City of Cornwall Ontario Chooses to Support Seaway News $200 Gift Card Promo Over CFN $5,000 in Local Shopping to Promote City

Cornwall SPRING b 2012CFN –  There’s a lot to like about Cornwall Ontario.    I know it’s why I choose to make this city my home.  Like many places though there are some that don’t play nice with others.    The best thing to do is to try to work around them; tolerate them as best as you can, but sometimes eggs crack!

When we decided to initiate our 100 Letter Campaign about how amazing Cornwall was we never on earth expected the odd and twisted route that would occur.

The Chamber of Commerce, Team Cornwall, and the City itself refused to participate.    City Councilors Maurice Dupelle and Andre Rivette even put a motion in open council to simply link the contest on the city’s webpage and facebook pages, but the Mayor suggested it was a security risk and Councilor Carr suggested that CFN should remove political cartoons and comments he and soe of the other politicians were sensitive to.

You can watch the circus like video below.

I know.  It was so odd and weird, and frankly many here at CFN and people we spoke to shook their heads and simply said it was a jealous and corrupt clique simply pouting.   Instead of the community embracing collectively and spending three months promoting Cornwall it was felt that they’d rather hurt our city’s image than allow CFN and its viewers to participate.   It’s essentially like how we are blocked out of publicly funded events like Winterfest, Riverfest, Ribfest, Lift Off, etc.  And of course the City of Cornwall’s boycott of CFN and the tentacles it touches.

Sure enough today it was presented to us that the Seaway News has decided to basically run so similar an event that some people are suggesting that they’ve simply lifted our concept except that instead of over $5,000 in local prizes to help boost local shopping they are giving away :

We’re willing to compensate you for your time. Eight lucky submissions will be presented with one $25 gift card each to a local restaurant.

And I don’t think Cornwall needs two contests of this nature.   Cornwall needs a lot of things, but in this case we’re going to step back and let Mr. Rick Shaver and his team run with this and wish them the best of luck.

We call it the “Best of Cornwall” because it’s a collection of stories that make us unique and set our city apart from every other community in not only Ontario, but Canada and the world.

The city Choose Cornwall stamp is already on the cover so for the sake of what’s best for Cornwall we’ll defer and step back.

We will take care of the sponsors who have signed up, and we will give those whose letters we have published $50 local gift certificates, which equal more than the entire allocation above from the Seaway News.    It’s sad and disheartening and I hate letting any of our viewers and supporters down, but I will not get into this strange game that the clique plays in Cornwall such as the recent double motion in council over forming task forces connected to saving Cornwall General.

CFN and I are proud of our achievements for the community, and will continue to support and work with like minded others that want to celebrate what’s good of our fair city and help build and grow it.

But we will not play childish games with smaller minds who prefer to imitate rather than cooperate.   If this is the community’s will we will celebrate it happily.

So instead of over $5,000 in local prizes, to help boost local small business and promote our city on the largest media outlet the city of Cornwall has chosen to support what it has.    Sometimes life doesn’t make sense, and sometimes we have to accept the results as odd as they may be.

Trans Continental is a large Quebec Corporation and CFN is simply a small local Cornwall business.    City Hall has chosen.

We do apologize and are ending our 100 Letter Campaign About How Great Cornwall Ontario is as of today, February 21, 2013.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – CFN

Video Preview


  1. So sorry it went this way Jamie…. it was a brilliant… positive campaign….

  2. Hi Jamie,
    this is very unfortunate. You are trying to promote the city and you get kicked in the teeth.

    I personally love reading your publication. It is unbiased and informative, entertaining, as well as complete and concise on local news and events.

    Council and their “inside” group will not listen to anyone that is not in their ‘clique.’

    For example….we have been shooting a film for the last 2 years with some shots in Cornwall. And the producers stated to exclude Cornwall from the ending credits. Cornwall will be ‘titled’ as the “Seaway Valley.” Toronto, Windsor, Detroit, Montreal, Vancouver, and a host of other shoot locations, respectively, will be mentioned in the film, due to their support. The reason….no support from the Cornwall community. As a repercussion, other film companies from our guilds have refused to film here. So Cornwall loses out.

