Bob Kilger Hits Panic Button Police Remove Jamie Gilcig from Council Over T Shirt

MilkCartonHoodKilger2CFN – What a dark dark night for Cornwall Ontario.  Not only did our mayor not come clean with his alleged conflict of interest, but he invoked an obscure section of the municipal act to have me removed from the council chamber last night.

Bob not happy

There was a peaceful protest last night prior to council.    Picket Signs 1

The Standard Freeholder, Seaway News, and Corus Radio will not be reporting about the protest and protesters.     They will not be reporting about Councilor Syd Gardiner ripping up the protesters signs that were politely left outside of the chamber either even though Syd was charged by police.  As of 7:18 AM there’s nothing about this event in the Free Holder or Corus radio.

As a matter of fact they probably won’t be writing about the mayor hitting the panic button and seven police officers entering the chamber and removing yours truly for wearing a t shirt with the milk carton image above, a gift from one of our sponsors.

This is how Tod Lihou of the Seaway News covered the incident.   LINK

Cornwall police were called to city hall Monday night to remove a man from the council chambers after he refused to change his t-shirt.

The man, who owns a website in Cornwall that often posts items related to community events, was asked by Mayor Bob Kilger to change his t-shirt which contained what the mayor felt was an offensive remark.

When the man refused, Kilger contacted city police via an emergency button he has under his desk.

Maybe that’s why the public isn’t aware of so much of what happens in Cornwall or why CFN has so many more viewers than the other local media.

To portray the editor of the largest media in a city of 46,000 people as “a man”?   Who owns a website?  CFN is in the top 5 Independently owned Online Newspapers in all of Canada.   Isn’t that kind of dropping the ball?   Tod also dropped a few f bombs on yours truly before the meeting and yes, I dropped a few back.

Why do the local media, or at least people who are supposed to be media ignoring a protest in front of City Hall?  Are Cheryl Brink from the Free Holder, Amanda Robinson from Corus, and the above Tod there really to cover Pigeon and Goose issues?  Is this what journalism has come to?

The big issue of course was not covered.  The mayor did not declare his conflict of interest.   Council snuck whatever happened during their in camera meetings through at the end of last night’s meeting.   The public will not most likely ever know what occurred unless someone comes up with a lot of legal cash or one of the councilors leaks it.

I think Mayor Kilger & council owe the people of Cornwall a huge apology.  I think he and council owe myself and CFN a huge apology.   I will be back at the next meeting wearing my t shirt again.  I have a hunch that a few more people will as well.  Are you going to have the police remove everyone?

I did not address the mayor last night. I did not disturb Council.   I responded to him speaking out to me by name with his order to remove or cover my t shirt.

Sorry Bob.  We live in Canada.  There was no nudity on my shirt.  There was no foul language.  There was a picture of a corrupt politician on a milk container.    IF you were so offended by that shirt you should resign sir.  How much did the tax payers of Cornwall pay for 7 police officers to come to your council chamber.

The only independent journalist was kept from covering your meeting.   That’s the real crime.    I was forced out of council by police.   I was kept outside of the chamber by police, and at the very end, when I said I’d agree to turn the shirt inside out the police refused to let me back in the chamber citing section 241.2 of the Municipal act “The head  of council or other presiding officer may expel any person for improper conduct at a meeting.”

The only person that should have been expelled from council last night was Mayor Bob Kilger.

Now the question is what will happen next….and when will Bob Kilger come clean with the people of Cornwall and declare his conflict of interest.

The utter irony of the evening is that Mayor Kilger, who sits on the Benson University committee requesting cold hard cash from Cornwall, participated again in the discussion at council; again violating the spirit of Conflict of Interest.

What do you think world?  You can post your comments below.



    OMG too funny 2 days late and less then half the story -they did not talk of Syd Gardeners rampage with destroying protesters signs in front of the audience .

    Yet he lies to the Journal and states he was folding them up to fit in the cafeteria ,Ah syd did you not notice all those people watching you do this ?

    Lie ,lie ,lie we Cornwallites should be used to this by now .

    The freeloader does not even allow for comment on the article.

    So I guess the message is controlled.

  2. @ Jamie,

    Love your tenacity & your reporting.
    CornwallFree News is Cornwall’s little gem….
    At the very least Kilger should apologize to you & the citizens of Cornwall for his ABUSE of power!
    I hope Andre & Maurice will step-up to the plate & publicly support you, as well as the protesters who’s signs were destroyed & presumably stolen by Syd.

