Conflict of Interest. What does it really mean and will Mayor Bob Kilger Of Cornwall Ontario Declare Tonight at City Council?

MilkCartonHoodKilger2CFN -The problem with the municipal act in Ontario is that it’s literally toothless.   EXPLOSIVE LINK

Nineteen cities and towns met in secret over 15 months, more engaged in questionable conduct and a few even obstructed investigation by Ombudsman Andre Marin.

“Some (municipal councils) are shockingly secretive, suspicious and resentful of the very idea they can be investigated,” the provincial watchdog wrote.


It’s not just a Cornwall issue and it’s something that really expensive legal help can guide guilty, nasty, and uncaring politicians through; after all it’s generally the public that pays the bills and they usually forget before the next election, right?

In what looks like some bad Japanese theatre that’s been in the works for nearly a year there is at least one very expensive lawyer in the house.  Who is paying for Will McDowell?  Is it the Mayor himself, (highly doubtful) or the taxpayer?    Is Mr. McDowell representing the city, the mayor, or some or all of council?  Again, the city is refusing to answer.


The kernel of this goes back before last April when we covered the sleazy mash of mishkabible that the city vomited up when they corrupted our policy regarding change of office.  LINK   Prior to this sham that was passed by the Kilger posse of councilors if the mayor was hit by a bus or caught getting his son a firefighting gig for example, and had to leave office, the runner up in the election would take his spot if they still qualified.


But the Kilger regime changed all that even though they just change it on a few years before.

It now allows:

Fill the vacancy by appointing a person who has consented to accept the office if appointed..

Isn’t that kinda creepy?  Kind of like an episode of the Twilight zone.   They mayor goes poof and council gets to pick someone from space to become mayor, or perhaps Mayor Kilger himself?


For example if the Mayor declares conflict of interest or is officially outed for conflict of interest and is Rob Ford’ed by a citizen or group of citizens as long as he’s not disqualified by a judge, council could then appoint him back to his seat.


I had the pleasure of talking to Clayton Ruby Saturday afternoon.    Mr. Ruby is one of Canada’s most famous and expensive lawyer and the man who took Rob Ford down.   Mr. Ruby said that while he did the Ford case “Pro Bono” it would cost over $400,000 for him to file such a case here in Cornwall.   Now that’s almost like talking Project Truth kind of money, and all because the Municipal Act is toothless.   When I suggested that $400K was a lot of money he asked me how much I thought Will McDowell would be receiving?


Good question Mr. Ruby!

conflict of interest



the circumstance of a public officeholder, business executive, or the like, whose personal interests might benefit
from his or her official actions or influence: The senator
placed his stocks in trust to avoid possible conflict of interest.


the circumstance of a person who finds that one of his orher activities, interests, etc.,
can be advanced only at the expense of another of them.
Definition courtesy of


We are living in a city and province where Whistle Blowers, besides going through the drama that Whistle Blowers go through, have to risk their families nest eggs to issue suit (instead of their Union or  the city footing the bill) and where a city is held captive by a group of corrupt politicians, liars, and yes women blinded by their own greed for higher office such as Councilor Bernadette Clement who decided that it served the tax payers of Cornwall, who pay her Councilor stipend, by flying off to Kathleen Wynne’s Queen’s Park party last week instead of being at the in camera meeting with the three lawyers.    A stand was even set up for her which she confirmed to this scribbler, but she said that she couldn’t find a good place to call from.



Btw, does that mean that you did not attend yesterday’s conflict of interest meeting via telephone conference?

Bernadette Clement

Mr. Gilcig,

I certainly did plan to attend the meeting by teleconference call but I was unable to secure a private location in order to participate in the meeting in a timely manner.