    They will lose out as well with your promotion.

    Keep up your great and hard work Jamie. Oh, and one more thing….you should run for Mayor. Cornwall would be a vibrant and thriving city, and more local growth would occur.

  3. Such a crying shame! I continually bat my head against the wall on a daily basis….why the hell do I live in this hole of a city when WE allow our mayor and council to sabotage such a great idea to promote Cornwall. One step forward, two steps back.

  4. Stealing a concept is always flattering to the originator.

    However, I can’t help but think: what would I do if my young son or daughter had submitted a letter to the original campaign only to see it stolen away?

    Hmmmm….there’s been an awful lot of media coverage about bullying.

    Hmmmm…. and kids are taught so much about not copying other’s work because it’s called cheating, and in university it’s called plagiarism.

    Uh-oh…maybe the kids would conclude that stealing and cheating and bullying is OK.

    Considering all that, I think I’d tell my kid that the things they love about their community it’s what’s important, and that they should always remember to show creativity, leadership and never “just follow” the crowd.

  5. Author

    Mary Anne I just want to reiterate that everyone that submitted a letter will be receiving a gift certificate even though we cancelled the contest. Those who wrote those letters are the true winners and something our community should embrace as they had the courage to share their love for our great city.

  6. I can’t believe what I just witnessed in the video of the council meeting. A deferral by most council members to a motion to support/promote the city of Cornwall at ZERO monetary cost!!!!!
    Has this how bad things have gotten? Really!!!!!
    Thank you Maurice, Andre…… Time to protest this mayor and council!!!!!!!!

  7. Author

    City RN hope that you bring a few friends Monday night. It’d be nice to see a crowd at 6:45 PM out front of City Hall and inside at 7 PM after. Cornwall belongs to the citizens and tax payers of our fine city; not to a corrupt group or clique. It’s time to flush them all, and fluoridate them while where at it!

  8. Do we recall Plato?
    “The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”

  9. I simply can’t believe what is happening in Cornwall. Are the sheeple so blind that they can’t see what the mayor and the council continue to do to the city. I don’t live in Cornwall anymore but keep in touch with what’s going on by reading CFN. It’s sad to see how the city is run off the backs of the taxpayers. I hope CFN continues to she’d light on what really stinks in Cornwall!

  10. Wow ,
    Many comments and discussions could be made or had on both sides, but in order to remain partial I have to ask.
    After reading the article on the Seaway news whom do you believe possibly suggesting is
    “How about the most nefarious Cornwallite” when they ask for a story?

    People at the CFN or maybe wink wink

    Bob Kilger for his antics at St Hubert’s, or maybe selling industry down the road to Kingston so his cohort in that riding can get elected

    How about Chad for not reporting to Florida when traded from the leafs…for what ever bedside reason that is. Walking out of your Florida motel after being traded with a word to nobody and hy did he slam the door in the local reporters face when they went to interview him…*shrugs* oh well.
    Ponders the apple falling near the tree and opts not to.
    Imagine retiring at 32 and now having t work as a fireman. A noble career working with hoses,. Sorry leaf fans!

    CFN, be careful with your approach on this one. We all agree something is a miss but how you deal with it affects both your reputation and that of your readers.

    Let’s not look like the kid left on the bench….why not find a new game!

  11. Author

    Already on it Hailey. No time for pouting here.

  12. Burn Rick! Burn him……wait he’s flammable.

  13. I disagree with Councilor Carr’s statement “you clean up what has gone on in the past”. A fresh start is not about going backwards it is rather only about going forward anew. Clearly, coupled with Mr Carr’s disgruntlement with political cartoons he portrays himself to be somewhat juvenile in his thought processes. I would submit that if Mr. Carr is so easily rattled by political cartoons or satire that he exercise better judgement in the future and retire from the public arena.
    We, the citizens of Cornwall should also exercise better judgement in the future when the next election rolls around by electing representatives who truly will represent us collectively and not ones that seem to focus so intently on what appears to be personal agendas.