  3. LOL LOL. It looks like Kilger has competition with Suzuki. Oh oh let’s get ready for a real cat fight between Kilger and Suzuki. Jamie make sure that your camera is always loaded because you never know what to expect next. LOL LOL. Keep the news rolling this is great.

  4. Jamie,

    Will you be marketing these T-shirts? I would love to wear one.

  5. Author

    No, we do not license or market them. The new guys in the old Freeman Sports store on 4th & Cumberland are selling them. We are not affiliated nor take in any share of the income from the shirts. They are cool though and I like the material they are using.

  6. Jamie I still have the giggles – you make my day. I have to tell you something that happened to my son and one of his friends. My son got involved in a political party (a very small one here in Ottawa called Canadian Action Party) and one of his friends pulled him in. My son did the filming and I have the camera here right beside me. Every time I look at that video camera I laugh and think of you.

    One day former PM Paul Martin was downtown on Rideau Street at a book store and he was signing his books that he wrote for the public and my son has one here. My son’s friend was asking Paul Martin questions which was part of their job just like what you did to Kilger except that they were not wearing any particular T-shirt. This all had to do with the North American Union and such things. Well things got so heated up that Paul Martin ordered his “goons” in the store to throw my son’s friend out. My son filmed it and that friend is so funny – I met him before.

    I am laughing because it reminded me of you and Kilger. LOL LOL. My laughter never ends. On that T-shirt there is a brown jug besides the milk carton and I wonder if that holds booze or if it holds Kilger’s ashes to be to be placed in the cemetary. LOL LOL. Oh Jamie you are funny indeed. I told you what happened to my son and his friend and I am laughing to beat the band. My daughter is laughing in the other room along with my husband. You have quite an audience. LOL LOL.

  7. Jamie my son used to go to Freeman’s when they were downtown on Pitt or Second Street – I know that it was on one of those streets. The material of their shirts is very good indeed.

  8. Tod Lihou of the Seaway News reporting the start of WWII:

    Today a disagreement between a man from Germany and a man from Brittan commenced today. Man from Brittan quoted, “Oooo we are vexed”.

    It occurred to me that if you (and a dozen or two of your supporters) were to attend the next council meeting, wearing the offending shirts, could they kick everyone out? (strength in numbers tactic #1) What if you had the milk carton image printed or painted on your chests under your shirts and then when asked to remove the offending shirt you all took OFF your shirts? And what if your friends were females? (sex-discrimination tactic #2) What if members of the public did a flash-mob in council while good boy Jamie, in a pain white tee sat quietly filming? (Flash Mobs are a huge search term on YouTube tactic #3) What if City Hall were BURIED in paperwork from a barrage of legal charges for everything all the way up to the Hate Crimes Tribunal? (paperwork tactic #4) What if the City Hall and Benson University were served HUNDREDS of Access To Information requests? (paperwork tactic #5).

    Jamie, I’m just asking questions…

    This controversy serves more than bringing attention to the conflict of interest on the Mayor’s part, it boosts your circulation and puts Cornwall “on the map”, which will do more good for the kind folk of Cornwall than anything our Mayor has ever done.

  9. Barrie I am laughing so much here that I can’t stop. That is an excellent idea A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ all the way. LOL LOL. ROLF! Seven of BARNEY FIFE PD OF TOMBSTONE couldn’t do anything about that. They cannot even stop the illegal smokes, etc. from coming across so how on earth are they going to stop Kilger’s mug shot on milk cartons. Oh if women show up that will surely be something else to see. WOW! That would surely gain a lot of attention. A wonderful idea indeed.

    Those seven cops wanted to laugh and had to break away from the camera and the one with the beard looked shocked and looked stunned like as if he was smoking “the funny business” – they hide the goodies for themselves.

  10. It’s an outrage and an embarrassment. What is going on in Cornwall!?

    They’re lucky to have you Jamie bringing the truth about stuff to the plate.

    Keep up the great work!

  11. Has anyone actual read the Public Works Protection Act? If they have would like to know where it gives Mayor authority for his actions.

  12. I SO agree with Barrie especially the camara part. This is pretty outrageous.

  13. Also with mind boggled

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