Well that confirms Ms Clement’s priorities and focus.
See “IF” Mayor Kilger states conflict of interest this wouldn’t be his first.  It all depends on which definition is used.   The municipal act’s one is way too loosey goosey.  It almost literally translates to taking a bag of money for a specific act.   We all know that people can benefit in many ways at different times by means other than money.
For example the Mayor and Councilor MacDonald sit on the committee asking Council for $55K for a feasibility study to have a University in Cornwall.    Neither the Mayor or the Councilor recused themselves and actually participated in the discussion!
Councilor MacDonald hit a new low when the Agape Centre lobbied the city for $60K recently so they can keep up the Snow Suit fund for kids ( now that’s extortion!) Ms MacDonald not only participated in the discussion, but announced while lobbying that she’s on the board!
Now good lawyers like Will McDowell can prove that elephants can fly; especially if the judge leans to the same political party or likes golf.   Remember former PM Brian Mulroney getting a $2M cheque for something that essentially proved to be true?     Good lawyers can make ponies fall from the sky and people believe that smoking doesn’t hurt people’s health.    It’s almost…criminal.
Why is the Kilger crew being so secretive?   City Hall is like a bunker to any investigative media.   CFN is not the only outlet having problems getting a straight answer.   We’ve even seen the same non answer given to other media for such simple questions as:
How much as the city spent globally on settlements and legal fees during the Kilger regime?   That’s not an invasion of privacy.    It’s not even asking for how many cases and who; simply how much?
Who is paying for Will McDowell, and other lawyers?
Did Bob Peters work on the Mayor’s Election campaign during office hours of his day job at City Hall?
Why won’t Mayor Kilger declare all funds from Gilles Latour to his campaign and repayments from the campaign to Mr. Latour?
While his CAO & Clerk have retired the hand selected replacements have failed.     New Clerk Helen Finn makes Ms Labelle Gelinas seem like the Musical lead in a Tribute to Mother Theresa!
Most of our queries to the new clerk are returned with a mysterious series of questions instead of simple answers.   Does she work for the taxpayers of Cornwall or simply there to protect Mayor Kilger?  Could this be why she was hired instead of promoting the long serving Deputy Clerk?
It’s all conflicted and whose interests are being served with huge piles of tax payer money isn’t really clear.
Penny in Lighter
While the Fire Control box at Glen Stor Dun Lodge goes begging for replacement why won’t the city answer if they are spending as much money on Will McDowell?
Does Cornwall City Hall need a real clean up or as one group of gentlemen shared with me, a “BIG FLUSH”.     Do citizens have to endure until the next election?  Is there really nothing the province can or will do to investigate the bizarre secretive actions of a council that has clearly failed as this group has collectively?
One councilor shared their frustration to me about being tarred and feathered with the group citing that most of the decisions have been made in camera.   While I have empathy for that councilor surely there is nothing stopping them or other councilors and stating that they are not happy with all of the in camera meetings and that they do not necessarily support these decisions.
It’s time to stop the slithering in the darkness.  This city needs transparency, accountability and people that will stand up to the bullies and say enough is enough.
Bob Peter’s banner for the Kilger campaign promised Leadership, progress, momentum, growth, accountability and results.   Surely no bigger political whoppers were ever espoused as our city has lost jobs, has not grown, has zero accountability and the only results are 3% tax increases each year with less results.
We have a mayor that is costing the city millions of dollars to cover up our former CAO and now will most likely spend hundreds of thousands of dollars covering up the mayor and council’s support of the first cover up.
Could you imagine how many snow suits you can buy for that kind of money?   How many pot holes you could fix?   How many hungry you could feed?  Jobs or small business you could invest in?
No, dear viewers of CFN, we need a total clean up of council.   Hopefully we see lots of you at the 6:45 rally before tonight’s 7 PM council meeting at City Hall.


The only Conflict of Interest our city should have is which method to rid ourselves of politicians that refuse to serve the voters.  If mayor Kilger has a decent bone in his body he should resign today and spare the city thousands of dollars in legal fees, and that group of councilors that sold their souls to him should resign as well as they have a distinct aroma of corruption around them, right councilors MacDonald, Carr, Thibault, and Clement?