  14. Author

    Hope to see you at the Council meeting Monday night David!

  15. Although it is generally agreed upon that competition is productive and beneficial, sadly this is not always the case. Competition can also breed ugliness.
    I am disappointed with the outcome of events but glad CFN that you chose the HIGHROAD.



    Yet again another situation whereby our ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES have controlled the outcome. SAD 🙁

  16. My thoughts on our local print media. I recently stopped reading the local sucker rag for their promoting and sucking up to the clique in a recent publication I disagreed with and I only read the standard- cornholer rag just to do the daily crosswords now when I pick up my free ad bag I will probably from now on be throwing out the Seaway’s Corrupt News (what city hall and friends want you to know) rag into the dumpster what wil in my favor give me more time to read CFN. I do not get the Cornwall Journal at home anymore but I read it online to read their view of local issues. Monday night I will be there at City Hall as I don’t want to miss out on a good party.

  17. Yessiree, I hope those folks on the council and mayo have made thier arrangrements to move to the island of no return. If not, time is running out.

  18. Mr. Editor,

    If I may, I’d very much like to plug “THE BIG FLUSH” movement ! (Did you catch that, the BIG FLUSH M-O-V-E-M-E-N-T…….SWOOSH !
    Several commentators, have mentioned the next municipal election ! Well, our group, is promoting the idea of not supporting ANY of our existing Councillors at the next election ! !
    “THE BIG FLUSH MOVEMENT” is not supporting or endorsing any candidate. We feel, like many taxpayers, that this present group must be flushed from office ?
    You, the ratepayers, will soon see our ads & our logo is a white toilet, on a black back-ground ! Stay tuned !
    The possibilities for this movement are endless, our inaugural meeting will be held at the cities sewage waste site, on Montreal. Rd., a fitting location to say the least ?

  19. I can donate some paperwork……Cottonelle or quilted Cashmere? A little coffee helps speed things along, especially in the morning.

  20. Reg,

    The “BIG FLUSH MOVEMENT” really appreciates your kind & thoughtful donations . A donation of a quality, three-ply tissue, is always appreciated, by our supporters ! We would be delighted, to have you & your company as corporate sponsors ? To join the long list of companies, that support our “movement”, we will be contacting you regarding, our Code of Ethics & sponsorship costs. Apart from the obvious, exposure & all around good feeling that a “movement” provides, our, one year, platinum membership, entitles you to free use of any “pay-toilets” within the City of Cornwall & front of the line priviliges, at all public facilities . The annual fee for this is free, as long as you take our oath ! Next time the urge strikes, being a male, you are allowed to sit or stand, and simply yell at the top of your lungs “FLUSH’EM’ALL”, poof, you are now a full fledged member ! But, for our females applicants, sitting down, is advised……

    “Two Flusher”
    Membership Chair.

  21. Admin: I saw the clip and I heard their complaints, but I don’t understand why.
    Is their something about us that they do not want to hear our stories. I am willing to tell my story free of charge. I don’t need gifts, Cornwall is my gift. Plagiarism is a good word, they can steal you idea but they can’t steal your spirit Admin.

  22. Author

    Hi Michael,

    We are fortunate that CFN and the sponsors of the event will make sure that everyone that posted a letter will still get a prize. It’s not those that entered faults that some horrible jealous people behaved as they did.

    Thank you again for your letter. It was great!

  23. I would be proud to help the “Big Flush Movement” get it’s start, but using Cornwall Facilities? I’ve been to a few Council meetings and I come out just feeling dirty.

