City of Cornwall Ontario Chooses to Support Seaway News $200 Gift Card Promo Over CFN $5,000 in Local Shopping to Promote City

City of Cornwall Ontario Chooses to Support Seaway News $200 Gift Card Promo Over CFN $5,000 in Local Shopping to Promote City

Cornwall SPRING b 2012CFN –  There’s a lot to like about Cornwall Ontario.    I know it’s why I choose to make this city my home.  Like many places though there are some that don’t play nice with others.    The best thing to do is to try to work around them; tolerate them as best as you can, but sometimes eggs crack!

When we decided to initiate our 100 Letter Campaign about how amazing Cornwall was we never on earth expected the odd and twisted route that would occur.

The Chamber of Commerce, Team Cornwall, and the City itself refused to participate.    City Councilors Maurice Dupelle and Andre Rivette even put a motion in open council to simply link the contest on the city’s webpage and facebook pages, but the Mayor suggested it was a security risk and Councilor Carr suggested that CFN should remove political cartoons and comments he and soe of the other politicians were sensitive to.

You can watch the circus like video below.

I know.  It was so odd and weird, and frankly many here at CFN and people we spoke to shook their heads and simply said it was a jealous and corrupt clique simply pouting.   Instead of the community embracing collectively and spending three months promoting Cornwall it was felt that they’d rather hurt our city’s image than allow CFN and its viewers to participate.   It’s essentially like how we are blocked out of publicly funded events like Winterfest, Riverfest, Ribfest, Lift Off, etc.  And of course the City of Cornwall’s boycott of CFN and the tentacles it touches.

Sure enough today it was presented to us that the Seaway News has decided to basically run so similar an event that some people are suggesting that they’ve simply lifted our concept except that instead of over $5,000 in local prizes to help boost local shopping they are giving away :

We’re willing to compensate you for your time. Eight lucky submissions will be presented with one $25 gift card each to a local restaurant.

And I don’t think Cornwall needs two contests of this nature.   Cornwall needs a lot of things, but in this case we’re going to step back and let Mr. Rick Shaver and his team run with this and wish them the best of luck.

We call it the “Best of Cornwall” because it’s a collection of stories that make us unique and set our city apart from every other community in not only Ontario, but Canada and the world.

The city Choose Cornwall stamp is already on the cover so for the sake of what’s best for Cornwall we’ll defer and step back.

We will take care of the sponsors who have signed up, and we will give those whose letters we have published $50 local gift certificates, which equal more than the entire allocation above from the Seaway News.    It’s sad and disheartening and I hate letting any of our viewers and supporters down, but I will not get into this strange game that the clique plays in Cornwall such as the recent double motion in council over forming task forces connected to saving Cornwall General.

CFN and I are proud of our achievements for the community, and will continue to support and work with like minded others that want to celebrate what’s good of our fair city and help build and grow it.

But we will not play childish games with smaller minds who prefer to imitate rather than cooperate.   If this is the community’s will we will celebrate it happily.

So instead of over $5,000 in local prizes, to help boost local small business and promote our city on the largest media outlet the city of Cornwall has chosen to support what it has.    Sometimes life doesn’t make sense, and sometimes we have to accept the results as odd as they may be.

Trans Continental is a large Quebec Corporation and CFN is simply a small local Cornwall business.    City Hall has chosen.

We do apologize and are ending our 100 Letter Campaign About How Great Cornwall Ontario is as of today, February 21, 2013.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – CFN

Video Preview

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