Bob Kilger Hits Panic Button Police Remove Jamie Gilcig from Council Over T Shirt

Bob Kilger Hits Panic Button Police Remove Jamie Gilcig from Council Over T Shirt

MilkCartonHoodKilger2CFN – What a dark dark night for Cornwall Ontario.  Not only did our mayor not come clean with his alleged conflict of interest, but he invoked an obscure section of the municipal act to have me removed from the council chamber last night.

Bob not happy

There was a peaceful protest last night prior to council.    Picket Signs 1

The Standard Freeholder, Seaway News, and Corus Radio will not be reporting about the protest and protesters.     They will not be reporting about Councilor Syd Gardiner ripping up the protesters signs that were politely left outside of the chamber either even though Syd was charged by police.  As of 7:18 AM there’s nothing about this event in the Free Holder or Corus radio.

As a matter of fact they probably won’t be writing about the mayor hitting the panic button and seven police officers entering the chamber and removing yours truly for wearing a t shirt with the milk carton image above, a gift from one of our sponsors.

This is how Tod Lihou of the Seaway News covered the incident.   LINK

Cornwall police were called to city hall Monday night to remove a man from the council chambers after he refused to change his t-shirt.

The man, who owns a website in Cornwall that often posts items related to community events, was asked by Mayor Bob Kilger to change his t-shirt which contained what the mayor felt was an offensive remark.

When the man refused, Kilger contacted city police via an emergency button he has under his desk.

Maybe that’s why the public isn’t aware of so much of what happens in Cornwall or why CFN has so many more viewers than the other local media.

To portray the editor of the largest media in a city of 46,000 people as “a man”?   Who owns a website?  CFN is in the top 5 Independently owned Online Newspapers in all of Canada.   Isn’t that kind of dropping the ball?   Tod also dropped a few f bombs on yours truly before the meeting and yes, I dropped a few back.

Why do the local media, or at least people who are supposed to be media ignoring a protest in front of City Hall?  Are Cheryl Brink from the Free Holder, Amanda Robinson from Corus, and the above Tod there really to cover Pigeon and Goose issues?  Is this what journalism has come to?

The big issue of course was not covered.  The mayor did not declare his conflict of interest.   Council snuck whatever happened during their in camera meetings through at the end of last night’s meeting.   The public will not most likely ever know what occurred unless someone comes up with a lot of legal cash or one of the councilors leaks it.

I think Mayor Kilger & council owe the people of Cornwall a huge apology.  I think he and council owe myself and CFN a huge apology.   I will be back at the next meeting wearing my t shirt again.  I have a hunch that a few more people will as well.  Are you going to have the police remove everyone?

I did not address the mayor last night. I did not disturb Council.   I responded to him speaking out to me by name with his order to remove or cover my t shirt.

Sorry Bob.  We live in Canada.  There was no nudity on my shirt.  There was no foul language.  There was a picture of a corrupt politician on a milk container.    IF you were so offended by that shirt you should resign sir.  How much did the tax payers of Cornwall pay for 7 police officers to come to your council chamber.

The only independent journalist was kept from covering your meeting.   That’s the real crime.    I was forced out of council by police.   I was kept outside of the chamber by police, and at the very end, when I said I’d agree to turn the shirt inside out the police refused to let me back in the chamber citing section 241.2 of the Municipal act “The head  of council or other presiding officer may expel any person for improper conduct at a meeting.”

The only person that should have been expelled from council last night was Mayor Bob Kilger.

Now the question is what will happen next….and when will Bob Kilger come clean with the people of Cornwall and declare his conflict of interest.

The utter irony of the evening is that Mayor Kilger, who sits on the Benson University committee requesting cold hard cash from Cornwall, participated again in the discussion at council; again violating the spirit of Conflict of Interest.

What do you think world?  You can post your comments below.

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