  24. Boy of boy, I have never seen so much male-hen picking as those so called councillors and the oversize rooster – mayo as to when the subject of CFN was introduced in the video. All the hens were cackling away until the rooster glared at them and shook his head as if to say, “remember the alamo”. I thought for sure there would a pile of eggs somewhere.
    It’s no wonder that there is nothing done for the progression of the future of Cornwall.
    It’s unfortunate that this beautiful city of Cornwall is ran by a den of inequities who should have been sent out to pasture along time ago.
    But,then,if all CORNWALLITES at 100% were at the voting polls, this situation would not have happened.
    So all you Cornwallites at the next meeting, move your bodies to this meeting on monday and show your distaste and at the next voting time be 100% there and 100% of who you are voting FOR.

  25. I cannot say I’m surprised how Boss Hogg, Cletus Roscoe and the other yes men/women handled this situation.

    Of course it got messed up. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the elite in Cornwall.

  26. An awful lot of people in Cornwall are very old and many have alzheimers disease and cannot vote since they are not in their right minds. Many are disabled mentally and still cannot think clearly on who to vote. Many people are stuck not knowing who to vote since the same people come forward every year and many are not even qualified to lead. You need people who are independent, of good character, and can make the proper decisions to lead and that takes character.

    There is a quote that I want to post here and here it is:

    Teach Others To Yearn For What You Have

    “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”

    Antoine St. Exupery

    It takes people of real character to lead and do not follow someone else’s mistakes. Be your own person and be honest with the people that you represent. We live in a mighty crooked world today and all these jerks work for is the party instead of the people that they are supposed to represent. We need real leaders and forget the party. Kilger is beyond repair and should be shafted along with the rest. I remember some time ago that the Adams woman was supposed to replace Fitzy and I wonder what happened since I was away from CFN all this time. There was supposed to be another woman as the city clerk. People must have had cold feet and backed out. I think that they saw the corruption and backed off and didn’t want any part of what was going on.

  27. I would love to join, support, donate to or help out the Big Flush Movement in any way. Indeed Cornwall needs a group like this to speak out more if we are ever going to rid ourselves of the poisonous asshats and their friends ruining our city. Please keep me informed Jamie if you hear more about this group. I’m trying to remember but didn’t a certain candidate and activist agressively speak out and suggest a need for change at city hall in the last election? Then election night came, noone voted and the rest is history.

  28. Very ironic that during this debate, alderman Carr was very adamant about “forgive and forget….” . I forgave him years ago when he was caught for drinking and driving, and voted for him in the next election. Weird council meeting….Bob Kilger really loves to run the ship. Poor Sid Gardner needs an apology from someone…Look Sid public office opens you up to public opinion be it good and bad…just remember who you are Sid…..and if you don’t like the heat get out of the kitchen.

  29. Thanks Gary, so much for your support ! I hope you & your family took our membership oath ? The oath, is in a previous comment . (Feb 23rd), here it is again ! Next time the urge strikes, find a wash-room, being a male, you are allowed to sit or stand, and simply yell at the top of your lungs “FLUSH-EM-ALL”, poof, you are now a full fledged member ! But, for the ladies, sitting is advised & repeat the above instructions !
    Our Promotions & Advertising Dept., will only be canvassing, businesses that are related to our cause. Being, their will be a surge in the products they manufacture, we feel it is only good business practices, that we give them , first shot at the advertising boom, our group has & will create.
    On another unrelated issue, we will be contacting Public Works, to see if the new sanitation plant, will be capable of handling the increased flow, that the “BIG FLUSH MOVEMENT” will be creating ?
    If, you or any new members, have an idea or a comment, please pass them along, we will gratefully aknowledge & consider all comments .. Thanks, so much !

    Membership Chair

  30. When I think back of my 62 years I think about a lot of the mayors and council that we had in Cornwall and yes there were corrupt people indeed but I can say that this happens to be the very worst of the entire mayor and council that I have ever experience in my entire life. Cornwall could be a great place since it is situated not too far from the major cities but when certain people run it they run it into the ground and this mayor Kilger really “killed” the town that is for sure.