Remember Pat Finnerty from the last election?  He finished dead last with over 1000 votes, but listen to his words, at least after his story.   Cornwall hasn’t changed since 1956 according to Pat.  And he quotes a Cher song!

We need change in this city.  We need change in a big way.

It’s time to end the cover up and scandals.

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  1. Holy Willie Wise! Ti-Gilles is using his good clients’ money to pay Kilger’s bills now? I could believe all this bullshit if I hadn’t finished high school, like the firemen and some of their fathers.
    I was waiting for an article on the circle jerk the chamber just pulled. Ambassador of the Year? You couldn’t make this stuff up if you had a rich hotelier father-in-law and had inspired a city to build an albatross three-pad arena when demographics of the city are towards geriatric. And by geriatric I mean Kilger.

  2. What can you expect from a “Liberal” minded twin of former Premier Dalton McGuinty. What is the old saying – “birds of a feather flock together..”.

    Time for justice to be served, time for an election, time to do right!

    Pro 14:34 “Righteousness exalteth a nation (city): but sin is a reproach to any people”.

  3. DAM CFN, You know what makes this real interesting, considering you could be held as liabel for this print and yet they do nothing….

    I think we know who the true criminals are!!!

    Cheers to you.

    With regards to who is paying how much, how does the freedom of information act apply here?

  4. I like this dear man Pat Finnerty he is so funny and right indeed. Yes real change is absolutely necessary indeed. Yes Clayton Ruby is a top notch lawyer here in Canada and top notch lawyers come with mighty big price tags. The thing is you do not get good representation in Cornwall at all because it is all conflict of interest. The lawyers in Cornwall are all hooked to the hip. Anyone who needs good legal representation forget Cornwall and go elsewhere. We were told that many years ago.

    This is a very nice gentleman indeed and speaks the truth. Thank you Mr. Finnerty for your very wise words.

  5. WOW thank you for what you said. You made me laugh so much that I have to steal some of your quotes. LOL LOL. ROLF! I had a good laugh indeed and can’t stop. You made a great quote that is for sure.

  6. On the carton of milk cartoon I was thinking of posting “wanted dead or alive” since he is an old geezer ready to be put in the old age home – he has lost his marbles and put Cornwall in terrible debt for “many moons to come.” That should surely make him incompetent for sure. Yes hire Clayton Ruby – what more damage can come besides what has already been done. Go and see “jailbird Willie Wise” for money – his stash has to be buried somewhere mighty secret. LOL LOL. ROLF! Wow that is great and I still can stop laughing – that was a good blog indeed. Thanks for a great chuckle.

  7. Honestly Kilger looks like a walking corps. This man should never have been re-elected. I wonder if Willie Wise one of his cohorts has a computer in his cell to communicate with all of us at CFN. LOL LOL.

  8. Has anyone contacted National media to garner national attention to this BS yet?

  9. The City Council along with Chamber is a joke as well as the Chamber Awards, they all vote for each other and make up awards as they see fit….The nominations come from each other and each others friends…..Ambassador of Cornwall joke Gilles Latour, has marketed himself to be such along with friends and company….you will never be your father…he was humble and very much unlike you Gilles…..If alive I think he would give you a cuff to get off your high horse and tell you how a real man acts….

  10. As for Kilger, you were never honest, with your wife, family and yourself. The City of Cornwall has never had so much turmoil under any other Mayor but under your watch. Give up and do us all a favor and stay in Ottawa, were people do not know you…..and where perhaps the costs of our taxes will decrease.

  11. SoThick, your comment on Gilles Latour, well written, he will never compare to his father in fact why not go a step further and put him under the gun also. You see, what Mr. Latour thinks funny, people who received his sexist emails and or text don’t, copies of facts are saved and can be proven very fast and easy. This award was given to a very dis-honest so called family man, disgussting.

