injurious details.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. As some would say, exoneration is better late than never. Exhumation may be a tardy late.

  10. Author

    Gee that sounds familiar Dave. CFN gets blamed and villainized by the bad guys for exposing truths. There’s a story I wish I could tell about someone in that mess, but there’s a muzzle order because it would it expose the underage victims….

  11. The connection would be the aroma that surrounds them all.

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