    The people of Cornwall have to get out there and present themselves as mayor and council and not be bullied by these bullies. Don’t be a cop out and get out there and change the system. The only way to change the system is to flush out all the crap that is there and I mean ALL. If it takes for André to go (a man that I respect) then so be it. André is the most honest of the gang there. There was one man who resigned and knew all about it Leslie O’Shaughessey and he was a good man as well.

    I will quote Gerald Celente when he says a number of times that people like them are like what we hated in high school who always were leaders of the student council and the like and how true indeed. I like that man Gerald Celente and I come out with some of his quotes like Cornwall’s freeholder and I call it “the toilet paper of record” LOL LOL. It is a sheet of toilet paper indeed and that is all it is worth. I haven’t looked at the Seaway News in a very long time and don’t intend to especially not after reading about this – no way whatsoever. I haven’t even checked out the “toilet paper of record” in ages and don’t intend to either.

  31. Alderman Carr did sound like a little baby having a tantrum. Grow up! If you want to be a politician, you have to take the heat. Being unable to forgive and forget and move on does not move Cornwall forward. Besides, all councilors have earned whatever reputation they have in the media. You know the saying…”If the shoe fits”. Bullying, corruption, etc etc. Prove the citizens of Cornwall wrong. I dare you!

  32. Author

    Jules if the business community and people of Cornwall allow the Mayor and his clique friends to bully CFN and our sponsors like they have ( we lost three long time clients in one week) then they will lose the voice that CFN has become. It’s that simple. Bullying is wrong. There really is only one solution and that’s to stand up to bullies.

    It’s a tough test because usually you still end up bloodied no matter what.

  33. Admin
    Is there anyway you can continue your promotion of the city? Would your sponsors support the cause and say the hell with council?

  34. Author

    Hailey it’s nuts to have two contests the same. The City chose to sponsor Seaway News. We were not asked to work together which would have made more sense. It’s Cornwall Rules. We are now working on our next promotional campaign.

  35. Jamie my prayers are with you and all the people of Cornwall tonight. I would love to see the videos that you shoot tonight and the write up in tomorrow’s CFN. You have the best paper and many people who live elsewhere like myself want to check in to see all the fiasco going on in Cornwall. I don’t look at any other rag of Cornwall and you have the best to expose these jerks.

    My prayers and best wishes to all. I have another prayer for my daughter and hopefully she will get a job soon since she was contacted today and took a test. I am praying and crying for all of you at the same time.

    Taxes are mighty expensive and when one doesn’t have to pay the high taxes in town like those Lickys and Kilgers and Samsons and all the rest who do not live in town but expect the taxpayers to pay for their whims is insane. We pay a huge tax here in Ottawa and could never afford a house here after what we see around us.

  36. Jamie in all my 62 years on this earth I have never encountered a mayor in Cornwall so corrupt to the hilt that it is unbelievable. Yes we had corrupt mayors before in Cornwall but none of them have ever measured up to what the corruption is in Kilger and his clique.

    When my family and I went back to Cornwall to live years back we had Mayor Martelle and his gunslinging going on that it looked more like the OK Corale and the Wild Wild West LOL LOL but this corruption has gone through the roof and is going to bankrupt the town. We all have to continue to expose these jerks for what they are. I hope that you are all having an effect down in Cornwall to have him and the rest to resign. Ottawa can take over Cornwall for a while until a new mayor and council can be elected and not selected by the clique. That “tax mahal” that was built is not going to bring down the taxes but instead increase them. The only way is to have that place demolished and there is no other way otherwise people’s taxes are going to go through the roof. Many people just laugh off things and just want to play but what about jobs and someone mentioned that Kilger sent some jobs down to Kingston which shows you how corrupt he is. I do know that “Cornwall’s toilet paper of record – SF” is being printed in Brockville and a neighbor told me about that and has family in Cornwall and I was shocked to hear about that when he first came out with that. Cornwall’s jail no longer exists but is here in Ottawa instead. How many jobs is Kilger shipping out when already there is nothing left in Cornwall. This is really horrible. I can’t wait to see what you all went through at City Hall. Take care.

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