    2 people had their hand in this so called BS award, Peters and Miss Chamber Queen herself, the one who spends more time barking her orders and taking more smoke breaks then actually doing something worth while. Latour needs to come clean about what he and Peters did for that usual Mayor we have, so he may not think proof can be proven but it can, boy oh boy can it.

  12. You are right indeed So Thick that the mayor should stay in Ottawa and he would be lost completely because the people here are not very friendly and they don’t give a hoot who he is or what he did. There are plenty of very deep pockets here and you would be in shock if you look at some and find out that they are multi millionaires and they look like the rest of us.

    My husband has never cared for Ottawa but I like it for having giving me the opportunity to work where I didn’t need to belong to a certain family to get a job nor to kiss someone’s behind to get one. I have met many good people here even those who are from Ottawa and beyond.

    I want to tell all of you that I have two prayers going on just now and one is for all you people in Cornwall and the other is for my daughter. I am with all of you in spirit.

    Jamie if you can send a write up and video about what is going on this evening at City Hall.

    There are so many City Hall’s here in Ottawa that you don’t know which is which. LOL LOL.

    All the best to all of you people. My foot is swollen with arthritis and I am walking around like the character Chester of Gunsmoke. LOL LOL. My hands and back took a beating and now this. I haven’t had my foot like this since two years.

  13. With Media people like this , they have no respect for anyone ever. I am not condoning what the Mayer is doing by any means but there is other ways to approach this. And Jamie Gilcig is not the person for this. He is a disgrace to all media personnel.

  14. Let’s not misquote nor get ahead of ourselves people. Bob was well known in Ottawa remember he was our MP.

    He was also known, I am sure, in a little area of Hull where many of our prestigious members of parliament use to frequent. Something to do with the tension relief and various acts of kindness….

    We never seen Bob but we noticed others while enjoying a meal in a street side café …or one of the best places ever to serve Poutine. If memory serves it was on Rue l’hotel de ville or in close proximity

  15. Oh admin looking forward to hearing what went down lastnight!!

  16. Bob Kilger may have been an MP but there are so many of these crooks here that the entire country of Canada hates both Ottawa and Toronto for very good reason. Kilger blends in well here with the crooks but Kilger tops the list. He has learned his lesson well about cheating and underhanded, lowlife ways to get ahead.

    Poutine YUCK! No wonder he is sick. You eat that garbage and you are lucky to be alive with all that blockage of the arteries and worse. That is junk food to the hilt. He has to be awfully cheap like rich people are to eat such crap.

    As for Jamie he is a good reporter and I am so happy to see a reporter who tells the truth. You look at your “boob tubes aka idiot tubes” they do not tell you one ounce of truth and are all there like bimbos and actors giving you false information. Jamie tells it like it is and it is about time that someone tells the truth. Journalists work for the powers that be “the real owners” and they would be taken away and done away with if they told you the real truth.

  17. My husband and I keep asking ourselves every day that if we didn’t live in Ottawa what town or city to go to live. My husband hates Ottawa with a passion and I sure don’t want to go back to Cornwall after seeing what is going on. I never saw such a corrupt system since Kilger came in and even with “Wyatt Earp – Martelle and his OK Corall” was still better than Kilger’s corruption.

    Years ago back in the 70’s we left Cornwall and things were better by long shots than what Cornwall is today. Everybody who has left Cornwall back in those days and goes back today would be in a terrible shock to see the administration and the corruption of mayor, council and the mayor’s corrupted friends. I haven’t seen many people in Cornwall from my high school days – I have seen not more than 5 or 6 people total because they inherited their parents businesses or like Fritzy the lawyer-judge’s son getting a job as CEO with the city. Everybody left and for good.

    I personally cannot live with a corrupted system like what Kilger runs and if Kilger stays I can honestly tell you all that Cornwall is finished for good. I honestly warned everyone about the taxes going up and that illegal and highly polluted dump of a “tax mahal” that you call a Benson Centre.

    You all have to get in the face of Kilger and company or else you will not win.

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